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Introduction to Chongqing Resources and Environmental Protection of University

Chongqing Resources and Environmental Protection of University (重庆资源与环境保护职业学院, website) is a full-time general college approved by the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, filed by the Ministry of Education, and under the supervision of the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission. It is a vocational school with distinctive characteristics of resources and environment. The college is the vice-chairman unit of Chongqing Engineers Association, the vice-chairman unit of Chongqing Municipal Education Association College Branch, the executive director unit of Chongqing Environment and Culture Promotion Association, the executive director unit of Chongqing Vocational Education Association, and the deputy director of Chongqing Higher Education Association Finance Branch. Long unit.

The college is located in Dazu District, Chongqing, the hometown of stone carvings in China and the hardware capital of western China. It covers an area of 438 acres and has a planned construction area of 240,000 square meters. It has teaching buildings, experimental training buildings, libraries, football fields, basketball courts, Student apartments, cafeterias, supermarkets and other complete teaching, sports, and living basic supporting facilities.

The Chongqing Resources and Environmental Protection of University leadership team has 3 professors, 2 associate professors, and 2 experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council. They have the advantages of running schools by experts and professors. The college now has a dual-teacher teacher team with a solid theoretical foundation and strong educational technology and ability, of which 25% is a deputy or higher title; the college hires experts from enterprises to serve as dual-teacher teachers, famous experts in the environmental protection industry, Scholars and industry-leading engineering and technical personnel are part-time visiting professors.

The college now has 7 departments including the Department of Ecology and Environment, the Department of Environmental Art, the Department of Economic Management and the Department of Intelligent Engineering, and the Department of Basic Education. The focus is on the integration of ecological environment, big data, automotive engineering, finance and commerce, health and preschool education Six professional clusters. Currently open environmental engineering technology, environmental assessment and consulting services, pollution remediation and ecological engineering technology, cleaner production and emission reduction technology, environmental planning and management, environmental art design, interior design, new energy vehicle application and maintenance, engineering cost, rail transit Operations and management, road maintenance and management, accounting, internet finance, municipal engineering technology, e-sports and management, pharmaceutical business and management, big data technology and application, automotive electronics technology, elderly service and management, community rehabilitation, preschool education, Early childhood development and health management, 22 majors. Among them, the specialty of environmental assessment and consulting service is currently the only major set up in vocational colleges in our city, and the major of environmental engineering technology has won the first batch of municipal teaching resource bank construction projects.

Chongqing Resources and Environmental Protection of University attaches importance to the construction of experiments and training rooms. It has built atomic absorption spectrophotometry rooms, energy-saving water-saving laboratories, basic chemistry laboratories, sand table training rooms, professional computer rooms, modern education technology training rooms, Voice lab, basic art training room, physical training room and more than 20 laboratories; purchase of 40 sets of multimedia projection teaching system, 600 teaching computers, etc .; each seat and bed on the campus network has information points, and the college website has been established , Campus video server, educational administration management system, student management system, teaching resource server, financial management system, book management query system, etc., and strive to achieve a breakthrough in variety and quantity of books, journals and literature.

Chongqing Resources and Environmental Protection of University cooperates with undergraduate colleges such as Southwest University, Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences, Chongqing Second Normal University, and actively carries out various forms of continuing education, such as degree books, graduates, and cooperation with Boren University, Thailand, for students Provide opportunities and platforms to improve academic qualifications; cooperate with skills training institutions such as Chongqing Chemical Industry Vocational College to provide students with skills verification opportunities, and gradually open skills verification platforms for other majors; establish environmental protection cadre training centers; Provide diversified services for students’ study and employment.

Chongqing Resources and Environmental Protection of University attaches great importance to government-school-enterprise cooperation and construction of practical training bases. It has signed government-school cooperation, school-enterprise cooperation, and campus cooperation agreements with government departments, more than 30 enterprises, and 8 kindergartens. We have conducted extensive cooperation in construction, training base construction, dual-base construction, curriculum and teaching material development, teacher-on-the-job training, staff training, innovation and entrepreneurship training, vocational training and skill appraisal, student placement internships, and employment, covering all majors. With Beijing High Energy Times Environment Company, State Power Investment Corporation Liangjiang Yuanda Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Chongqing Jiusheng Detection Technology Co., Ltd., Lixin (Chongqing) Market Research Co., Ltd., Geely Automobile Group, Zhejiang Tongchuang Design Company, Chongqing Gold Land and Garden Engineering Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Nachuan Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd. and other units signed a contract-type training cooperation agreement; meanwhile, they introduced enterprise management models and methods and continuously innovated mechanisms; jointly developed curriculum standards in accordance with job requirements, and developed professional core courses and teaching materials ; Exhibition of applied research and technology development, the government schools and enterprises the depth of integration, co-educate people.

Chongqing Resources and Environmental Protection of University attaches great importance to the cultivation of students’ comprehensive quality and professional skills, cultivates high-quality technical and skilled personnel for Chongqing’s economic and social development, and builds a higher vocational college with distinctive characteristics of resources and environment, high visibility and a certain influence To make greater contributions to local economic and social development.


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