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Auhui Audit College (安徽审计职业学院, website) is the only public higher professional vocational college in the country. Its administration is under the audit department of Anhui Province, and its business is under the guidance of Anhui Education Department. The college was established in Anhui Province in April 1984, training course for auditing cadres; in February 1985, it was renamed as the Anhui Auditing School; in March 1985, the Anhui Auditing School was established; Education; June 2004 was approved by the Anhui Provincial People’s Government and upgraded to Anhui Vocational College of Auditing. There are more than 7,000 students.

Auhui Audit College is located in Hefei, a famous city of science and education. It has two campuses, Baohe and Fangxing. The Fangxing Campus is located in the Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, next to the Hefei Binhu New District, adjacent to Chaohu, one of China’s five largest freshwater lakes, and the New Administrative District of Anhui Province, with obvious location advantages. The college has a construction area of 92275.56 square meters, teaching equipment and equipment worth 55.65 million yuan, a collection of 317,900 paper books, 810,000 electronic books, 39 on-campus training rooms, 174 off-campus practice training bases, and built standard sports fields and various Sports facilities such as ball games and fitness. The college has a strong teaching force, with 91 professional and technical positions above the deputy level, 10 professors, 4 provincial-level professional leaders, 5 provincial-level teaching teachers, 8 new-level provincial teachers, and “double-qualified” teachers. More than 127 people. The college attaches great importance to culture and education, and builds a harmonious and beautiful campus. In 2016, it was named as the “Provincial Civilization Unit of Anhui Province”.

Auhui Audit College has 5 teaching departments: Audit Department, Accounting Department, Engineering Management Department, Business Department and Basic Department. It provides auditing, accounting, accounting information management, financial management, asset evaluation and management, taxation, construction project management, engineering Cost, real estate operation and management, real estate inspection and valuation, property management, building economic management, building decoration engineering technology, building interior design, construction project information management, marketing, e-commerce, financial management, investment and wealth management, logistics management, business 24 majors including management, flight attendant, international cruise liner management, big data technology and application. Led by auditing, accounting and other finance and economics majors, it will drive the construction of related majors (groups) and form a professional (group) system with distinctive major features and reasonable professional structure. The asset evaluation and management major is a national key major, the audit, accounting, marketing, and logistics management majors are provincial key majors, and the audit, asset assessment and management, accounting, property management, engineering cost, and logistics management majors are provincial specialty majors. . At present, the college undertakes 5 national university innovation action plans, including 2 backbone professional construction projects, 1 school-enterprise joint production training base project, 2 high-quality online open courses, and more than 180 provincial teaching and research projects. , More than 70 college-level teaching and scientific research projects, won 10 provincial teaching achievement awards. In the past 3 years, it has won 357 awards in the skills competitions of provincial education authorities and industry organizations, including 40 A-level competitions.

Auhui Audit College firmly establishes the school running philosophy of “establishing schools with high quality, strengthening schools with talents, developing schools with characteristics, and administering schools in accordance with the law.” Adhering to the construction of connotation, strengthening team building, consolidating the characteristics of running schools, improving the governance structure of universities, and advancing education and teaching reform Deepen the integration of production and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and train tens of thousands of high-quality skilled personnel for economic and social development in and outside Anhui Province. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 95% for several years, and the admission rate for college graduates has reached 40%. Notable achievements in school running have not only won praises from all walks of life, but also brought excellent partners to the college. The college cooperates with Nanjing Audit University to develop education in 17 majors, including auditing and accounting. After graduation, students obtain a diploma and degree from Nanjing Audit University. Carry out school-enterprise cooperation with well-known domestic enterprises such as Beijing Aerospace Enlightenment Education Group, Beijing Haitian Decoration (Group) Company, Guocheng Investment Group, Wuhan Weichuang Juying Technology Co., Ltd.


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