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Introduction to Chongqing Vocational Insitute of Safety and Technology

Chongqing Vocational Insitute of Safety and Technology (重庆安全技术职业学院, website) is jointly established by the Ministry of Emergency Management of the People’s Republic of China and the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government. It is a public full-time college and university. The college is located in Wanzhou District, Chongqing, a city of thousands of years in the heart of the Three Gorges Reservoir area and the capital of immigrants. It is the first security vocational college in Southwest China. The campus environment is beautiful, the facilities are complete, and it is warm and pleasant.

The college has 334 faculty members, including 185 full-time teachers, 3 professors, 38 associate professors, 1 Chongqing famous teacher, 1 model of teaching and education in Chongqing, 1 most beautiful teacher in Chongqing, 68 doctoral and graduate students; There are more than 7,000 students. There are the Department of Safety Supervision and Management, the Department of Network and Information Security, the Department of Building and Environmental Security, the Department of Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Security, the Department of Business Administration and the Ministry of General Education, Teaching and Ideology.

Based on the needs of regional economic and social security development, Chongqing Vocational Insitute of Safety and Technology has established six major professional groups with security characteristics, which are highly compatible with Chongqing’s pillar industries and strategic emerging industrial clusters, and have distinctive security features, including security technologies. And management, rescue technology, food quality and safety, construction engineering technology, fire engineering technology, mechatronics technology, industrial robot technology, computer network technology, financial management and other 20 majors. The college insists on reform and innovation, highlights the characteristics of safety vocational education, and offers a safety general education course. All students must have a certain basic knowledge of safety technology. The school has a public safety experience hall, ergonomics training room, food physical and chemical analysis training room, network attack and defense training room, construction engineering simulation training room, securities financing training room, CNC lathe training room, and automobile comprehensive training room. There are 80 training places including training rooms, and the construction of internship bases and training places has been continuously increased to create good conditions for students’ practical activities. Off-campus and Chongqing Water Conservancy and Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd., China Electronic System Engineering Second Construction Co., Ltd., China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Baoye Group Co., Ltd., MCC Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing OCT Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Chongqing Iron and Steel Group Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. and more than 100 companies have launched school-enterprise cooperation. There are currently 138 off-campus internship training and employment bases for student placement and employment placement. Built a broad platform. The college has existing Chongqing special operations test sites, machinery industry capability evaluation test stations, intelligent manufacturing vocational skill evaluation test stations, national network and information technology training test college evaluation bases, special job identification in the electronic information industry, and computer information technology skills Identification of multiple sites.

Chongqing Vocational Insitute of Safety and Technology led the establishment of Chongqing Safety Vocational Education Group, a member of the Chongqing Higher Vocational Education International Cooperation Alliance, and signed international cooperation memorandums with Kyoto University of Information Technology Japan, ISTEC Higher Business School in France, and Boren University in Thailand; The college accepted 20 international students from 5 universities in Thailand and conducted a three-month study exchange in our college. It has carried out in-depth cooperation with Wuhan Meihe Yisi, Century Dingli, and China Aerospace Envoy. Through deep integration, a good pattern of cooperative education, mutual benefit, and common development has gradually formed.

Chongqing Vocational Insitute of Safety and Technology has delivered a large number of safety technical personnel for the Three Gorges Reservoir area and the city, and has provided strong personnel and technical support for regional economic and social security development and rapid development of the security industry. During 2014-2018, the college won a total of 12 first prizes, 15 second prizes, and 28 third prizes; a total of 15 municipal first prizes, 30 second prizes, and 39 third prizes. Among them, the college basketball team won the championship and the third place in the college basketball team in Chongqing in 2017 and 2018 respectively. The college is a civilized unit in Chongqing, a safe and civilized campus in Chongqing, a popular public safety education base in Chongqing and a significant collective effort in poverty alleviation in Wanzhou District.

Chongqing Vocational Insitute of Safety and Technology insists on educating the party and talents for the country, comprehensively deepening the reform of education and teaching, vigorously strengthening the construction of connotation, creating the characteristics of safe vocational education and schooling, giving play to the role of the western vocational safety education model demonstration and radiation, and working hard for the region The development of the economic and security industry trains high-quality safety technical and technical personnel for the front lines of production, construction, and management, and strives to build the college into a higher vocational college in Chongqing with advantages, western influence, and distinctive characteristics!


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