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Introduction to Deyang Vocational College of Technology and Trade

Deyang Vocational College of Technology and Trade (德阳科贸职业学院, website) is a full-time general higher education institution approved by the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government and registered by the Ministry of Education. Department of Education announced in 2019 that the country ’s seven nationwide and the only Southwest “Internet + Made in China 2025” industry-education integration promotion plan to build colleges (higher vocational education).

Formerly known as the Guanghan Science and Education Park of Sichuan Normal University, the college has cultivated tens of thousands of technical and technical personnel, and has a long history of running a school. The college has established a new frontier specialty around the national strategy of “Made in China 2025”. It is an important base for cultivating high-quality technical and skilled personnel such as intelligent manufacturing and control, big data, the Internet of Things, industrial networks, and modern logistics.

Deyang Vocational College of Technology and Trade is located in Guangyang City, Deyang, a half-hour economic circle in Chengdu, a capital of intelligent manufacturing, and is adjacent to Sanxingdui, the birthplace of the ancient civilization of the Yangtze River. It is located in the country’s only “National Higher Vocational Education Comprehensive Reform Pilot Zone” and “Chengde City Advanced Integration Zone”, and is close to “smart manufacturing”, “big data +”, “5G +”, “modern logistics” and other hundreds of billions of grades. The policy and resource advantages brought by the industrial park and the nine national academician workstations have launched in-depth cooperation with more than a hundred high-tech enterprises and industry associations in the industry, creating strong conditions for the development of the Academy of Science and Trade at a high starting point.

Deyang Vocational College of Technology and Trade has a strong faculty, with 71 full-time teachers, including 25 senior titles, 49 graduate students, and 11 dual-teacher teachers. Existing from intelligent terminals, intelligent control, IoT, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence / AI, AR / VR, intelligent robots, industrial networks, modern logistics, fire engineering technology, child development and health management, leisure sports and other fields Experts and professors with rich teaching and practical experience; there are also senior engineers with large experience in large-scale enterprises engaged in research and development, design, production, manufacturing, and maintenance for many years. Professor Li Pei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, former Vice President of Sichuan Normal University, former Deputy Dean of Yibin College, and Chairman of Sichuan Lifelong Education Working Committee. He has been engaged in the management and research of higher education for a long time. He has won the second prize of the National Higher Education Achievement Award, the first prize and the second prize of the Higher Education Teaching Achievement of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government. .

Deyang Vocational College of Technology and Trade has increasingly complete experimental training conditions, mature logistical support, and convenient and developed transportation. In order to cultivate the production, construction, service, and management front lines that are needed for the development of “Made in China 2025 National Strategy, Industry 4.0” The guarantee of high-quality skilled personnel. The college covers an area of ??more than 600 acres and is completed in accordance with the undergraduate specifications. It is a high-standard campus that can accommodate 12,000 people. The building of the school building has completed 150,000 square meters. At present, a data communication and network security training room, a data acquisition and monitoring control training room, a sensor technology training room, a smart home comprehensive training room, and embedded technology training have been built. Room, IoT system integration training room, RFID application training room, big data analysis platform, IoT cloud platform, intelligent manufacturing production process execution management platform, cloud application system development platform, intelligent manufacturing production line, 51 internal and external school experiment Training base and training room. It has more than 300,000 printed books and a rich collection. Standard gymnasiums, basketball courts, football pitches, badminton courts, and art and sports facilities such as physique rooms and piano rooms provide excellent learning, working, and living environments for teachers and students in the hospital.

Deyang Vocational College of Technology and Trade will take an attitude of being responsible to the people and contributing to the society, adhering to the people-oriented and market demand-oriented school running philosophy, and will run a higher vocational college based on Sichuan and society.


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