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Fu Zhou Vocation Technical College (抚州职业技术学院, website) was approved by the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government in June 2003 and filed by the Ministry of Education. On the basis of the former key secondary technical colleges in Fuzhou, Fuzhou Economic and Trade School and Fuzhou Agricultural School, Fu Zhou Vocation Technical College was incorporated into the teaching resources of Fuzhou Literature and Art School. The Fuzhou Municipal People’s Government approved the integration of Jiangxi Mechatronics School and Fuzhou Technological School into a public full-time general technical college that integrates science, technology, economy, trade, biology, and art, and focuses on training technical talent .

Fu Zhou Vocation Technical College is eligible for individual admissions. The college is located in Xindongcheng Education Park, Yingbin Avenue, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. It is 100 kilometers away from Nanchang, the capital of the province. It is connected to the Zhegan Railway in the north, the Yingxia Railway in the east, and the Xiangya Railway in the west.

Fu Zhou Vocation Technical College covers an area of 938.86 acres and a building area of 260,000 m. It currently has 480 faculty members, including 372 full-time teachers, 19 full-time teachers with the title of Zhongzheng Professor, 94 associate professor titles, and 172 dual-teacher teachers. There are more than 9,300 students.

Fu Zhou Vocation Technical College has 7 teaching units, including the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Branch, the Art Branch, the Economic Management Branch, the Tourism Branch, the Information Engineering Branch, the Business Branch, and the Automotive Engineering Branch. Waiting for 3 teaching and auxiliary institutions, it also has 5 party and mass organizations such as the office, the organization personnel department, the propaganda and united front department, and 11 administrative institutions such as the educational affairs office and recruitment office. 30 majors including CNC technology, industrial robots, 3D printing, automobile inspection and maintenance technology, computer application technology, accounting, tour guides, flight attendant classes, music performances, advertising design and production, customer service management, and e-commerce.

Fu Zhou Vocation Technical College has a total of 41 professional teaching training and experimental places, including speech rooms, academic report centers, recital halls, numerical control, mechatronics, automotive inspection and maintenance, accounting, music performance, and more than 40 computer centers. Each teaching room is equipped with more than 1,500 computers, and has a relatively complete campus network and one of the province’s first-class e-commerce training centers. More than 200 classrooms have realized multimedia teaching. .

In 2017, with the care and strong support of the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the college implemented a series of “196 million project” infrastructure projects. This project has been included in Fuzhou’s 2017 key construction projects, mainly including the third teaching building, comprehensive Training Building A, Student Apartments Nos. 9 and 10, Indoor Comprehensive Gymnasium, Greening of the South Square, South Gate Construction, and Smart Campus Construction, among which are the Third Teaching Building, Comprehensive Training Building A, and Student Apartments Ten projects have been fully completed and put into use, and the main body of greening in the South Square has been basically completed. The remaining projects will be successively constructed.

Fu Zhou Vocation Technical College adheres to the school-based philosophy of “based on high-tech zones and serves Fuzhou”, strengthens cooperation with various industries in Fuzhou, and uses the whole hospital to serve the local economy of Fuzhou. The first is to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation. Implemented “order training”, launched orientation training classes such as Sunny, industrial robots, and Jiangling, and delivered a large number of technical talents for the high-tech zone; signed the “Fuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee and Fuzhou Vocational and Technical College Strategic Cooperation Agreement” And “Political and School Co-construction of 3D Printing Technology (Zengcai Manufacturing) Specialized Training Platform and Talent Interactive Exchange Platform Project Agreement”, “Fuzhou National High-tech Zone High-skilled Talent Training Base” has been officially listed in the college; several ” The “Political, School and Enterprise” docking symposium jointly built a talent exchange platform. The college sends nearly 600 students to the park for internships each year. The second is to innovate new forms of serving the local economy. Established a talent training base for local opera in Fuzhou, and assumed the heavy responsibility of cultivating and developing talents in local opera in Fuzhou. It opened opera classes to train inherited talents for local opera in Fuzhou. In 2017 and 2018, it enrolled nearly 60 five-year operas. Performing talents in the class; Strengthening full cooperation with Lichuan Oil Painting Industry Base, delivering nearly 30 specialized talents to the Lichuan Oil Painting Industry Base each year; cooperating with the Fuzhou Tourism Bureau, setting up tour guide classes, and cultivating nearly 40 specialized talents for the tourism cause of Fuzhou each year.

In addition to meeting local talent needs, Fu Zhou Vocation Technical College has established internships and employment bases in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, and Zhejiang. The college implements a school-enterprise alliance, order training, two-way selection, independent job selection, independent entrepreneurship talent cultivation, and employment mechanisms. Each year, it trains and transfers nearly 1,500 senior technology application talents for the society, and the employment rate of graduates exceeds 98%.


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