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Changshu Institute of Technology (常熟理工学院, website) is a public full-time undergraduate university in Jiangsu Province. Established in 1958 (Suzhou Teachers College), in 2004 it was approved by the Ministry of Education for upgrading. The university is a pilot university of the “National Education System Reform” pilot project, a national “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” application-based undergraduate production-education integration development project construction university, a Ministry of Education “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan” pilot university, and the first provincial and municipal co-construction of Jiangsu Province Provincial undergraduate colleges and universities have so far trained more than 100,000 talents of all kinds for the country and society. The school is located in Changshu, Suzhou, a national historical and cultural city with beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery, and an international garden city. It has two campuses, East Lake and Southeast.

The school covers an area of more than 1,800 acres and a building area of more than 600,000 square meters. The total value of teaching equipment is nearly 320 million yuan. The library has more than 1.68 million paper documents, 31 databases, and 31TB of digital information resources. The school has two academic journals: “Soochow Academic” (Chinese core journal of humanities and social sciences, CSSCI source <expanded edition> journal), and “Journal of Changshu Institute of Technology” (National University Excellent Journal).

The school now has 14 secondary colleges (departments) and 50 admissions undergraduate majors, covering engineering, science, literature, economics, management, education, arts and other 7 university disciplines, and recruits students in 21 provinces across the country. There are more than 20,000 full-time undergraduate students, more than 100 full-time graduate students, and more than 4,700 students in adult education at the School of Continuing Education.

The school currently has more than 1,350 faculty members, including more than 1,000 full-time teachers, more than 590 senior titles, and more than 460 PhDs. State Council special allowance, provincial middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions, provincial “333 project”, “blue-blue project”, “six talent peak” training candidates and more than 200 people, 4 national teaching teachers, 4 provincial teaching teachers, Provincial outstanding teaching team (technical innovation team) 9.

Changshu Institute of Technology aims to “build first-class undergraduate majors and run first-class undergraduate education” as its goal, adhere to “strengthening content, establish brand, cultivate characteristics”, take brand professional construction as the lead, take professional certification as the starting point, and integrate production and education As a path, innovate and diversify talent training models, and comprehensively improve the quality of applied talent training. Since the promotion, he has won one National Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award and 23 provincial and ministerial higher education teaching awards. Undertook 2 new engineering research and practice projects of the Ministry of Education, more than 40 provincial and ministerial level teaching reform projects, and more than 170 national innovation training programs for college students. Has 4 engineering education certification majors of the Ministry of Education, 1 teacher education certification majors of the Ministry of Education, 2 specialty specialty construction sites of national universities, 4 major education education planning programs for outstanding engineers of the Ministry of Education, and 2 pilot reform subjects for the comprehensive reform of the undergraduate majors of the Ministry of Education 9 Jiangsu university first-class undergraduate majors, 2 Jiangsu university brand professional construction engineering projects, 4 Jiangsu Province outstanding engineers (software) education training plan pilot majors, 1 Jiangsu Province outstanding teacher training plan project, Jiangsu Province “12 There are 6 key specialties (classes) and 8 characteristic specialties of colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province. Completed a national engineering practice education center, a national university students’ off-site engineering practice education base, and 11 experimental teaching and practice education centers in Jiangsu Province. The school was approved as “Jiangsu Province University Student Pioneering Demonstration Base”. Graduates are generally recognized by society.

Changshu Institute of Technology proactively adapts to the needs of local economic, social, and industrial enterprise development, and strengthens discipline infrastructure and scientific research. There are 5 provincial key construction first-level disciplines, 3 provincial key construction laboratories, 1 provincial engineering center, 1 provincial joint technology transfer center, and 1 humanities and social science off-campus research base in provincial universities. Established a National University Science Park. In recent years, it has undertaken a total of 173 national scientific research projects and 216 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects. It has won nearly 40 scientific research awards at the provincial and ministerial levels and above, participated in the preparation of 2 national standards, and approved 2 new aquatic products. More than 1,000 patents of various types have been authorized, including nearly 400 invention patents. Actively promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, continue to expand and deepen the school-land, school-enterprise-industry-university-research cooperation, and continuously improve the school’s ability and level to serve the local society; sign more than 1,000 horizontal project contracts with enterprises and institutions, and annual horizontal project contract funding of nearly 50 million Yuan; set up 5 technology transfer sub-centers, and set up more than 30 industry-university-research cooperation bases; registered and established Suzhou Qinchuan Think Tank.

Changshu Institute of Technology insists on serving the locality, actively deepens the integration of production and education, interacts with regional economic and social undertakings, jointly builds industrial colleges, promotes the construction of new engineering and new liberal arts, and explores a cross-disciplinary and cross-professional compound applied talent training model The characteristics of the reform of the talent training model of industry colleges are obvious. Established the nation’s first elevator engineering college, the province’s first photovoltaic science and technology college, and textile and apparel engineering college, automotive engineering college and other industry colleges.

Changshu Institute of Technology actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation. In recent years, experts and scholars have been sent to the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Israel, India and other countries for exchanges or further studies. They have hired hundreds of foreign teachers and worked with the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, 21 countries including Ireland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and more than 80 universities in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan have established friendly relations with the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, New Zealand, Canada, More than 50 universities in India, Italy, South Korea, Japan and other countries have cooperated in talent training. The school has a national Hanban Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) test site.


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Foreign Faculty

On the afternoon of September 12th, the Yuanlaige Tea House was filled with a joyful, warm and international holiday atmosphere. The 2019 foreign teachers welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day of Changshu Institute of Technology. Foreign teachers from Germany, France, Czech Republic, South Korea and other countries, as well as the vice president of our school Zhang Genhua, the principal of the School of Electrical and Automation Engineering, Academic Affairs Office, International Office, etc. gathered together to greet the Chinese traditional festival Mid-Autumn Festival and the upcoming National Day.

On behalf of the school, Zhang Genhua expressed welcome to foreign teachers who came to Changshu Institute of Technology to thank everyone for their efforts. He pointed out that internationalization is an important development orientation of the school. “Open and lively school” is not only a unilateral output of our school, but also a two-way communication between teachers and students between us and partner universities. He wished the foreign teachers all success in their work and life in Changshu Institute of Technology, and hopes that everyone can learn more about Changshu and the local culture in their spare time.

The foreign teachers introduced themselves one by one and expressed their gratitude to our school for their warm hospitality. Richard Pohl, a foreign teacher from the Czech Republic, presented a Czech folk song. Jean-Marie from France sang a passionate folk song with a guitar and performed by Durczok Ralf from the University of Applied Sciences in Mittweida The self-edited guitar singles, everyone is immersed in a happy holiday atmosphere, and their music is harmonious. In the end, Zhang Genhua ’s foreign teachers gave moon cakes and small gifts one by one, and the foreign teachers and our faculty members had dinner together in the academic exchange center.



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