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Introduction to Dalian Vocational and Technical College

Dalian Vocational and Technical College (大连职业技术学院, website) is a full-time ordinary higher vocational college directly under the Dalian Municipal People’s Government. Its predecessor was Dalian Management Cadre College (founded in 1979). In 1999, it was restructured into Dalian Vocational and Technical College with the approval of the Ministry of Education. On the road to higher vocational and technical education, Dalian Technical School and Dalian Normal School were merged into the school in 2001. In 2019, it was integrated with Dalian Radio and Television University, which was founded in 1979. The school is one of the 100 “National Model Higher Vocational Colleges” nationwide. In 2018, the school successfully ranked among Liaoning Province’s high-level modern vocational colleges and high-level specialty specialty group construction units.

Dalian Vocational and Technical College currently has three campuses, Xiajiahezi, Nanguanling and Puwan, with a total area of 930,534 square meters, of which Xiajiahezi campus covers an area of 228,136 square meters, a construction area of 144,604 square meters, and Nanguanling campus covers an area of 104,400 Square meters, construction area of 59204 square meters, Puwan campus 597998 square meters, construction area of 327,659 square meters. The total value of the existing equipment of the school is 290 million yuan, the average scientific research equipment is 15,000 yuan, and the total value of fixed assets is 608 million yuan. The school has a total of 893,000 books. The school achieves full coverage of wired and wireless networks, and the total export bandwidth reaches 4.3G.

Dalian Vocational and Technical College currently has four secondary technical secondary schools: Dalian Electronic School, Dalian Construction School, Dalian Ocean School and Dalian Agricultural Science School. The school has 12 colleges and 1 teaching department, including the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and the School of Automotive Engineering. It covers equipment manufacturing, civil engineering, biology and chemical engineering, finance and commerce, electronic information, education and sports, transportation, 39 majors in 9 major categories including tourism, public management and service. There are 7 national-level demonstration majors, 1 national-level teaching reform pilot specialty, 2 national “higher vocational schools to enhance professional service industry development capability projects”, and backbones of higher vocational education innovation and development action plans (2015-2018). There are 8 majors, 6 “Liaoning Province Docking Industry Cluster Provincial Vocational Education Demonstration Majors”, 13 Liaoning Province Brand Majors, 4 Liaoning Province High-level Characteristic Major Group Construction Projects, and 2 Dalian Demonstrative Majors. The school has obtained the qualifications for crew training and education issued by the State Maritime Safety Administration.

Dalian Vocational and Technical College currently has 14,741 full-time students and 705 faculty members, including 53 senior professional titles and 208 deputy senior professional titles. It is a “dual-teacher” teacher who “can teach, do, and combine” The team has been formed, and full-time teachers from enterprises with actual working experience in the enterprise exceed 35% of the total number of teachers, becoming the main force of practical course teaching. The school has one provincial “skill master studio”, one provincial outstanding expert, ten provincial teaching masters, eight provincial professional leaders, 11 provincial outstanding backbone teachers, and ten provincial outstanding teaching teams. . In the past five years, school teachers have won 2 first prizes, 10 second prizes, and 7 third prizes in the National Vocational College Informatization and Teaching Ability Competition. He won 30 first prizes, 44 second prizes and 43 third prizes in the Liaoning Provincial Informatization and Teaching Ability Competition.

Dalian Vocational and Technical College has 17 practical and practical training centers, including 189 modern training centers for modern equipment manufacturing technology, modern electronic technology, modern automobile technology, and modern service, which integrate student training, skills appraisal, and social services. The training room (area), of which the modern equipment manufacturing technology training center, the elderly maintenance training center, and the software technology training base are state-level “vocational education training bases” supported by the central government. There are three “Liaoning Province Vocational Education Innovative Training Bases”, including “Innovation Practical Training Base for Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Major (Group), Innovative Training Base for Animation Design and Production Specialty (Group), and Innovative Training Base for Electrical Automation Technology. Base “construction project. There are 525 off-campus training bases.

Dalian Vocational and Technical College has always adhered to the accurate development orientation and the school-oriented philosophy of “serving for development as its purpose and promoting employment as its guidance”, and insisting on “quality-based schools, talent-based schools, culture-based schools, distinctive schools, and schools based on law The development strategy, comprehensive school running ability, social service ability, and quality of personnel training have been continuously improved, and more than 50,000 talents of various technical skills have been delivered for local economic and social development.

Dalian Vocational and Technical College adheres to the professional construction as the leader and the curriculum construction as the core. It develops the curriculum system and teaching content in close combination with the professional post standard system, comprehensively implements quality education, insists that the teaching process is connected with the production process, and insists on systematic training and double Certificate education has promoted the comprehensive development of students’ comprehensive quality and professional ability. The school continues to deepen the reform of education and teaching, and actively innovates its own talent training model. In recent years, the school has accumulated 33 teaching achievement awards above the provincial level and undertook 25 research and teaching reform projects at the provincial level. Twenty-seven textbooks edited by school teachers were selected as the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” vocational education national planning textbooks.

Dalian Vocational and Technical College has always positioned school-enterprise cooperation at a strategic height. Through the implementation of the “One Hundred Thousands” plan, the school-enterprise cooperation model has continued to make progress in a wide range of fields, at a deep level, and at a high level. Deep integration with well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as Intel, Goodyear, Accenture, Haier Group, Dashang Group, Shanghai General Motors, Volkswagen Transmission, Chery Automobile, Intercontinental Hotel Group, etc., with more than a thousand cooperative companies and a total of more than 200 order classes. Formed an order class with GROB Machine Tool (Dalian) Co., Ltd., promoted the German “dual system” talent training model, and launched a modern apprenticeship pilot. The school led the establishment of Dalian Equipment Manufacturing Vocational Education Group, Dalian Service Trade (Outsourcing) School-Enterprise Alliance and Dalian Tourism Service Industry School-Enterprise Alliance.

Dalian Vocational and Technical College is guided by the socialist core value system, taking “Campus Culture Festival”, “Reading Season” and other series of campus cultural activities as the carrier, taking into account the integration of corporate culture, students’ ideological and moral cultivation, humanistic literacy and comprehensive occupation Ability has been improved comprehensively, the employment rate of school graduates has been stable at more than 90% year after year, and the admission score of freshmen has consistently ranked among the top universities in the province. In the past five years, students have won 5 first prizes, 16 second prizes, 15 third prizes, and 40 first prizes and 64 second prizes in Liaoning Vocational College Skills Competition. , 61 third prizes. Students won 2 first prizes and 4 third prizes in the “Challenging Cup-Rainbow Life” national vocational school innovation and entrepreneurship contest. In the “Challenging Cup-Rainbow Life” Liaoning Vocational School Innovation and Innovation Pioneering Contest won 1 first prize, 5 first prizes, 6 second prizes and 7 third prizes.

Dalian Vocational and Technical College students won 1 first prize (gold prize), 3rd prize (bronze) in China’s “Internet +” university student innovation and entrepreneurship competition, “Challenge Cup-Rainbow Life” national vocational school innovation and entrepreneurship competition (Award) 5; in the “Internet +” university student innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Liaoning Province, “Challenging Cup-Rainbow Life” Liaoning Vocational School Innovation and Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition, “Challenge Cup” Liaoning province university students extracurricular academic science and technology works competition, “In Liaoning Province University Student Entrepreneurship Contest and other competitions won 1 first prize, 10 first prize (gold), 42 second prize (silver), 129 third prize (bronze), 1 excellent prize.

Dalian Vocational and Technical College undertook 208 provincial and municipal scientific research projects, 208 research scientific research projects, undertook 168 foreign technical service projects, obtained 229 patent authorizations, 2 Dalian Social Science Progress Awards, and Dalian Science Works Awards In total, 23 teachers published 986 papers, including 186 core journals and retrieved papers, and 58 books. The school proactively undertakes public welfare and social responsibilities, conducts GSP training, vocational and technical teacher training, and adult education, and provides junior, middle, and advanced skills identification and certification services for 33 occupations or types of work.

Dalian Vocational and Technical College has established friendly and cooperative relations with more than 20 institutions in more than 10 countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and Singapore. Through the exchange of teacher training, student exchanges, international conferences, academic exchanges, introduction of advanced vocational education concepts and teaching methods, etc., the sharing of international quality education resources has further improved the level of school education internationalization.


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