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Introduction to Chengdu College of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Chengdu College of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (电子科技大学成都学院, website) is an independent college approved by the Ministry of Education. It is jointly established by the University of Electronic Science and Technology and Chengdu Guoteng Industrial Group. Colleges and universities.

Founded in 2001, the college is located in Chengdu, known as the “Country of Heavenly Mansions”, and is located in the National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone-Chengdu Hi-tech West District. It has more than 17,000 undergraduate and college students and covers an area of 1,100 acres. The college now has 11 departments (branches), 66 undergraduate and specialized majors, and is a national international software talent training base and a national software industry base talent training center.

The college insists that education is based on educating people and students as the main body; it insists on running talents as the main body and teachers as the main body; insists on survival by quality and seeks development by characteristics; With talent training as the foundation, we will continuously improve the level of school running and the quality of talent training to promote the sound and rapid development of the college.

Chengdu College of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China focuses on undergraduate education, develops college education appropriately, and actively creates conditions to gradually develop higher education. The college focuses on engineering and management, with electronic information and computer majors as its core. The disciplines of science, engineering, economics, management, literature, art, design, and aviation cross-harmoniously develop. The college cultivates high-quality applied scientific and technological talents and technical leaders with a systematic theoretical foundation and engineering practice capabilities, sustainable development potential and innovative spirit.

The college adheres to the school-oriented tenet of “student-oriented and college-oriented development”; the school is “oriented to the industry, the society, and the future; And computer core majors, economic management and humanities majors, games, animation and art design majors and aerospace majors. Continuously promote educational innovation and management innovation in running schools, implement diversified training objectives and diversified training modes.

With the goal of “educating first-class talents and building a century-old school”, the college strives to build the school into a distinctive high-level university of applied sciences.

Since its inception, Chengdu College of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China has been awarded as “Advanced Unit for Talent Development in Sichuan Province”, “Advanced Collective of National Education System” (Department of Computer), “National Advanced Independent College”, “China Private Higher Education” “Excellent Colleges”, “Sichuan Provincial Private Non-enterprise Units Self-discipline and Integrity Construction Advanced Collective”, “Sichuan Provincial Advanced Ideological and Political Education Collective”, “Sichuan Private University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School Comprehensive Award”, “National Private College Innovation Education Model School Comprehensive Award “and many other honors.

The College currently has five provincial-level excellent courses in Sichuan Province (“Integrated Circuit Principles”, “University English”, “C # Programming”, “Basic Analysis of Circuits”, “E-Commerce”), seven college-level excellent courses; One provincial speciality specialty (integrated circuit and integrated system specialty), three provincial application demonstration majors (computer science and technology, communications engineering, software engineering); three majors (software engineering, electronic information engineering, communications engineering) Selected as a quality improvement plan for key specialty programs of private universities in Sichuan Province; applied for two first-class discipline construction programs in Sichuan Province (electronic science and technology, data science and big data technology).

Chengdu College of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China currently has 8 experimental teaching centers and 3 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers. There are 112 types of laboratories in 57 categories, with a total laboratory area of 11,846 square meters. The eight experimental teaching centers are: electronic information basic experimental teaching center, applied electronic engineering technology experimental teaching center, economic management experimental teaching center, computer experimental teaching center, graphic art experimental teaching center, aviation engineering experimental teaching center, and arts and science experimental teaching center. 2. Public Basic Experimental Teaching Center. Among them, the electronic information basic experimental teaching center, the applied electronic engineering technology experimental teaching center and the graphic art experimental teaching center are the provincial experimental teaching demonstration center construction projects.

The college currently has 5 “central university basic scientific research” projects, 4 National Youth Fund projects, 6 “Higher Education Quality Engineering” construction projects in Sichuan Province, 103 scientific research projects of Sichuan Provincial Education Department and Science and Technology Department, and Guoteng Venture Capital There are 92 fund projects; 51 scientific research projects at the college level; 2 national education reform projects, 3 provincial projects, and 246 college projects. The college’s scientific research and education reform projects have successively won the “Second Prize of Sichuan Higher Education Teaching Achievement”, “Second Prize of Sichuan Science and Technology Progress Award”, “Sichuan Province Social Science Third Prize”, “Microsoft Curriculum Best Reform Award”, etc. honor. The Institute of Higher Education of the University was commended as “Excellent Institution of Higher Education Research in Sichuan Province”.

The college has established a faculty team of three incumbent teachers, outstanding full-time teachers, external teachers, and part-time teachers in enterprises. Many teachers of the college have been awarded the titles of “Famous Teachers of Higher Education in Sichuan Province”, “Microsoft Gold Lecturer”, “Advanced Workers of Ideological and Political Education in Sichuan Province”, and many teachers have won awards in various types of teaching competitions. At the same time, in order to enable our students to fully enjoy high-quality teacher resources, the college has comprehensively promoted the construction of the “Famous Teacher Project”. On the one hand, it has created a teaching master composed of full-time teachers. State-level teaching teachers, national experts, and many well-known experts and professors give lectures or lectures to our students.

Chengdu College of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China actively promotes the reform of classroom teaching, continuously enhances the teaching art of teachers, and improves the quality of classroom teaching. A number of teaching activities have been held throughout the year, such as the “Young Teacher Teaching Excellence Award Competition”, “Teacher Classroom Teaching Design Competition”, and “How to Take the First Class”.

The college has carried out extensive cooperation in running schools and vigorously promoted foreign exchanges. The school has 28 student internship bases and 135 cooperative companies of various types. It has established good cooperative relations with many universities in the United States, Britain, and Australia. Every year, more than 100 students go abroad and abroad for exchange and learning.

The college aims to serve “students grow into talents”, with “One Body and Two Wings” (Yucai Project, Baiye Project and Kecheng Plan) as the core, with “one department one competition” (one department one technology competition), “one department one product” (One department, one brand activity) and the “three centers” (student culture and art center, student science and technology activity center, and student innovation and entrepreneurship center) as carriers, actively innovate the ideological and political education of college students in the new era and comprehensive student quality training, and vigorously create “Good learning style, self-discipline, self-discipline, integrity” and create a positive, healthy and up-to-date campus culture, and strive to create high-quality campus cultural activities. The college now has more than 80 student societies and associations. It has its own “learning window” and cable radio (fly radio), and has created brand events such as louver forums, music shows, debates, and more. Has won the “Chengdu Communist Youth League Work Second Prize”, “Chengdu University Students Summer Social Practice Outstanding Collective”, “Sichuan Provincial College Student Art Festival First Prize”, “National College Student Internet + Innovation Competition” National First Prize, “National First prize in the line dance contest “and many other honors.

In recent years, Chengdu College of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China’s student employment rate has remained above 93%. Students have repeatedly won the first prize of the “National College Student Electronic Design Competition” and the runner-up of the national finals of Microsoft’s “Campus Star” contest Has won the “National University Biological Networking Design Competition”, “National Information Technology Competition”, “National Software and Information Technology Professionals Competition” and “American International College Student Mathematical Modeling Competition”, “National College Student Management Decision Simulation Competition”, ” First prizes such as the National University Student Computer Application Ability and Information Literacy Contest “,” National and Sichuan University Student Robot Contest “. In addition, the Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team also won the honorary title of the nation ’s first batch of college students “Xiaoping Technology Innovation Team”, the first prize of the National University Student “Internet +” Innovation Competition, the National “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Silver Award, and “Creating Youth” Sichuan Youth Many awards including the Gold Award of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. At the same time, among the students, there were many outstanding figures such as “National University Student Candidate of the Year”, “Beijing Olympics Guide”, and the “Startup Star” of the Chengdu Youth League.

In order to further improve the quality of school running and promote the sustainable development of the college, the college has formulated the “mid- and long-term development plan”. By advancing and comprehensively implementing the development plan, fully enriching the conditions for running the school, it continues to strengthen the connotation construction with the core of improving the quality of talent training, focusing on professional construction, laboratory construction, team construction, and characteristic development, and fully grasping the management team and teaching staff Construction, continuously improve the management level, enhance the strength of running a school, improve the quality of running a school, strive to build the school into a distinctive high-level university of applied science and technology, and continuously strive to achieve the goal of “educating first-class talents and building a century-old school”.


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