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Introduction to Chongqing Jianzhu College

Chongqing Jianzhu College (重庆建筑工程职业学院, website) was established in 1956. It is a project construction unit of high-quality higher vocational colleges in Chongqing. It is a pilot unit of Chongqing’s specialized textbooks. The first batch of smart campus construction demonstration schools, vocational college digital campus construction experimental schools, and the Ministry of Education’s outstanding online learning space application popularization activities in 2018. The school has always adhered to the school motto of “honesty, thorough learning, truth-seeking, and innovation”, and always adhered to the concept of “combining learning with practice, unifying knowledge and action, cultivating building talents, and serving urban and rural development”, fully emphasizing the characteristics of the urban and rural construction industry, and has delivered nearly 70,000 highly qualified technical elites, management experts and management backbones.

The college is located in Chayuan New District, Nan’an District, the main city of Chongqing. It covers an area of 520 acres and currently has more than 8,200 students. The school has 9 national and municipal key training bases and more than 70 off-campus training practice bases. The first engineering experience hall of Chongqing vocational colleges was completed in 2013, the first BIM training center of Chongqing vocational colleges was completed in 2015, and the VR training base was completed in 2017. A comprehensive training base of 32,000 square meters and a modern training base of 10,000 square meters for the construction industry are currently under construction.

Chongqing Jianzhu College currently has more than 470 faculty members, with 46% of teachers holding senior professional titles and more than 92% of teachers with dual professional qualifications. Most of the teachers in professional courses have the qualification certificates and rich working experience of a registered structural engineer, a registered construction engineer, a registered cost engineer, a registered consulting engineer, and a registered supervision engineer. The teaching innovation team in the field of building information model production and application, which is established by backbone teachers of construction engineering technology, architectural design, engineering cost, and other professional teachers, was selected as the first batch of national vocational education teacher teaching innovation team project construction units.

Chongqing Jianzhu College currently has 43 majors, and recruits students nationwide. There are 1 national vocational college demonstration major (transportation), 2 key majors supported by the central financial support, 7 backbone majors in Chongqing higher vocational colleges, and 9 special college-level specialties. Among them, construction steel structure engineering technology, civil engineering detection technology, safety technology and management, construction project informatization management, village construction and management, building electrical engineering technology, underground and tunnel engineering technology, port and channel engineering technology, etc. The gap of professional setting in Chongqing higher vocational colleges. In the past three years, the school has won more than 200 awards in national, provincial and ministerial skills competitions, fully demonstrating the characteristics of “promoting teaching by competition” and “promoting learning by competition”.

Chongqing Jianzhu College has strong technology service capabilities. It has two municipal science and technology innovation platforms of Chongqing Municipal Vocational and Technical College Assembly Building Application Technology Promotion Center and Mountain City Intelligent Road Detection Chongqing University Engineering Center. Chongqing Construction Industrialization Engineering Technology Research Center settled in the school and was selected as the first batch of prefabricated construction industrial bases in Chongqing (training). It has made a number of influential achievements in prefabricated buildings, BIM technology applications, VR technologies and applications, sponge cities, roads and bridges, municipal engineering, rail transit and other fields. And construction methods. Provided technical skills training for 15 projects including industry vocational certificate, special equipment, BIM, etc. The training scale reached 14,000 person-times / year.

Chongqing Jianzhu College led the establishment of Chongqing Intelligent Construction Vocational Education Group, and worked with CCCC, Chongqing Construction Engineering Group, Chongqing Rail Transit (Group), Chongqing Building Research Institute, Jinke Real Estate Group, Chongqing Zhongke Construction Group, Chongqing Xinlong Lake Property, Chongqing Guangjian Decoration Co., Ltd., Wirtgen (China) Machinery Co., Ltd. and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad have conducted in-depth cooperation, carried out orders, orientation and other methods to train talents, forming a distinctive industry brand characteristics. Over the years, school graduates have been well received by employers. The employment rate has remained stable above 96%, and the quality employment rate has steadily increased.

Chongqing Jianzhu College and the Gordon Institute of Vocational Technology held an international cooperation in building engineering technology, conducted mutual recognition of credits with the National Institute of Technology of New Zealand, and the New Zealand Holmesglen Government Institute of Technology, Malaysian Industrial Development Board (CIDB) and TAFE QUEENSLAND signs cooperation memorandum. Recruitment of international students will begin in 2019. The college has successively been appraised as “Civilized Unit” in Chongqing, “Advanced Collective in Education System” in Chongqing, and “Advanced Unit in Continuing Education and Training for Architects” by China Construction Industry Association.


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