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Dezhou Vocational and Technical College (德州职业技术学院, website) is a public full-time comprehensive general vocational college at the junior college level that was approved by the Shandong Provincial People’s Government in 2005 and filed by the Ministry of Education. Since its establishment, the school has successively won more than 40 provincial titles such as “Provincial Civilized Units”, “Excellent Colleges in Moral Education”, “School Demonstration Schools Governed by Law”, and “Shandong College Safe Campus”, and was named by the Ministry of Human Resources For “National High-skilled Talent Cultivation Demonstration Base”, “National High-Skilled Talent Training Base”, and “2015 National High-level Graduate Employment Work Typical Experience Colleges”, it was identified as “Shandong Province Skilled Talents” by the Education Department of Shandong Province in September 2016 Cultivate famous schools. ”

Texas has a long history and is one of the birthplaces of Longshan culture. There are historical and cultural monuments such as Dayu Zhishui, Dong Zi Reading Desk, Liu Bei Acting Plain County, Ming and Qing Canals, Sulu King Tomb, and Dong Zhongshu, Dongfang Shuo, and Hengheng. , Dou Jiande, Yan Zhenqing, Xing Yi, Ren Jiyu and a large number of historical and cultural celebrities. Texas is the main national transportation hub city. It is close to the Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway and the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway in the east, and near the Beijing-Shanghai Railway Trunk Line and the National Highway 104 in the west. The traffic is convenient and it is an ideal place for young students to study. Texas has “China Sun City”, “China Cereals, Oils and Food City”, “China Functional Sugar City”, “China Central Air-conditioning City”, “China Auto Parts Industry City”, “China’s Excellent Tourism City”, and “National Health City” And other city business cards, named “National High-tech Industrial Base for Bio-industry”, “National Torch Plan New Energy Industry Base” and “National Renewable Energy Building Application Demonstration City”, and “One Circle One Belt One District” covers Texas in whole or in part The city undertakes 52 national and provincial reform pilot tasks, including the National New Urbanization Pilot and the Modern Agriculture Demonstration Zone. Rich regional resources provide a broad space for the development of higher vocational education.

Dezhou Vocational and Technical College covers an area of 1,190 acres and a building area of 300,000 square meters. It has 15,000 full-time students and 7,000 registered and open education students. There are 817 in-service faculty members, including 538 full-time teachers, 40 professors, 201 associate professors, and 296 teachers with doctoral and master degrees. There are five provincial teaching teams, two provincial teaching teachers, one provincial outstanding teacher, two Shandong technical experts, one Qilu chief technician, nine chief technicians in Dezhou, and two outstanding middle-aged and young experts in Dezhou. There are 117 visiting professors and 359 part-time teachers. There are 27 training bases on campus, 4 “schools in factories”, and the total value of internship training equipment is 137 million yuan. Students can use their spare time to learn driving skills at the school’s dual driving school. The headquarters of Dezhou Vocational Education Public Training Center with an investment of 350 million yuan and the construction of 11 training bases will settle in the school. After it is put into use, the conditions for school internship training will reach the first-class level of similar institutions in the country.

Dezhou Vocational and Technical College now has a department of mechanical engineering, a department of electrical engineering, a department of computer information technology engineering, a department of economic management, a department of automotive engineering, a department of new energy technology engineering, a department of architecture and garden engineering, a department of grain, oil, food and light industry engineering. The department (housekeeping service department) has 9 teaching departments, including 38 vocational majors, 16 five-year college majors, and 4 preparatory technician professions. The two vocational majors of solar photovoltaic technology and food engineering are major construction projects supported by the central government; the four vocational majors of accounting computerization, logistics management, numerical control technology, automobile maintenance and marketing are provincial specialty majors; machine tool cutting professional group It is a provincial demonstration professional group; the majors of mechatronics technology, automobile application and maintenance technology are Shandong Province’s modern apprenticeship pilot programs. There are 29 provincial and ministerial quality courses and 11 provincial quality resource sharing courses.

Dezhou Vocational and Technical College is a pilot college for joint training of higher vocational and technical staff in Shandong Province, and a separate pilot college for admissions determined by the Education Department of Shandong Province. Give full play to the advantages of “one school and two licenses”, implement the “Excellent Technician Training Plan”, innovate the “double mentor, school-enterprise integration, and step-by-step” talented technician training model; build a “4 layers and 4 trainings” practice teaching system, and vigorously promote “class posts” “Certificate integration, reality-based training” reform of the talent training model; build a “3 platform + 3 module” curriculum system of platform sharing, module separation, and “three classrooms” full-time cultivation, which will educate people in moral culture, skills training, Innovative and entrepreneurial education was incorporated into the credit system reform; the “Group Education Project” was implemented to form a “1239” group education system mechanism. In 2010, the Texas Vocational Education Group led by the school has developed into a large vocational education group with 339 member companies, 39 schools, and 13 industry associations. In 2015, the school took the lead in establishing the “Shandong Solar Industry Vocational Education Group” to lead the cultivation of skilled and innovative talents in the solar industry in Shandong Province. The “starlight model” of modern apprenticeship training created by the school and Shandong Starlight Group has become a model of school-enterprise cooperation.

Dezhou Vocational and Technical College and Qingdao Technological University and Dezhou College opened a “3 + 2” counterpart training; there is a “self-study assistant test” direct undergraduate; students can directly attend the undergraduate of the National Open University of the school; Provincial “Undergraduate” examination, advanced to undergraduate colleges and universities. The school has 271 off-campus internship bases, and students can go to pre-employment internships at off-campus internship bases before graduation. The school actively explores the mixed ownership system for running schools. The “Internet Academy” organized by Hewlett-Packard Group, 55 of China Electronics Group Nanjing, Tianjin Xanteng Group, and the “Aviation Crew Academy” organized by AVIC East Star Aviation Services Co., Ltd. Units, more than 400 people are trained and targeted for employment every year. The vocational skills appraisal institute affiliated to the school has been determined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Sciences as “the first batch of model appraisal institutes in the country”, and students can obtain higher education certificates and advanced vocational qualification certificates when they graduate to achieve “double certificate” employment. The employment rate of graduates in that year reached more than 98% in a row, and the one-time employment rate was more than 95%. They are found in large state-owned enterprises such as Shougang, Haier, Hisense, Sinotruk, Geely, Huangming, and COFCO, and well-known foreign companies such as Japan and South Korea. Professionalism and technical skills have won the favor of enterprises.

Dezhou Vocational and Technical College integrates innovation and entrepreneurship education into the entire process of talent cultivation. Relying on the “Texas Innovation and Entrepreneurship University” settled in the school, it has invested more than 10 million yuan to build a “University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Technology Park”, established 6 innovation and entrepreneurship service platforms and College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Comprehensive Service Center, Entrepreneurship Training Area, and Project Incubation Area Innovation and entrepreneurship education system, focusing on training students’ innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities. A group of innovative entrepreneurs such as Liu Enlai, an entrepreneur who has an annual transaction value of more than 50 million yuan, has emerged. In 2017, the school was listed as a candidate unit of “Top 50 National Universities with Typical Experiences in Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.

Dezhou Vocational and Technical College has implemented the “big training strategy” and “scientific research service strategy” and implemented the “three dockings” to serve the construction of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development demonstration zone. It has successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with the people’s governments of 13 counties (cities, districts) in Dezhou City, and has conducted technical skills training for various industries in the city. It has trained more than 100,000 people and more than 40,000 vocational skills appraisals, generating more than 30 million yuan in revenue. The education system has made positive contributions and is at the forefront of higher vocational colleges in the province. The school and the company jointly established 185 scientific research projects, including 3 national-level projects; 361 awards, including 13 first-class national awards; 279 technical consulting services for enterprises; 189 national patents; and the establishment of “rapid manufacturing technology” “Service Center” and other 10 scientific research service agencies and 37 technical service teams, completed 291 technical services, and made due contributions to the construction of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development Demonstration Zone.

Dezhou Vocational and Technical College has implemented the “characteristic school culture construction project” in depth, and has made every effort to build the brand of Deneng culture. In the province’s higher vocational colleges, it was the first to pass the approval of the Provincial Education Department’s college charter, condense the “one training and three winds”, introduce the school CIS, and build the “Chinese Deneng Ding” and “Texas Top Ten Celebrities Relief Landscape Promenade” and opened ” “Deneng Lecture Hall”, promoting excellent regional culture, industry culture, and corporate culture to enter the campus, creating an apartment education culture, building a clean government culture, and launching the creation of a “national civilized unit”. “Deneng first, Deneng concurrently, Dengen go forward” as the core content of the Deneng cultural brand. Bring into play the “second classroom” education function and vigorously carry out campus cultural and sports activities. More than 130 associations of various types have been built, and the “Top Ten Campus of Science, Technology, Culture and Arts Festival” selection has created brands in universities in the province. The implementation of Internet ideology and politics, the school website was rated as “2015 Shandong University Excellent Official Website” by, and the school’s QQ campus number won the 2016 National Smart Campus Third Most Influential. The school has been rated as “Provincial Civilized Unit” for eight consecutive years; in 2013, the school was identified by the Provincial Party Committee and College Work Committee as “Shandong Provincial College Clean Government Culture Demonstration Site” and is the only vocational college in the province to receive this award.

Dezhou Vocational and Technical College conducts extensive international cooperation and exchanges. More than 60 people have been sent to the United States, Canada, Germany, Taiwan and other countries or regions for study visits. More than 20 vocational education experts from Australia, Germany and other countries have been invited to lecture and train at the school. They have also collaborated with Niihama Polytechnic College in Japan and Fresne in France. 5 schools including Vocational High School, Columbia College in Washington, USA and other schools are cooperating. In 2016, the school was appraised as “Shandong Province Cross-Strait Exchange Demonstration Site” by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Province.


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