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Communication University of Shanxi (山西传媒学院, website) is a university jointly established by the State Administration of Radio and Television and the People’s Government of Shanxi Province. The school’s predecessor was the North China Radio and Television School established by the former Ministry of Radio and Television in 1983. Based on this, the School of Management of the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television was established in 1990. It was transferred to the People’s Government of Shanxi Province in 2000, and it was upgraded to an undergraduate level in 2013 The college was also renamed as Shanxi Media Institute, and in 2018 was approved as a master’s degree granting authority for construction and training units. The school is the third public media university in the country and a training base for professionals in the State Administration of Radio and Television.

Communication University of Shanxi has two campuses, the Wenhua Campus and the Donghua Campus. The main school location (headquarters) is the Wenhua Campus, located at Wenhua Street in the Shanxi New University District (Yuji District, Jinzhong City). District Wulongkou Street. The school covers an area of more than 940 acres, with a building area of 280,000 square meters.

Communication University of Shanxi has 8 secondary colleges including the School of Film and Television, the School of Animation and Digital Arts, the School of Art and Design, the School of Broadcasting and Hosting, the School of Journalism and Communication, the School of Cultural Innovation and Management, the College of Media Technology, and the School of Performance Political teaching and research department, basic course teaching department, continuing education department and other three teaching departments, library, film and television production center, information center and other three auxiliary institutions. The school recruits students from 31 provinces across the country, and currently has 9,180 full-time students. Graduates are distributed in the Central Radio and Television Station and other relevant units such as radio and television institutions, animation creative institutions, networks and new media. Over the years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 95%, and most of them have become the backbone of business in the field of radio and television media.

Communication University of Shanxi is one of the eight “National Animation Teaching and Research Bases” in the country, and the “Ministry-School Joint Training Base for Excellent Journalism and Communication Talents” of the Propaganda Department of the Shanxi Provincial Committee. A number of high-level subject platforms such as the Provincial University Collaborative Innovation Center; the China Academy of Radio, Film, and Television Social Organizations “Theatrical Film and Television Academic Research Base”, the Chinese University Film and Television Society “Brand Design and Communication Innovation Research Center”, China University Students Sports Association “China A group of high-level teaching research and creative platforms such as the “University Sports Event Production and Broadcasting Base” and academician expert workstations; the student innovation and entrepreneurship practice platform, Shanchuan Culture and Technology Park, was awarded the “National Enterprise Incubator” Create space “; set up more than 150 practice teaching bases outside the school in media organizations such as radio and television and related industries and enterprises.

Communication University of Shanxi’s first-level disciplines in drama and film science are key construction disciplines in Shanxi Province’s colleges and universities, and the “1331 Project” is a provincial characteristic advantage discipline. The major subjects are drama and film science, journalism, communication, design, and business management The core subject cultural innovation and design subject group was identified as a cultivation project of the “Service Industry Innovation Subject Group Construction Plan” in Shanxi universities; 22 undergraduate majors were established, and 2 majors such as broadcasting and hosting arts and advertising were provincial-level advantages , Animation, film and television photography and production and other two major projects to establish a first-class undergraduate major in Shanxi Province. In the “2019 China University Evaluation Research Report” released by the Arisen China Alumni Association, the schools were rated as “regional first-class universities” in both language universities and public universities in Shanxi Province. And Discipline Professional Evaluation Report (2019-2020) “out of 441 universities with majors in drama and film science, the school ranked seventh, film and television photography and production, radio and television science, radio and television director, broadcast and hosting art, animation, digital Seven majors such as media arts and cultural industry management were rated as five-star majors.

Communication University of Shanxi currently has more than 500 faculty and staff, including more than 400 full-time teachers, including national “Top Ten Best 100” radio and television theoretical talents, members of the Ministry of Education’s general colleges and universities in journalism and communication, drama and film science professional teaching steering committee members, “Double-class” teaching teacher in Shanxi Province, “four batches” of personnel in Shanxi’s propaganda and cultural system, top talents in “Three Jins”, Shanxi academic and technological leaders, outstanding young talents with 131 leading talent projects, etc. High-level teachers; Hire Ding Wenhua, the chief academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the only Chinese Academy of Radio and Television System, and Wang Tiecheng, Yu Qiuyu, Wang Weiguo, Bai Yansong, Feng Gong, Jia Zhangke, Wang Lewen, Jing Yidan, Nie Jianhua, etc. as part-time teachers Or visiting professor.

Communication University of Shanxi has the largest modern studio in China, with a building area of 38,000 square meters. The domestic first-class studios, theaters, editing rooms, guide rooms, photo studios, lighting rooms, recording studios, radio and television cognitive laboratories, There are more than 100 training rooms including high-definition television broadcast trucks, with a total value of more than 200 million yuan. The school has more than 1.23 million volumes (discs) of paper literature books, video materials, and electronic books. It has a relatively complete modern electronic book system and computer network service system.

Communication University of Shanxi has always attached importance to scientific research and creation. Since 2013, the school has set up 185 vertical scientific research projects, including 1 national key research and development project sub-project, 3 national art fund projects, 1 humanities and social science project of the Ministry of Education, and 1 national social science fund project. Published 1610 academic papers, of which 418 were included in CSSCI and national Chinese core journals; 306 textbooks and monographs were published, including 19 national “12th Five-Year” and “13th Five-Year” planning textbooks. Adhering to the creative concept of “people-oriented, law-based, independent thinking, and free creation”, he has created more than 513 works (collections), of which 110 won domestic and foreign awards. The teacher, as the founder of the film “The Old Man from the River” directed by the famous director Jia Zhangke, went to the 68th Cannes International Film Festival and starred in the film “Where’s the Time” at the BRICS Summit; animated works created by teachers and students ” “Strange Strange” was broadcast on Tencent video and was well received by the audience; dramas, stage shows, and musicals such as “Apricot Blossom Rain”, “Paint Wet”, and “Fantastic Journey of Little Strawberry” created by teachers and students were performed in the province and the country , Widely praised; “No Wait” “Good Morning!” “Small Tree” and other films are represented. The school has won a series of domestic and foreign awards such as the Chinese Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival Excellent Works Award, the Korea Gwangju International Film Festival “Asia Pacific Young Director Award”; Night, a young director who has won many international awards, is marked by Bi Gan, and the graduates trained by the school have been widely recognized by society and industry.

Communication University of Shanxi actively develops foreign exchanges and cooperation. Establish friendly and cooperative relations with nearly 30 institutions of higher learning in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. University, Monash University, Australia, Cheongmin University, and other institutions sent visiting teachers and students; cumulatively trained more than 300 international radio and television seniors from Mongolia, Osh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Panama, Sri Lanka, Georgia and other “Belt and Road” countries Technical management personnel; cooperated with the China University Students Sports Association to build a “Sports Video Website”, and sent teachers and students to participate in the shooting of major international sports events such as the “Summer Olympic Games”, “World University Winter Games” and “World University Summer Games”.


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