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Introduction to Chongqing Normal University Foreign Trade and Business College

Chongqing Normal University Foreign Trade and Business College (重庆师范大学涉外商贸学院, website) is a full-time ordinary undergraduate college established in 2002 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. He has been rated as “National Advanced Independent College” and “China Brand Impact Independent College”. Adhering to the school motto of “Honesty, Study, Dedication, and Innovation”, the college focuses on “connotative development, integration of production and education, serving the locality, and forming characteristics”. The quality of talent training and the level of running a school have been continuously improved.

After nearly two decades of development, the college has formed a discipline and professional structure with economics, management, and literature as the main body, and comprehensive development of science, engineering, and art. There are 39 undergraduate majors and 4 junior college majors, involving 7 disciplines and 19 first-level disciplines. Three undergraduate majors such as English, International Economics and Trade, and Tourism Management are featured in Chongqing’s “Three Special Action Plans”. Applied economics is a key discipline at the municipal level. International economics and trade are first-class (cultivation) majors at the municipal level. And trade and tourism management are the pilot programs for municipal transformation and development.

Chongqing Normal University Foreign Trade and Business College currently has more than 18,000 students at school, and its scale of operation ranks among the top universities in the city. There are two campuses in Hechuan and Tongliang, including Cross-border Business School, School of Management, School of Foreign Languages, School of Literature and Creative Communication, School of Mathematics and Computer, School of Big Data and Intelligent Engineering, School of Film and Television Media, School of Art Design, Eleven secondary colleges (departments and departments) such as the School of Music and Dance, the Department of Physical Education, and the Teaching Department of Politics.

Chongqing Normal University Foreign Trade and Business College has a smart experimental training building, a standard library, a gymnasium, an experimental theater, a simulation studio and more than 200 multimedia and intelligent classrooms. It has a collaborative innovation center for intelligent education and intelligent learning, and a network Public opinion big data research center, digital media technology and application research institute, all-media creative communication research center, “smart management +” research and development center and other scientific research institutions. There are city-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, city-level crowd-creation space, and city-level university student entrepreneurship incubation bases.

The school actively carried out school-land, school-enterprise cooperation, and comprehensively deepened the integration and development of the “production-education city”. Five projects including the dual-creation computer talent training model in the “Internet +” era, cross-border digital economy industry-academia innovation and entrepreneurship class teaching research, and the construction of Tencent Cloud Big Data Comprehensive Laboratory won the first batch of 2018 production by the Ministry of Education. Cooperation project in collaboration with Tencent Cloud (Beijing) Co., Ltd .; the first Tencent Cloud Lab in southwestern universities established with Tencent Cloud (Beijing) Co., Ltd .; and the implementation of student paid practice projects with well-known enterprises such as iQiyi (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. and Irving Education The students’ paid internship programs in the United States, Dubai and other countries have matured; they have conducted teacher-student study-study visits with Malaysian elite universities and Thai teacher development and service friendly centers; and have established school-enterprise cooperation with more than 100 companies such as Alibaba And signed an agreement to build a practical base for internships; it has provided training services for the Hechuan District Party Committee Government, Hechuan District Culture and Tourism Development Committee, and the Finance Bureau for a long time to serve local development.

Chongqing Normal University Foreign Trade and Business College has more than 75% of professional teachers with master’s degree or above. It has established good cooperative relations with universities in the United States, Canada, South Korea, Thailand, Italy and other countries. It has hired foreign teachers to teach and lecture in the school, and sends teachers to the United States, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and other countries for short-term academic exchanges and visits. activity.

The quality of talent training in the college has been widely recognized by society and employers. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 95%, and the rate of degree awards has been around 91%. In the past three years, students have won many awards in various competitions and contests such as the National University Biological Flow Simulation Design Contest and the National University Student Mathematical Modeling Contest. They have won more than 30 national first prizes and more than 100 national second prizes.

Chongqing Normal University Foreign Trade and Business College has won “Chongqing Garden-style Units”, “Chongqing Safe and Civilized Campus”, “Chongqing Advanced Higher Education Student Management Work Collective”, “Chongqing Normal Higher Education Student Management Work Advanced Collective “,” Chongqing Communist Youth League Work Advanced Collective “,” Chongqing Municipal Summer Advanced Social Practice Advanced Unit “,” Chongqing Advanced Collegiate Graduate Employment Work Advanced Collective “,” Chongqing Urban College Graduate Advanced Work Collective “And other honorary titles.


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