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Introduction to College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University

College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University (东北师范大学人文学院, website) was founded in 1988. Going through the development stages of Jilin Province Foreign Language and Culture Exchange Center, Jilin International Language and Culture College, Jilin Vocational College of Foreign Trade and Economics, etc. In February 2004, the College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University was officially established with the approval of the Ministry of Education. So far it has 31 years of school running history.

The college is located in Changchun Jingyue National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It has two campuses, east and west. There are 11 colleges (departments) and 46 undergraduate majors, covering 9 disciplines including economics, management, literature, law, education, art, science, engineering, and medicine. At present, there are 11,727 undergraduates and graduate students in joint training.

The college aims to build a first-class private university in the country, and to form a famous private university with distinctive characteristics. Its development goal is to persist in facing modernization, the world, and the future, and cultivate application-oriented talents with a strong sense of social responsibility, a strong spirit of innovation, and a strong practical ability. Established the “successful education” concept with “everyone can succeed” as its core connotation, and formed the school spirit of “diligent development, self-reliance and talent training”.

The College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University has a full-time faculty consisting mainly of teachers with high education and professional titles. At present, there are more than 670 full-time and part-time teachers, the proportion of professors and associate professors reaches 52%, and the proportion of doctors and masters reaches 85%. Young teachers under the age of 45 account for 69% of the total number of full-time teachers, and have more than 100 “double-teacher” teachers. The school has a government subsidy from the State Council, a member of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, a famous teaching teacher in Jilin Province, a cross-century talent in Jilin Province, a talent in scientific research in Jilin Province, a doctoral tutor, a provincial teaching teacher, and a middle school with outstanding contributions in Jilin Province. There are more than a hundred experts and scholars who have been awarded the title of national, provincial and ministerial talents, such as young professional and technical talents and provincial teaching talents. A group of foreign teachers teach in schools all year round.

The College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University takes the provincial transformation and development demonstration professional group-health service and management as the benchmark, and establishes a first-class professional and golden course cultivation mechanism. It has cultivated 4 provincial-level majors, 2 provincial-level gold courses, 6 school-level first-rate majors, and 21 school-level gold courses. There are 1 national specialty specialty construction site, 3 provincial specialty specialty construction, 2 provincial brand specialty construction establishment, 2 provincial specialty high-level specialty, 4 provincial first-class undergraduate specialty, and transformation reform pilot specialty group and transformation. One reform demonstration group. 1 National Excellent Video Public Course, 1 Provincial Class AB Gold Course, 1 Provincial Class C Gold Course, 2 Provincial Course Ideological and Political Demonstration Courses, 1 Provincial Excellent Online Course, Provincial University-University Cooperative Development 2 project construction courses, 10 provincial excellent courses, 26 provincial excellent courses, 4 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 7 provincial excellent teaching teams, 1 provincial teacher studio, and provincial teaching teacher 2 people, 1 new talent at the provincial level; 5 awards for teaching achievements in higher education in Jilin Province. 6 national production-education integration collaborative education programs, 5 provincial production-education integration collaborative education programs, 2 provincial out-of-school practical education bases, 2 Jilin social science key area research bases, and provincial key 1 cultivation laboratory, 2 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching projects.

In 2017, the college was approved by Jilin Province to grant master’s degree granting units to establish projects in universities and colleges, and at the same time, it was approved to grant 4 master’s degree authorized places for project construction. Five major professional clusters have been established, including the elderly service and management group, the automotive electronics and service engineering group, the economic management group, the language group, and the art group. Has 6 advantageous characteristics. In December 2018, the Department of Welfare was approved as a new high-level discipline “Emerging Interdisciplinary” with special characteristics of Jilin Province.

In the past 3 years, the College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University has been approved for 267 projects, with a total funding of 3.275 million yuan, and has published 141 academic works and textbooks. It has published 855 papers in provincial journals and above, of which 855 have been published. Published 236 papers in CSSCI source journals, national Chinese core journals and SCI, EI international conference search, etc .; obtained 26 utility model patents, 4 design patents, and 10 software copyrights. 15 provincial scientific research platforms approved: 1 provincial university engineering research center established during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, 1 first batch of Jilin’s new-type university think tanks, 1 provincial scientific research innovation team, and Jilin’s key social science fields There are 2 research bases, 4 research bases in key areas of social sciences in Jilin Province, 2 higher education research bases in Jilin Province, and 3 provincial key laboratories. The school was rated as an advanced unit of Jilin Province’s educational research work during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period by the Jilin Province Education Department.

The College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University has established cooperative relationships with 92 universities and educational institutions in 21 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, the United States, Canada, and Australia. With the approval of the Ministry of Education, it has cooperated with Southern Polytechnic State University to organize a major in English and technology communication. In the past 5 years, it has received more than 220 and 500 person-times from colleges and universities (groups) from all over the world, organized more than 20 delegations (groups) to study abroad and exchange visits, and invited more than 200 foreign experts, scholars and full-time teachers to lecture or Teach. There are more than 1,000 American teachers and international students coming to school to learn Chinese, which has established an international platform for teaching and scientific research, discipline construction and talent training. The school is the only private university in Jilin Province that has the qualification to study abroad.

In recent years, more than a thousand students have received national and provincial awards each year. Since 2006, the proportion of fresh graduates who have obtained postgraduates has been among the top universities in the province. Since 2008, the average employment rate of graduates is 91.23%. The proportion of fresh graduates admitted to graduate school has always been at the forefront of similar universities in the province. It has been rated as “Advanced Collective of Employment Management” in Jilin Province twice in a row. In 2018, the Ministry of Education’s college admissions sunshine project platform released the list of the most satisfied colleges and universities, and the comprehensive satisfaction rate of the school ranked fourth in Jilin Province. Since its establishment 31 years ago, nearly 40,000 students have graduated from the campus, and many of them have become scholars, teachers, civil servants, ideological and political workers, and outstanding managers of enterprises and institutions.

The College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University participated in the comprehensive evaluation of social organizations in the province and ranked first in the highest level of 5A social organizations. From 2007 to 2010, it was appraised as the advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction by the CPC Changchun Municipal Committee and Municipal Government. In 2012, it was appraised as the advanced unit of building a national civilized city by the Changchun Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government of the Communist Party of China. Since 2011, the school has been rated as a civilized unit by the Changchun Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and the party committee of the school has been rated as an advanced grassroots party organization in colleges and universities in Jilin Province three times. In September 2017, the school was rated as a “model collective” by the Changchun Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. In 2018, it won the titles of “Civilized Campus” and “Units Built First by Military, Police and Civilians” in Changchun. Ranked 26th in the 2018 China Independent Colleges Rankings by the Alumni Association, as China’s first-class independent colleges; in Wu Shulian’s 2018 China Independent Colleges star rankings, ranked among the top 10 in China’s first-class independent colleges, ranking among the top in Northeast China for many years.


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