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Dazhou Vocational and Technical College (达州职业技术学院, website) is a comprehensive full-time state-run general college. The college covers an area of 1020 acres, a building area of 330,000 square meters, fixed assets of more than 260 million yuan, and a total value of 70.74 million yuan in teaching and scientific research equipment. The library has more than 1.01 million books and literature resources, 628 Chinese periodicals, and has a digital resource capacity of 13,748GB. There are 2 affiliated hospitals, 3 non-directly affiliated hospitals, and 6 non-directly affiliated township (community) affiliated hospitals. Nursing training bases and numerical control training bases, mechanical and electrical teaching practice bases, animal husbandry and veterinary teaching and integration bases have been established with central financial support, and there are 177 off-campus practice bases.

Dazhou Vocational and Technical College now has 9 departments and 4 departments. It has more than 40 majors in medicine, health, education, agriculture, processing and manufacturing, modern services, and arts. It focuses on nursing, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, and clinical medicine , Preschool education, mechatronics technology and other majors (groups). At present, there are more than 14,000 full-time students (1.2 students in colleges and more than 22,000 students in secondary schools). There are more than 558 in-service faculty members, 492 full-time teachers, 22 senior professional titles, 135 deputy senior professional titles, 87 doctoral and graduate students, 337 dual-qualified teachers, 2 academic and technical leaders in Dazhou, and Dazhou has One outstanding expert has made outstanding contributions, and 227 part-time teachers from industry and enterprises have hired a group of well-known experts and scholars as visiting professors.

Dazhou Vocational and Technical College is a model provincial vocational college in Sichuan province, a civilized unit in Sichuan province, a model school in which Sichuan colleges and universities are governed by law, an advanced unit in vocational education in Sichuan province, a May 1 labor award unit in Sichuan province, and a general higher education institution in Sichuan Advanced unit for employment of school graduates, pilot school of modern apprenticeship system in Sichuan Province, and rural cadre training school in Dazhou City. The college is a national-level training center for scarce nursing talents supported by the central government, a provincial (municipal) labor service development and training base, a nationwide unified evaluation and training site for electronic product marketers, a national vocational skill appraisal station, a Dazhou continuing education base, and a Dazhou coal mine Safety training center, Dazhou driver continuing education center. The long-term practice exploration has come out of a unique way of running a school that serves the economic and social development and improvement of people’s livelihood in the Sichuan-Shaanxi Revolutionary Old Quarter and Qinba continuous poverty-stricken areas.

Dazhou Vocational and Technical College tightly seized the great historical opportunity of the municipal party committee and government to “accelerate the construction of a comprehensive transportation hub in the east and north of Sichuan and the regional center city in the Sichuan-Chongqing-Shanxi region in Sichuan-Chongqing-Shaanxi Province, and strive to create the provincial economic deputy center”. The school motto of “Dedication, Dedication, Diligence, and Good Work”, adhere to the school philosophy of “rooting the old district, facing Qinba, connecting industries, serving the people ’s livelihood”, taking the new campus construction as an opportunity to improve school conditions, and innovating institutional mechanisms as the motivation to stimulate school vitality, We will take the construction of key specialties as a fundamental way to improve the level of school running, the innovation of talent training models as the key to improve the quality of educating people, and the expansion of functions as the starting point to improve the ability of social services, and strive to create Sichuan’s first-class, higher vocational colleges with western characteristics.


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