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Dongying Vocational Institute (东营职业学院, website) was established in July 2001. It is a full-time general college approved by the People’s Government of Shandong Province and organized by the People’s Government of Dongying City. The school is a national backbone higher vocational college, a demonstrative higher vocational college in Shandong Province, a high-quality vocational college construction project in Shandong Province, a project construction unit, a high-level vocational school with Chinese characteristics, and a professional construction plan construction unit. It has successively been awarded the National Excellent Unit for Vocational Core Competence Training, the National Advanced Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Higher Vocational Education, the National Typical Experience in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the National Top 50 Vocational College Service Contribution, the National Top 50 Vocational College Teaching Resources, and the National Vocational National honorary titles such as the host unit of the educational specialty teaching resource library selection library project and the advanced collective of the Shandong education system, advanced units of teaching management in colleges and universities, provincial civilized units, provincial civilized campuses, outstanding universities for moral education, and demonstration of governing schools by law Provincial honorary titles such as advanced universities for colleges and universities, student advanced universities, model colleges for entrepreneurship education for graduates, outstanding colleges for graduate employment, excellent colleges for training craftsmanship, and safe campuses.

Dongying is the center city of the highly efficient eco-economic zone of the Yellow River Delta, the leading city of the blue economic zone of Shandong Peninsula, an important node city in the Bohai Rim region, and a coordinated development city of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. The hub of the Jiaodong Peninsula Economic Zone. Dongying City is determined to become an important demonstration zone for high-efficiency eco-economics, a leading area for sustainable development of resource-based cities, and a regional central city during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period.

Dongying is a “China Petroleum Equipment City”, a national petrochemical industry base and a national petroleum equipment manufacturing base. The four major industrial clusters of petrochemical and salt chemicals, rubber tires and auto parts, non-ferrous metals, and petroleum equipment have prominent advantages. Information technology, Modern services, culture and education and other industries have developed rapidly. The petroleum refining capacity is 69 million tons, the geochemical refining capacity is the first in the country, and the top ten Chinese geochemical refining companies account for 6 of the Middle East camps. There are more than 500 petroleum equipment enterprises, and the total output value of petroleum equipment manufacturing accounts for 1/3 of the country. Is the world’s largest tire production and export base, the products are exported to more than 180 countries and regions. Dongying City determined the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, fostered new momentum for development, promoted economic transformation and upgrading, and built a modern industrial system with advanced manufacturing as the pillar, strategic emerging industries as the lead, and modern service industry as the lead. , To build a national leading and world influential advanced manufacturing base and regional service center.

Among the full-time teachers of Dongying Vocational Institute, 78% hold master’s degree or above, and 88% have “double-teacher” quality teachers. Built a resource library of 850 part-time teachers. There are 1 national-level teaching team, 10 provincial-level teaching teams, and 1 Huang Danian-style teaching team. 37 people were awarded the title of National Model Teacher, National Advanced Individual in Vocational Education, Qilu Most Beautiful Teacher, Provincial Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions.

Dongying Vocational Institute has built a total training area of more than 110,000 square meters and 167 training rooms. There are 464 off-campus internship training bases. Established the “Dongying Public Training Base for High-skilled Talents” and modern manufacturing and processing, petroleum engineering technology and other training centers. The petrochemical training base became the “National Model Training Base”; the school became the “Shandong Province Internet of Things Talent Training Demonstration Base”.

Dongying Vocational Institute has 8 national key construction majors, 2 provincial-level demonstration majors, 8 provincial specialty majors, 3 provincial brand specialty groups, and 3 + 2 specialty through-professionals. Construction of two national quality courses, two national quality resource sharing courses, 44 provincial quality courses, and 20 provincial quality resource sharing courses. The school was selected as the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot colleges by the Ministry of Education, and the petrochemical technology specialty became the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot programs in Shandong Province. He won one second prize of national teaching achievement. Won 15 provincial teaching achievement awards, including 1 special award.

The Dongying Vocational Institute has brought in experts from abroad (educational), educational resources, and international students, and sent out schooling models, students, and employment. It has signed cooperation agreements with 22 universities and educational institutions in the United States, Australia, South Korea, Singapore and other countries and Taiwan, and actively carries out project cooperation. In recent years, a number of key teachers have been sent to the United States, Germany, Singapore and other developed countries and Taiwan for professional training and public training. Exploring the mutual recognition of credits, using the principal’s scholarship to send 102 students to Taiwan Liming University of Technology and Longhua University of Science and Technology for a semester of professional exchange and study, sending 45 students to South Korea for cultural visits, forming a normal exchange mechanism. Obtained the qualification to recruit foreign students in China, recruited 80 foreign students, and accepted 40 Korean language students from South Korea to practice in schools. For five consecutive years, we hosted the “Cross-Strait Youth Affection to the Yellow River Mouth” event and received 106 students from Taiwan to visit and exchange in schools. This event was named “Shandong Provincial Excellent Taiwan Exchange Program”.

Dongying Vocational Institute was commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Technology to carry out 11 scientific and technological cooperation projects with the Czech Republic, Macedonia and other countries. Relying on advantageous industries such as petrochemicals and ecological agriculture, 9 research institutes including the Petrochemical Application Research Institute and the Dongying Ecological Agricultural Research Institute have been established. In recent years, 72 horizontal research projects have been carried out, and 462 scientific research projects above the municipal level have been undertaken. 367 items and 495 scientific research awards above municipal level. Adult academic education enrolls and trains more than 11,200 people, and it is the first in the province to launch a new type of professional farmer college diploma education, enrolling and training more than 4,500 people, which has become a major highlight of the Yellow River Delta’s construction of an efficient ecological economic zone.

Dongying Vocational Institute won the first prize in the finals of the National University Students ‘”Creative Cup” Entrepreneurship Comprehensive Simulation Contest, the first prize in the “Invention Cup” college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship contest, and the “Challenge Cup-Rainbow Life” Shandong Vocational School First prize for outstanding work in innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Cultivate 2 “Top Ten Entrepreneurship Stars of College Students in Shandong Province” and more than 400 undergraduate entrepreneurial teams, and more than 10 influential university students in the province have successfully established their entrepreneurial models. Among them, “Li Xiaoxiao Entrepreneurship Case” was selected into the 2016 China Higher Vocational Education Annual Education Quality Report. Established Dongying Innovation and Entrepreneurship University, the first local entrepreneurial university linked to universities in the province. Participated in the launch of the National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance of Higher Vocational Colleges and became a standing director unit. It is a “Shandong University Student Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration College”, “Shandong Province’s First Youth Entrepreneurship Incubation Demonstration Base”, and “Shandong Provincial University Student Entrepreneurship Incubation Demonstration Base” “Shandong Provincial Cultural Industry ‘Golden Seeds’” Pilot Incubator Project Construction Unit “” Shandong Province Typical Experience and Innovation University “and” National Typical Experience and Innovation University “. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform Project won the second prize of national vocational education teaching achievement and the provincial vocational education teaching achievement special prize.


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