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Capital Medical University (CMU) is a public research university in Beijing, China. Capital Medical University was founded in 1960, with the original name of Beijing Second Medical College.

Capital Medical University is listed as one of the top 400 universities in the World University Rankings. It is consistently ranked among the top medical schools in China and has ranked in the top 1 or 2 best nationwide, together with Peking Union Medical College among Chinese Medical Universities in the recognized Best Chinese Universities Ranking.

International School

The International School of Capital Medical University was founded in 2005. The International School is located on the West Campus of Capital Medical University. The school occupies an area of 3.5 acres with a floor area of 34,000m2, sufficient to provide good living and learning environment for more than 800 overseas students. There are 20 multimedia classrooms, including 2 computer rooms, 3 bridge course laboratories and 1 language lab. Living facilities consist of a canteen, food supermarket, coffee bar, business center, two standard basketball court and student activity rooms.

The international school is the main facility of overseas student education of Capital medical university. The MBBS program, taught in English Language is recognized by the Ministry of Education China, IMED, W.H.O., the USA Medical Council, the Thai Medical Council, and several other major medical councils of the world. Our curriculum design makes full use of the advantages of Capital Medical University which has unique rich medical educational resources. Many of the professors are Chinese national leading researchers overseeing up-to-date research laboratories.

The existing educational projects include:

  • Medical English classes
  • International Collaboration with universities
  • Preparatory education
  • Student exchange program
  • Overseas qualification certification training
  • ACT Center and Programs

The International students come from more than 50 nationalities including Thailand, India, Australia,Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, USA, Canada and others. As the International School has students from various countries, students enjoy a multicultural environment. Different kind of cultural activities like annual sports and cultural events and interactive programs are conducted between foreign and Chinese students.
The International School of Capital Medical University has become the leader in the nation and abroad for its rich teaching resources, teaching quality assurance, and the level of development. The International School is pioneering the implementation of global standards in medical education in China.

International partners

  • Chadron State College in USA
  • Colorado Mesa University in USA
  • Deakin University in Australia
  • Honors English Language School in South Korea
  • Houston Medical Center in USA
  • International Study Institute in Japan
  • Lead My World LLC in USA
  • Namseoul University in South Korea
  • Philadelphia University in USA
  • PIMA Medical Institute in USA
  • University of Muhammadiyah in Indonesia
  • Valdosta State University in USA

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