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Introduction to Chongqing Youth Vocational and Technical College

Chongqing Youth Vocational and Technical College (重庆青年职业技术学院, website) was founded in 1954. It is a full-time public college that is hosted by the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, the Ministry of Education, and the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission. Since the establishment of the school, the people of Chongqing Academy have been adhering to the school motto of “Bright Learning, Truth-seeking and Strong Skills”, actively cultivated and practiced the entrepreneurial spirit of “self-reliance and hard work”, and always adhered to the “people-oriented, dare to be the first” school running philosophy, Vigorously promote the value pursuit of “advance toward the good, keep improving”, create high-quality vocational colleges in Chongqing as the goal, professional construction, team Construction and campus construction are the starting points, vigorously improving the quality of talent training, earnestly enhancing scientific research capabilities, actively serving economic and social development, cultivating and inheriting characteristic campus culture, continuously expanding the field of open schools, and working hard to promote the college to improve quality, highlight characteristics, and expand influence. Cultivate highly qualified technical and technical personnel for the construction of a modern economic system.

The college has two Beibei and Banan campuses. The Beibei campus is located in Xiema Street, Beibei District, adjacent to Southwest University, and is located in the Beibei National University Science and Technology Park in Chongqing. The Banan campus is located in Longzhouwan Street, Banan District. Within the city. The college has a building area of 200,000 square meters, has 140 on-campus internship training rooms, more than 100 off-campus internship bases and production-academia bases, and a library with more than 400,000 books.

Chongqing Youth Vocational and Technical College currently has 346 faculty and staff, including 240 full-time teachers, 58 senior titles, 11 doctors (Doctors), 160 masters, and 97 part-time teachers and visiting professors. The school has 8 teaching departments including the Department of Financial Management, the Department of Health and Public Management, the Department of Tourism and Humanities, the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Information Engineering, the Teaching Department of Ideological and Political Theory, the Basic Teaching Department, and the Continuing Education Department. 31 students, nearly 6,000 students.

In recent years, the college has always adhered to school-enterprise cooperation, established cooperative relationships with more than ten well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as Cisco and BOE, and on this basis, actively explored the road of in-depth integration of production and education, and successively cooperated with China Airlines and Hualong. Well-known companies from the Internet and other cities have jointly established secondary enterprises or industrial colleges, such as the Aviation College, the Internet College, the Medical College, and the E-Commerce College, to innovate talent training models and help industry development.

Chongqing Youth Vocational and Technical College always adheres to the Party’s education policy and implements the fundamental tasks of Li Deshu people. Establish a three-in-one education system for all staff, whole process, and all-round education, and form a trinity campus cultural activity system consisting of colleges, departments, and classes. At present, there are student activity organizations such as Youth Volunteer Association, Civic School Association, Sanchuang Association, College Student Art Troupe, etc. There are 22 college-level student associations and more than 2,000 registered members. The community activities are full of flowers, and the group activities have a wide participation, great influence and high visibility. The WeChat public account “Chongqing Xuegong” paid attention to tens of thousands of people, organized students to participate in more than 1,700 people at municipal level competitions, 132 times at national level competitions, and won 177 honors or awards at the provincial (municipal) level or above. A group of outstanding students such as the “Chongqing Youth May 4th Medal”, “Chongqing Excellent Volunteers”, “Representatives of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China”, and “National Excellent Communist Youth League Members” were trained. In recent years, the employment rate of college graduates has always remained above 96%, and the professional counterpart rate has remained above 80%. A number of quality indicators for talent training have ranked at the forefront of Chongqing’s higher vocational colleges and have been well received by employers.

Chongqing Youth Vocational and Technical College actively promotes the integration of science and education, integration of production and education, closely follows regional development and accumulates technical skills, and effectively cultivates students’ innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities. Combined with majors (groups), there are 3 municipal-level creative spaces, 5 industry-university-research bases, 8 academic-level innovation teams, and 2 skill master studios. He has presided over 27 municipal-level education reform projects and 56 municipal-level scientific research projects. 13 national and municipal iconic quality engineering projects were approved. The student vocational skills competition won 127 municipal or higher awards. Teachers published more than 500 academic papers, 21 monographs and translations, and 62 patents. (Including 5 national invention patents), 3 scientific and technological achievements won provincial and ministerial commendation awards, R & D allocated funds to maintain the forefront of the city’s vocational colleges, and established a good platform for the development of technical skills for teachers and students. In 2018, it was identified by the Municipal Education Commission and the Municipal Finance Bureau as the construction unit (cultivation) of high-quality higher vocational colleges in Chongqing.

Chongqing Youth Vocational and Technical College is a training base for youth cadres in Chongqing, a training base for youth entrepreneurship and employment in Chongqing, and a talent training base for cultural industries in Chongqing. School, Chongqing Civilized Unit, Chongqing Advanced Leading Group, Chongqing Education System, First Striving for First-Level Party Organizations, Chongqing University Student Volunteers Summer Advanced Social Practice Activities Unit, Chongqing City Green Work Advanced Unit, etc. Awards.


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