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Chongqing University of Education (重庆第二师范学院, website) is a multi-disciplinary local general undergraduate normal university based on literature. It was founded in Chongqing, a secondary school for teachers of secondary schools established in March 1954. In July 1984, the former Chongqing First Normal School Higher Education Teachers College, Chongqing Second Normal School, and Chongqing Third Normal School were merged to form Chongqing Education College. In March 2012, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was converted into Chongqing Second Normal University.

Chongqing University of Education always adheres to serving Chongqing’s economic and social development as its responsibility, vigorously implements the transformation and development strategy, does fine teacher education, special and strong non-teacher education, and actively cultivates the school characteristics of “serving the growth of children aged 0-12 Efforts to promote the integration and development of normal and non-normal education, formed a development orientation for basic education and Chongqing’s strategic emerging service industry. Approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and other three ministries and commissions to jointly implement the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” for the integration of production and education development planning project. Member units of the University of Applied Technology Alliance and the first batch of pilot universities in Chongqing, in cooperation with the Planning Center of the Ministry of Education, jointly established the nation’s first children’s research institute. It is a national cultural education base for college students, a teacher education innovation experimental area in Chongqing, and a middle school in Chongqing. Elementary Teacher Development Center.

Chongqing University of Education currently has two campuses, Xuefu Avenue and Nanshan, covering an area of 743,200 square meters and a building area of 392,800 square meters. The total value of teaching instruments and equipment is 10.17 million yuan. Nine experimental training centers have various experimental practices There are 94 training rooms. As of the end of 2017, there were 1.0238 million printed books (as of September 30, 2018, 1.0947 million printed books), 2.294 million digital books, and 82.5TB of online books and special database resources.

Chongqing University of Education focuses on the five key industry service areas of Chongqing: education, information, commerce, culture, and health. There are 29 undergraduate majors in education, literature, science, engineering, management, economics, and art Disciplines. Focusing on the three major areas of education services, health services, and business services, we will build a professional cluster featuring “serving the growth of children aged 0-12”, and vigorously promote the integration of teachers and non-teachers and the coordinated development of multiple disciplines. It has been approved as one of Chongqing’s first-level key disciplines, two Chongqing’s key cultivation disciplines; two Chongqing’s first-class specialty cultivation projects; one Chongqing specialty disciplines professional group; and six Chongqing undergraduate specialty specialties.

Chongqing University of Education has successively built 1 national-level excellent resource sharing course, 11 municipal-level excellent video public courses, etc., and won 1 second-level national teaching achievement award for basic education and 1 first-level municipal award; 8 awards for education and teaching achievements, including 1 first prize. In recent years, students have won 1,001 national and municipal awards, including 304 national ones. In the past three years, the initial employment rate of graduates has stabilized above 92%, which is about 5 percentage points higher than the average level of universities in Chongqing.

Chongqing University of Education insists that there are 614 full-time teachers in talent-strengthening schools, with 46.58% of teachers with senior professional and technical titles; 85.02% of doctoral and master degree teachers; and 24.76% of dual-teacher teachers. Has 2 national outstanding teachers, 1 model teacher, 1 outstanding middle-aged and middle-aged expert in Chongqing, 2 teaching model of Chongqing, 2 advanced workers in Chongqing, 1 teaching teacher in Chongqing, Chongqing excellent 1 teacher, 1 professional ethics model in Chongqing, 1 outstanding female gardener in Chongqing.

Chongqing University of Education focuses on “serving the growth of children aged 0 to 12” and improving the social contribution and influence of the school. In cooperation with the School Planning, Construction and Development Center of the Ministry of Education, we jointly built the nation’s first comprehensive scientific research platform for children’s growth across disciplines and fields, the Children’s Research Institute, and set up the Chongqing Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base, the Chongqing Urban and Rural Teacher Education Research Center. A group of research and development platforms such as Chongqing Municipal Government, Municipal Education Commission, Municipal Development and Reform Commission and Science and Technology Commission, including the Functional Food Collaborative Innovation Center, Children’s Big Data Engineering Lab, and Qizhi Zhongchuang Space, and experimental areas for teacher education innovation. Since the rebuilding, the school teachers have presided over 10 national science, social science fund, national education science planning projects, 450 provincial (ministerial) scientific research projects; published 60 monographs, edited and translated works, and published 2954 academic papers; He won 1 Chongqing Natural Science Award, 5 Chongqing Science and Technology Progress Award, 2 Chongqing Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, and 3 Chongqing Development Research Award.

Chongqing University of Education has successively completed the International College, ZTE College of Communications, and Shuguang University of Big Data, and has carried out school-site, school-enterprise cooperation projects with Phoenix Media, Pei Yue Aviation, ZTE and other companies; In other countries, 26 educational institutions and colleges in Hong Kong and Taiwan have carried out exchanges and cooperation; jointly conducted talent training, scientific research, and production services with local governments, industry institutions and enterprises, and signed 195 cooperation agreements; and co-built with enterprises and institutions There are 221 internship training bases.


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