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Introduction to Fujian Polytechnic of Information Technology

Fujian Polytechnic of Information Technology (福建生物工程职业技术学院, website) is the first batch of “National Demonstration Higher Vocational College Construction Plan” backbone vocational colleges, 200 high-quality specialized higher vocational colleges across the country, Fujian Province model modern vocational college construction project key construction colleges, The “Double High Plan” high-level professional group construction unit (Class A) is a full-time general vocational college featuring engineering technology, business travel, cultural innovation, and information technology and cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan. It is organized by the people’s government and is supervised and managed by the Education Department of Fujian Province. The school adheres to the “heritage of excellence, openness and tolerance, the integration of knowledge and action, and collaborative innovation”, adhering to the spirit of “honour and strength” school motto, and strives to “benchmark advanced, catch up with advanced, become advanced”, and promote “big promotion, big leap, big Development “, and strive to build a vocational college that is” the first-class in talent training in the country, with outstanding social services and a model of cross-strait exchanges and cooperation. ” The school has a long history of running schools. It originated from the Fujian Government Business School and the Fuzhou YMCA College, which were founded in 1906. In February 2003, it was merged and upgraded by three national key technical secondary schools, such as Fujian Electronics Industry School, Fujian Engineering School, and Fujian Provincial Business School. Established with over 100 years of vocational education school history, it has trained more than 83,000 graduates, alumni all over the world, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Tang Zhongxuan and Zheng Zuoxin, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and honorary president Chen Lianghui and other well-known alumni .

Fujian Polytechnic of Information Technology is located in the historical and cultural city, the national civilized city, and the capital of Fujian Province, Fuzhou. It currently has an area of 1100 in Longyao Campus, Duyuan Campus in Pingtan District, and Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone and International Tourism Island. Mu Pingtan New Campus. There are 591 faculty members, including 451 full-time teachers, 162 full-time teachers with senior titles, 282 postgraduate degrees, and 243 external teachers. At present, there are 1 expert who enjoys special government allowances from the State Council, Fujian Province’s 10 million project leader; 1 national outstanding teacher, 1 Huang Yanpei “Outstanding Teacher Award”, 8 Fujian outstanding teachers (advanced workers), 7 provincial-level teaching teachers, 8 provincial-level teaching teams, 9 provincial-level professional leaders, 4 winners of the Fujian Provincial May Day Labor Medal, and 4 candidates for outstanding young scientific research personnel training programs in Fujian universities, and more than 100 candidates Number of person-times at all levels of directors, associations, societies.

Fujian Polytechnic of Information Technology currently has a total of 11,739 full-time students (including 36 foreign students) and 1,574 adult college students. The employment rate of the 2018 graduates reached 98.69%, and the average monthly income of the fresh graduates was 3,941 yuan; 513 students were admitted to the undergraduate degree, accounting for 19.61% of the total graduates; the proportion of fresh graduates starting their own businesses reached 4.4%. As of December 2019, our students have won more than 4,000 awards in various skill competitions at various levels. Among them, they have won 24 first prizes, 35 second prizes, and 49 third prizes; Twelve consecutive years won the first prize of the Fujian Provincial Higher Vocational College Skills Contest Group; in the “2018 National General College Discipline Competition Evaluation Results (Higher Vocational Education)”, ranked 5th in the country and 1st in Fujian Province . At the 13th, 14th, and 15th University Games in Fujian Province, they won the second, first, and first prizes in the group scores of higher vocational colleges, and at the 16th Provincial Universiade. Two, three second prizes, seven third prizes, individual individual champions, eight runners-up, and third runner-up.

Fujian Polytechnic of Information Technology implements the “Big Enterprise Driving Strategy” and establishes well-known international and domestic large and medium-sized enterprises such as General Electric (GE), China Unicom, Alibaba, Foxconn, Digital China, Yonghui Group, New World Group, 360, etc. With a long-term and stable cooperative relationship, the total number of industry-university-research cooperation companies has reached 423. The company has jointly conducted “order-class” personnel training with Apple, BOE, Foxconn, Yonghui Group, Xiamen Vike and other large-scale backbone enterprises, and has trained 2441 people. Schools and enterprises jointly build, improve and form a multi-level, extensive coverage of internal and external training bases. There are 28 internal training bases and 378 external training bases, of which there are 4 national training bases and 13 Provincial training base, 1 provincial vocational education public training base and 8 provincial skill competition bases. The average value of teaching and scientific research equipment for students is 13,864.54 yuan per student.

Fujian Polytechnic of Information Technology now has Computer Engineering Department, Mechanical Engineering Department, Automation Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Department, Architectural Engineering Department, Department of Business Management (Innovation and Entrepreneurship School), Straits Tourism College, Digital Creativity College, and Marxism College. Teaching units and other teaching units, 37 enrollment majors. Among them, there are 5 major national key vocational college project construction and central finance support majors, 3 Ministry of Education vocational education cooperation projects and 3 national demonstration majors, 14 provincial key construction and demonstration (excellent) majors, and provincial “dual system” “Innovation and entrepreneurship education, modern apprenticeship system, middle and high vocational convergence, service industry characteristic specialty group, industry-education integration demonstration and other reform pilot project majors (groups) 25, school-level key (characteristic) majors. There are 1 National Excellent Course and National Excellent Resource Sharing Course, 2 National Vocational Education Professional Teaching Resource Banks, 22 Provincial Excellent Courses, 16 Excellent Online Open Courses, 3 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses, and also won the National Teaching Ability Competition (Informatization teaching competition) 2 first prizes, 1 second prize, 6 third prizes, and 11 provincial teaching achievement prizes.

Fujian Polytechnic of Information Technology adheres to the innovation and development of modern vocational education, and has taken the lead in establishing the Fujian Information Industry Education Group, the Fujian Information Vocational and Technical College Cooperative Schooling Council, the Fujian Higher Vocational Education Reform and Development Research Center, etc .; Jointly build the “Fujian Information New Continent College” and explore the “hybrid system” of running schools; jointly build the “Datang Lifelong College of Education” with Shanghai Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. to explore a cooperative schooling mode for purchasing services; and purchase operation management with Apple ( Shanghai) Co., Ltd. cooperated to set up a special class for the A + Hawk plan, and directed the training of composite outstanding talents who have the professional skills and innovative spirit to adapt to the new generation of information technology industry; together with the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Management Committee and the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R & D And the industry alliance to jointly build the “third-generation semiconductor talent industry education development center”; with the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Management Committee, Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College to build a cross-strait digital creative open laboratory; lead the establishment of the Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone Vocational Institute School alliances Vocational secondary schools are fully managed; and Ocean University of Science and Technology, Taipei joint construction “Travel Channel Academy”; Min Ning Taiwan counterparts to carry out cooperation helping to build a vocational college Vocational College of Industry and Ningxia, and so on.

Fujian Polytechnic of Information Technology has continuously improved its social service capabilities, and has carried out a large number of educational technology exchanges, academic research exchanges, personnel training, academic qualification enhancements, technical services and skill appraisal work. In 2018, the school carried out social training of 17,890 person-times, 27,252 person-days; vocational skills appraisal of 23,483 person-times; vocational qualification certification examinations of 16,059 person-times; co-construction of 2 provincial-level collaborative innovation centers and 5 school-level collaborative innovation centers with industry companies; There are 36 research topics, with a registered capital of 3.729 million yuan, and economic benefits from technical services of 11.12 million yuan; 45 vertical projects at all levels were declared, with a registered capital of 2.258 million yuan and school matching funds of 500,000 yuan. In recent years, there have been 291 city-level or higher-level scientific research projects approved, 71 projects participating in “6.18”, and 89 authorized patent achievements. As of November 2019, faculty members have publicly published 2024 academic papers (data from China HowNet).

Fujian Polytechnic of Information Technology is committed to creating a vocational education exchange and cooperation school on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. It has carried out in-depth exchanges and cooperation with vocational education in universities and enterprises in Taiwan, focusing on project advancement, two-way communication and integrated development, and has achieved fruitful results. Since 2007, hosted the first forum for cross-strait vocational college principals, the fourth forum for cross-strait applied technology university presidents, and other forums; assisted in the establishment and maintenance of the provincial “cross-strait vocational education exchange and cooperation center”; and 20 Taiwan Technical and vocational colleges have established a “sister school” relationship; since 2018, 14 full-time or part-time teachers in Taiwan have been hired; with the help of Taiwan Normal University, the introduction of two exam certification center projects of the Global Learning and Evaluation Development Center (GLAD) has been completed. 58 teachers have passed the dual-teacher professional English teaching training, and 407 students have passed the PVQC certification exam, and the passing rate has reached 88.9%. As the first vocational college in the province to go to Taiwan to exchange and study in batches, a total of 495 teachers and students went to Taiwan to exchange and study, 130 of them in the last two years; held 6 Taiwan “sister schools” teacher and student study tour activities Among them, the sixth session was extended to the Taiwanese study tour in Minning. In the past two years, there have been more than 300 exchanges in Taiwan, including more than 140 young students coming to the mainland for the first time.

Fujian Polytechnic of Information Technology persists in opening education to the outside world, continuously broadens the scope of international cooperation in running schools, and introduces the LCCI International Vocational Certification Courses and Examination Projects of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations. More than 200 teachers and students have obtained LCCI international certifications. Association, Singapore Nanyang Technological Institute International jointly held vocational education and training programs; carried out inter-school cooperation and exchanges with California State University Beiling Campus; signed a joint development of tourism talents with Malta National Tourism Institute and Pingtan International Tourism Island industrial technical services; and South Korea ’s Jeonnam University of Science, South Korea ’s University, and Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone jointly established the E-sports Academy and the E-sports Research Institute to establish e-sports clubs and related disciplines to train high-quality e-sports talents. The College and Chiang Rai Vocational College jointly established the China-Thailand International College and our school’s overseas branch and Thailand-China International College, and recruited two Thai students and one short-term graduate student, becoming the first vocational college in the province to establish an overseas branch school. And so on. The good results.


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