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Chuzhou Polytechnic (滁州职业技术学院, website) is a comprehensive general vocational college organized by the People’s Government of Chuzhou City. The college is located in Luzhou City, a famous historical and cultural city in the east of Anhui, the Nanjing Metropolitan Area and the Hefei Economic Circle. It is close to the national 4A-level scenic spot Langya Mountain and the head of the four famous pavilions. Established in July 2002, the college is a construction unit of high-quality colleges of the Ministry of Education, a provincial model higher vocational college, and a construction unit of Anhui’s “local high-quality university”. “” And “Pacemaker Unit”, twice consecutively praised by the provincial government as the “advanced unit” in the province’s employment work, provincial university student innovation and entrepreneurship education demonstration school, provincial university student entrepreneurship incubation base (AA level). There are 13,140 full-time students and 673 faculty members.

The facilities of the Chuzhou Polytechnic campus are fully functional and the internship conditions are excellent. The college has two campuses, Longying Campus and Qingliu Campus, covering a total area of 1140 acres, a building area of 310,000 square meters, and a total fixed asset value of 630 million yuan. The new campus, Longjing Campus, is located in the Chengnan Science and Education Park in Chenzhou City. The campus has a beautiful campus environment and novel design. The teaching building, library, comprehensive training building, modern sports ground, and college student incubation base are fully equipped. The college has nine training centers including machining, numerical control technology, and computer software development. It has 93 experimental training rooms with a total teaching value of 120 million yuan. Among them, there are 2 central financial support training bases, 2 provincial demonstration training bases, and 1 provincial talent training and innovation experimental area. The average value of teaching instruments and equipment for college students is nearly 10,000 yuan, ranking the forefront of equivalent institutions in the province.

Chuzhou Polytechnic has a scientific and reasonable professional setup and distinctive construction features. The college is based on local education. There are 10 teaching units including the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of Information Engineering, the Department of Economics and Trade, the Department of Automotive Engineering, the Department of Food and Environmental Engineering, the Department of Media Engineering, the Ministry of Basic Affairs, the Ministry of Physical Education, Anhui Luzhou Technician College, etc. There are 45 vocational majors, 28 of which are in line with the six pillar industrial structures of Shengzhou’s smart home appliances, advanced equipment, new chemicals, new energy, deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, and silicon-based materials. The college has 2 majors for improving professional service industry capabilities supported by the central government, 3 major provincial-level majors, 6 provincial-level specialty majors, 1 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilot major, 3 provincial-level boutique courses, and provincial-level boutiques. 1 resource-sharing course.

The structure of Chuzhou Polytechnic’s teaching team has been optimized, and the teaching and research results have been fruitful. The college insists on “teacher-oriented”. There are 547 full-time teachers, including 18 with professional titles, 129 with deputy senior titles, 326 with master’s degrees and above, 218 dual-type teachers or “double-qualified” teachers, and a provincial teaching team. 5 There are 10 provincial-level professional leaders, 3 provincial-level teaching teachers, 2 provincial-level outstanding teachers, 9 provincial-level teaching talents, and 1 teacher selected into the “Outstanding Talents” Training Program of Anhui Province. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the college teachers published 9 monographs, 215 editors and editors of textbooks, published more than 1,000 papers, and undertook 205 scientific research projects, including 2 national projects and 36 provincial and ministerial projects. 2 patents and 69 utility model patents.

Chuzhou Polytechnic’s cooperation in running schools has been further promoted, and the mode of running schools has continued to innovate. The college actively develops school-enterprise cooperation, school-land cooperation, and inter-school cooperation. Cooperated with German company Bo Xihua (Bosch-Siemens) for 19 consecutive years, adopting the German “dual system” talent training model to train highly skilled talents, and actively exploring the methods and ways of “dual system” model China, The full affirmation of Vice Premier Liu Yandong of the State Council. The college has strengthened cooperation with 14 economic and technological development zones and industrial parks in Luzhou City and the counties and districts under its jurisdiction, and has established a school-land cooperation committee. In July 2013, the college took the lead in establishing the Anhui Luzhou Vocational Education Group and was elected as the first chairman unit. The college strengthens cooperation with regional industry enterprises through the vocational education group platform, promotes economic and social development, and strengthens cooperation with secondary vocational schools in the region in professional docking, curriculum integration, teacher training, collaborative scientific research innovation, and training resource sharing. Coordinated development of higher vocational education in the region.

Chuzhou Polytechnic has made outstanding achievements in employment and work in local areas. The employment rate of college graduates has always remained above 98%, and has been rated twice by the Anhui Employment Work Leading Group (2008-2009, 2010-2011) as the advanced collective for employment in the province, and has been evaluated for eight consecutive years since 2005. “Advanced Collective for Graduate Employment Work in Anhui Province” and “Anchor Unit for Graduate Employment Work in Anhui Province”. Since its establishment, the college has delivered 22,344 graduates of various types to the society. In 2009, with the approval of the Anhui Provincial People’s Government, the college established the Anhui Luzhou Technician College to train high-skilled personnel such as reserve technicians and senior technicians. The college has a national vocational skill appraisal center, which can carry out middle and advanced vocational skill level appraisal services for 89 work types. In the past 5 years, the school has carried out a total of 23,000 person-times in various vocational skills training and more than 26,000 person-time vocational skill appraisals.

Chuzhou Polytechnic’s comprehensive strength has been continuously enhanced, and its reputation for running schools has continued to increase. The development of the college has received the support and affirmation of the superior departments and leaders. Has been awarded the Ministry of Education outstanding personnel training work level assessment outstanding institutions, Anhui Province “double-qualified” software teacher training base, Anhui Provincial Advanced Employment Group, Anhui Innovation and Pioneering Demonstration School, Provincial University Student Entrepreneurship Incubation base (level AA), Pizhou Civilized Units, Pizhou Municipal Direct Enterprise Recruitment Office and advanced service units. On May 22, 2013, Liu Yandong, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, inspected the college, fully affirmed the talent training work of the college, and put forward the college’s requirements and expectations of “to strive to become a national model in the future”. In 2015, the college successfully passed the provincial model higher vocational college construction project acceptance and personality evaluation of personnel training with outstanding grades, and was designated as the first batch of “local high-quality university” construction units in Anhui Province.


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