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Baoding Vocational and Technical College (保定职业技术学院, website) is a state-owned comprehensive full-time general vocational school located in Baoding, a famous historical and cultural city. The predecessor of the college was founded in 1935 and has a long history of running schools for 84 years.

Baoding Vocational and Technical College currently has more than 12,200 full-time students. At present, there are 490 full-time teachers, of which more than 80% are “double-teacher” teachers. The college has 10 departments: Agriculture, Forestry and Biological Engineering, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Architectural Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Computer Information Engineering, Economic Management, Business Technology, Trade and Tourism Management, Art Design, Media Arts, and 10 Departments. Marxism College, as well as the Ministry of Basic Education, the Department of Physical Education, and the Ministry of Modern Education and Technology, set up more than 40 professional groups including six major groups, including agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and medicine, advanced manufacturing, electronic information, building construction, finance, commerce and service, art design and media. profession. It has 2 national backbone majors, 3 provincial education reform demonstration majors, 2 national quality resource sharing courses, and 10 provincial quality courses. There are more than 130 training rooms in 12 on-campus training centers including advanced manufacturing, electronic information, finance and commerce, modern agriculture, modern service industry, art design, film and television media. Cooperated with Great Wall Motor, Baoding-Zhongguancun Innovation Center, China Railway Logistics, China Netbank, Baoding Smart Agriculture Alliance, Dabeinong Group, Baoding Radio and TV Station, Baoding Advertising Association and other well-known enterprises and institutions to build more than 100 off-school training bases Office.

Baoding Vocational and Technical College has established “National Vocational Skills Appraisal Office”, “Hebei Agricultural Vocational Skills Appraisal Station Training and Appraisal Base”, “Hebei Province Electronic and Information Industry-Specific Job Vocational Skills Training Base”, “National Network and Information Technology Training and Certification IT Major 12 professional skills appraisals including “Technical Level Evaluation Base”, “National Electronic Commerce Engineer (CEBE) Certification Examination Management Center”, “National Logistics Information Management Specialist (CLIA) Certification Examination Management Center”, “National International Trade Vocational Qualification Certification Training Examination Organization” Training and evaluation institutions can directly appraise 31 types of work in the school. All the professional students who have carried out the vocational qualification examination have taken the examination, and the passing rate is over 90%. The college has been identified as a national vocational qualification teaching reform pilot college for higher vocational education by the China Higher Vocational and Technical Education Research Institute’s College Double Certificate Working Committee.

The employment rate of Baoding Vocational and Technical College graduates has remained above 95% for many years. In 2018, the “Exploration and Practice of Talent Training Model for Higher Vocational Radio, Film and Television Program Production” chaired by Professor Tian Jianguo, the director of the Department of Media Arts, won the second prize of national teaching achievement. The college has represented Hebei Province for many years in participating in the national vocational college vocational skills competition, and has won 2 first prizes, 2 second prizes, and 8 third prizes. In 2010, he represented Hebei Province in three vocational student competitions in the National Vocational Skills Competition, and won the first prize of the Animal Surgery Event, the third prize of the Computer Network Establishment and Safety Maintenance Event, and the car repair and troubleshooting event. In 2011, he participated in 4 vocational high-level competitions in the National Vocational Skills Contest, won the first prize in the application of information security technology, and won the third prize in the application of robotics technology, plant tissue culture, and Newcastle disease detection. In 2012, he participated in the vocational skills competition of national vocational colleges and won the third prize of the city epidemic antibody detection project, the second prize of the information security management and evaluation contest, and the third prize of the computer network application technology contest. In 2013, he participated in the National Vocational College Skills Competition and won the second prize in the information security event and the third prize in the “Oriental Cuisine” Cup Chinese food theme banquet design contest in the higher vocational group. The third prize of the “Information Security Management and Evaluation” event of the Higher Vocational Group of the 2017 National Vocational College Skills Competition. In recent years, teachers and students of our college have participated in national competitions and won 3 first prizes, 20 first prizes, 46 second prizes, 43 third prizes, and 32 outstanding prizes. Provincial and municipal contests won special prizes. There are 11 first prizes, 97 first prizes, 155 second prizes, 161 third prizes, 62 excellent prizes, and 3 best creative prizes. Three student works have been selected for the national design exhibition of creative design works. Lu Yanying was awarded the “Fifth Hebei Province Moral Model Nomination Award”, “Fifth Baoding City Moral Model” and “Baoding Good Man”.

Baoding Vocational and Technical College was selected by the Ministry of Education as a pilot for vocational college education informatization (one of the two pilot higher vocational colleges in the province), and was identified as the “Baoding Leading Vocational and Technical Education Leading School” by the People’s Government of Baoding. The Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Communications have been identified as “National Training Bases for Skilled Personnel with Shortages in the Specialized Field of Automobile Application and Maintenance”, and have been identified as the first batch of “employment training bases” by Hebei Province’s Labor and Social Security Department and Hebei Education Department. The Ministry of Education was rated as “National Advanced Collective of Higher Education and Academic Qualifications” by the Ministry of Education, and was selected as “Advanced Collective of University Admissions of Hebei Province” by the Hebei Provincial Admissions Committee, and was selected by Hebei Provincial Department of Education as “Hebei University Graduates Leave “Advanced collective for pre-school employment work”, the College Student Employment Guidance and Service Center was selected as “the exemplary employment guidance center for universities in Hebei Province”.


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