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Beijing Jiaotong University, a national key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education, jointly supported by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport, Beijing Municipal Government, and China State Railway Group Co., Ltd, is an active contributor to the development of the “National 211 Project”, the “985 Innovative Platforms for Key Disciplines Project”. And the ‘Double First-Class’ construction.

The university regards international cooperation and exchanges as an important way to improve education quality. Actively responding to the appeal of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, BJTU established a partnership with 242 universities and renowned cross-national enterprises from 51 countries. To promote Chinese culture and language teaching, the university has established 4 Confucius Institutes at Group T of KU Leuven in Belgium, Texas Southern University in the United States, the University of Campinas in Brazil, and Warsaw University of Technology in Poland. For the further improvement of academic influence and authority in the global railway sector, BJTU successively joined international organizations and alliances such as UIC, OSJD, and China-CEEC Higher Education Institutions Consortium, and led the establishment of the China-ASEAN Rail Transit Education and Training Association and the UIC AUHSR. To enhance international research cooperation, the university also led the creation of the China-US, China-Russia, China-UK, and China-Indonesia High-speed Railway Research Centers. Making full play of the alumni association, the Beijing Jiaotong University Education Foundation, and the university board, BJTU established 55 alumni organizations home and abroad, attracted 88 board member institutions, while setting up strategic partnerships with industries corporations, and local government in areas such as transport, logistic, information, and energy, carrying out long-term, full-range cooperation in talent cultivation and scientific development. The Beijing Jiaotong University Education Foundation was certified as a 4A charity group by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

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