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Introduction to Chongqing Nanfang Translators College of SISU

Chongqing Nanfang Translators College of SISU (四川外国语大学重庆南方翻译学院, website) is a full-time general undergraduate college established with the approval of the Ministry of Education. The college was founded in 2001 and started enrolling in 2002. It was established as an independent college by the Ministry of Education in 2003 and obtained the right to grant bachelor’s degrees in 2011. After seventeen years of development, the school has been built into a multi-disciplinary university with literature as the mainstay, language as the major, and literature, economics, management, and art as a coordinated development.

The college now has an English school, a western language school, an oriental language school, an international business and management school, an international media school, an international chinese education school, an art school, a college of music, a school of continuing education, a department of ideological and political theory, a department of sports, etc. Second-level colleges (departments) offering English, translation, business English, German, French, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Thai, international economics and trade, international business, engineering management, hotels Management, Cultural Industry Management, Journalism, Communication, Advertising, Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese International Education, Fine Arts, Painting, Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design, Product Design, Fashion and Fashion Design, Musicology, Music Performance, etc.30 Undergraduate programs for 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

The Chongqing Nanfang Translators College of SISU campus covers a total area of 1,572 acres, with a total building area of 371,500 square meters (excluding construction). There are two campuses in Yubei and Qijiang, of which the Yubei campus covers an area of 566 acres and the building area 234.5 square meters, located in the Liangjiang New District of Chongqing, a national development zone, 3 kilometers away from Chongqing Jiangbei Airport and 15 kilometers away from the center of Chongqing. It has well-functioning and complete teaching, experimental training, sports and living facilities; The Minjiang Campus covers an area of 1,006 acres, and the school building covers an area of 136,900 square meters. It is located in the eastern gate of Chongqing-the new city of the eastern part of Minjiang District, 40 minutes’ drive from the center of Chongqing. At present, it has completed teaching buildings, training buildings, gymnasiums, standard track and field stadium, Student apartment, teacher’s apartment, hospital, canteen, dining performance center and other supporting school building facilities. The campus has a 1200-meter-long and 100-meter-wide cherry blossom landscape avenue. Nearly 10,000 cherry trees are planted on the campus. Beichen Park with flower plants. Air conditioning and water heaters are installed in the student residences on both campuses. The campus environment is beautiful, the air is fresh, and the functions are perfect. It is a good place to study.

Chongqing Nanfang Translators College of SISU has two modern campuses with advanced facilities and modern graphic information centers. Among them, the graphic information center of the Yubei campus has 16,365 square meters, and the campus of the Jiangjiang campus has 13,912 square meters. The area reaches 30277 square meters. The library has 1.33 million printed books and 1017 Chinese periodicals. The library has a modern e-book reading platform, with multiple full-text databases and examination resources. The school has built a dual 10 Gigabit core and 10 Gigabit backbone, bringing 10 Gigabit and Gigabit to the desktop. The Yubei Campus and Qijiang Campus are connected by 10 Gigabit optical fiber. The two campuses have full wireless broadband network signals and more than 16,000 campus network information points. , Was listed as the only “smart campus” pilot unit of Chongqing Independent College. The school has 47 experimental training rooms including voice, simultaneous interpretation, recording and broadcasting, computer basics, engineering management, international economy and trade, graphic design, independent learning centers, and more than 120 off-campus practice training bases.

Chongqing Nanfang Translators College of SISU currently has 857 in-service faculty members, including 723 full-time teachers, 445 full-time teachers with postgraduate qualifications, accounting for 62%; 219 teachers with senior titles, accounting for 30%. Among the teachers are three experts who enjoy special government allowances and Chongqing academic leaders. They have won the National May 1 Labor Medal, National Outstanding Teachers, Chongqing Individuals with Advanced Morality, Excellent Female Gardeners, Outstanding Foreign Teachers, and School Art Education Work. More than 20 honors including advanced individuals and excellent counselors.

Chongqing Nanfang Translators College of SISU adheres to the status of teaching center, and has achieved outstanding results since its establishment. The three majors of English, Chinese International Education, and Russian are specialties of undergraduate universities in Chongqing. The “Digital Language Experimental Teaching Center” is a demonstration experiment in Chongqing Center, “Translation Theory and Practice” is a Chongqing-level excellent course, and the “Translation Theory and Practice” teaching team is a Chongqing-level teaching team.

Chongqing Nanfang Translators College of SISU currently has 13,293 undergraduate students. Since its inception, it has been committed to cultivating compound, open, and application-oriented talents who are “foreign language-speaking, professional-oriented, and practice-oriented”, and constantly strengthen and improve students ‘ideological and political education and management work, and strive to improve students’ overall quality and ability. In the past five years, our students have won more than 350 awards at various levels in foreign language speech, translation and other subject competitions and literary sports competitions held in China and provinces (municipalities), including special awards, first, second, third, etc. 205 awards or top three awards. Graduated in 2009, Ji Keyi has become a popular singer. In 2014, graduate Zhang Hongyu led more than 12,000 college students in more than 30 colleges and universities. In 2017, Huang Chao was awarded the title of “National Self-Strengthening Star” by the Central Committee of the League and the All-China Federation of Students. Since the establishment of the school, more than 30,000 graduates have been trained for the society. The employment rate of graduates has stabilized at about 95%, and the postgraduate entrance examination rate has stabilized at about 30% of the number of applicants.

The college adheres to the international school running philosophy and continuously expands the international school running channels. At present, the school has established international cooperation relationships with more than 30 institutions of higher learning in 15 countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, France, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. Nearly 1,000 students have participated in international cooperation projects. It reflects the characteristics of the school’s “foreign language +” and international school running. The Italian Consulate General in Chongqing recognizes the school’s outstanding contribution to the friendly development of Italian-Chinese relations in 2016, and specially awarded our school the “2016 Golden Pepper Award”.

Entering a new era, Chongqing Nanfang Translators College of SISU proactively adapts and serves the major needs of building a cultural power and expanding open cooperation, and follows the higher education mission of “talent training, scientific research, social services, cultural heritage and innovation, international exchange and cooperation” Adhering to the school motto of “honesty, erudition, seeking truth, and reaching a distance”, adhere to the development strategy of “establishing schools with quality, developing schools with characteristics, and strengthening schools with talents”, and carry forward the spirit of “Southern translation” of “struggle, unity, dedication and tolerance”, Leading people is the fundamental task, serving economic and social development as its purpose, strengthening discipline construction as the leader, strengthening the construction of talented personnel as the core, strengthening campus construction and improving school conditions as the basis, and reform and opening up innovation as the driving force. The goal is to “change and increase masters and strive for first-class”, follow the road of connotative development, characteristic development, innovative development, and open development, and comprehensively improve the quality of education and schooling. Based on Chongqing, facing the whole country and going to the world, we strive to build the school into a national first-class private university with outstanding disciplinary advantages, distinct humanistic characteristics, and extensive international cooperation in a short period of time.


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