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Anshun University (安顺学院, website) is located in Anshun City, Guizhou Province. Anshun City is located in the central and western part of Guizhou Province. The city has a total area of 9,267 square kilometers and a total population of 3 million people, of which ethnic minorities account for 39% of the total population. Anshun has a long history and profound cultural heritage. It is a famous historical and cultural city in Guizhou Province. It has the “light of Asian civilization”, Puding pierced ancient human cultural sites, “the mystery of ancient times”, Guanling “Red Cliff Book”, and “the only one in the world” in the Ming Dynasty. Tunpu Village, Anshun Dixian, “Living Fossil of Chinese Drama”, “The First Dye of the East”, Anshun Batik, has the reputation of “The Town of Tunpu Culture”, “The Town of Batik” and “The Show of the West”. Class A tourism open city, China’s excellent tourist city, China’s most beautiful city, China’s top ten characteristic leisure cities, the famous Huangguoshu waterfall in the territory. Anshun is the proletarian revolutionary of the older generation of the Communist Party of China, the hometown of Comrade Wang Ruofei, the nation ’s “100 heroes who have made outstanding contributions to the founding of the People ’s Republic of China”. The former residence of Wang Ruofei is the national patriotic education base and the first hundred red travel classics in China. One of the attractions. Anshun is a city nominated as a civilized city in the country, a national sanitary city, a national dual-support model city, and a national garden city. It is the first batch of new urbanization comprehensive pilot cities, the first batch of national tourism demonstration zone creation units, and the first batch of general aviation industry in China. Demonstration zone, national high-tech industry development zone.

Anshun University is an ordinary undergraduate university established in 2006. The school running history can be traced back to the Qianjiang Normal School established in 1938. It has gone through the development stages of Qianjiang Normal School, Qianjiang Middle School, Provincial Anshun Normal School, Anshun Normal College, etc., and has a history of more than 80 years. The school has so far trained more than 60,000 qualified professionals of various types for the society. Most of the graduates work in the frontline of basic education, grass-roots governments and enterprises and institutions, and have made significant contributions to the education industry and local economic and social development in southwest China. contribution. The school passed the qualification assessment of undergraduate teaching in ordinary colleges and universities in the Ministry of Education in 2015, and was added as a master’s degree authorized project construction unit in 2016.

Anshun University covers an area of 1113 acres, with 147,700 square meters of teaching and administrative space, 85,800 square meters of student dormitory, and a collection of more than 610,000 paper books. The school currently has 856 in-service faculty members and a total of 655 faculty members, including 516 full-time teachers, 57 senior titles such as professors, 238 associate senior titles such as associate professors, 527 master and doctoral teachers, and foreign students. 4 high-end talents, 3 foreign teachers; 3 provincial management experts from Guizhou, 2 experts enjoying provincial government subsidies, 2 outstanding young scientific and technological talents, 3 provincial teaching masters, and provincial academic leaders in philosophy and social sciences 3 people, 24 Anshun city management experts. There are 57 undergraduate majors (directions) in economics, law, pedagogy, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, management, and art, with a focus on undergraduate education. There are more than 9,300 students.

The university now has 16 secondary colleges, 4 teaching and research departments, 8 teaching and research auxiliary institutions, and provincial academic workstations, the Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center of 2011, Provincial Humanities and Social Sciences Research Bases, Provincial Institutes, and Provincial Social Sciences Research 1 each of the institution, the provincial minority traditional sports training base, the provincial national vocational skills appraisal center, the provincial special education teacher training center, the provincial education department engineering center, and the provincial education department innovation team. There are 1 provincial-level key discipline, 2 provincial-level key disciplines, 7 provincial-level key supporting disciplines, 2 provincial-level specialty programs, 5 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot programs, 1 provincial-level key laboratory, 1 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, 3 provincial teaching teams, 3 school-level research centers.

Anshun University proactively adapts to the requirements of local economic and social development for professional talents, and is committed to cultivating advanced applied talents with a broad foundation, comprehensive quality, strong practical ability, and suitable for basic education and local economic and social development. The scientific research strength of the school has been improved year by year.

Since 2016, Anshun University teachers have undertaken a total of 362 scientific research projects, including 6 national-level projects, 85 provincial-level projects, and 137 prefectural-level projects. School teachers have published a total of 1301 papers, of which 124 are cited by SCI, SSCI, EI and other scientific citations, and 49 books have been published. Currently, there are five provincial-level “double first-class” construction projects.

Anshun University implemented “Several Opinions on Further Promoting the Sound and Rapid Development of Guizhou’s Economy and Society” “Several Opinions of the Ministry of Education on Improving the Quality of Higher Education” The “Guide of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee of the CPC Guizhou Provincial People’s Government on Supporting Colleges and Universities to Accelerate Reform and Development” and the Guizhou Province’s Implementation Outline for Promoting Educational Modernization and Building a Strong Province with Special Education (2018-2027) as the opportunity to further strengthen the The development direction of application-oriented undergraduate colleges with distinctive local characteristics, clarified the goal of cultivating advanced application-oriented professionals, and vigorously implemented the strategy of “establishing schools with quality, promoting schools with characteristics, strengthening schools with talents, and promoting schools through scientific research” to comprehensively improve the quality of education, teaching, and research The level and social service ability, the status of the teaching center is constantly prominent, the characteristics of running a school have begun to appear, the ability to serve the local area has continued to increase, and it has gradually entered a new stage of connotative development. The development of the school has shown a good trend. The teachers and students are full of confidence in the future, work together, and work hard to build Anshun College into a local application-oriented university with distinctive characteristics.

Anshun University adheres to the leadership of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adheres to the direction of running schools with socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implements the party and the country’s education policy, and is based on Anshun, serving Guizhou, and going nationwide. As the center, deepen the reform of education and teaching, build a quality management system, and comprehensively improve the quality of talent training; adhere to the strategy of revitalizing schools with characteristics, highlight features, highlight highlights, and lead the development of school education with characteristics; adhere to the strategy of strengthening schools with talents to improve the overall level of teachers At the core, increase the introduction of talents, solicit and foster outstanding scholars; adhere to the strategy of promoting research through scientific research, strengthen scientific research management, promote the application of research and scientific research results, improve the level of scientific research, and promote the interactive development of scientific research and teaching. With the “Four Strategies” to promote the improvement of school running, strengthen the training of applied talents, and actively serve regional economic and social development and cultural construction.


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