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Fushun Vocational Technical Institute (抚顺职业技术学院, website) is a full-time public general institution of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Education; Liaoning Province Higher Vocational Education Reform and Development Demonstration School; Central Financial Supported Vocational Education Training Base determined by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance; China Petroleum and Chemical Industry National demonstration training base for vocational education and training in the petroleum and chemical industry established by the Industry Association.

Fushun Vocational Technical Institute relies on Fushun Petrochemical New City (National Fine Chemical Industry Base) and Shenfu New District (National Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Base) to form industrial clusters such as new petrochemical materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, environmental protection equipment, biotechnology and modern service industries It has vigorously carried out higher vocational education with industrial clusters such as petrochemical power equipment, industrial robots, the Internet of Things, and auto parts, and carried out in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with more than 40 large-scale enterprises in product research and development, project cooperation, personnel training, and scientific research.

Fushun Vocational Technical Institute has a total of 14 teaching departments and 43 enrollment majors. The main subjects are petrochemicals, construction engineering, mechanical equipment manufacturing, preschool education, elementary school teacher education, and modern service industries, covering chemical engineering, construction, teacher education, and materials. And energy, manufacturing, electronic information, economic management, art, Internet of Things and other categories. There are 7 provincial teaching teams; 2 national professional construction leaders and 5 provincial professional construction leaders; 2 national outstanding teachers, 3 provincial teaching teachers, and provincial talent training model reform and innovation experimental area 1 , 3 provincial professional demonstration clusters of docking industry clusters, 8 provincial vocational education innovation training bases, 3 central financial support vocational education training bases, 2 central government-provided professional service industry development capacity projects, and national and provincial boutiques 13 courses. The college has a team of doctors and masters as the backbone, and dual-teacher teachers as the main body. Hire a Qing history expert Yan Chongnian and other well-known domestic scholars as visiting professors, hire a group of workers and technical stars represented by “National Machinery Seal King” Zhao Linyuan as student skills mentors, and set up a professional steering committee with enterprise senior managers and technical experts as the main body A “government-led, industry-led, and college-promoted” school-enterprise cooperation platform has been established, and enterprises participate in college teaching and management throughout the process. Based on the teaching reform based on work process, various teaching modes such as “alternating work”, “order training” and “training with competition” are adopted to highlight vocational skills training. The theoretical teaching and practical teaching results are remarkable. , National Mathematical Modeling Contest, National College Students’ English Contest, Liaoning Auto Skills Contest, Liaoning NC Skills, Mitsubishi Electric Cup Contest, etc., all achieved excellent results.

Fushun Vocational Technical Institute cooperates with Pohang University in Korea, Hanlin Sacred Heart University, Silla University in Korea, Kyungsung University in Korea, and Japan-China Friendship Association in Japan. Many universities have established friendly and cooperative relations and exchanged international students.

The employment rate of students is stable above 95%. The college has signed employment agreements with more than 100 large-scale enterprises in Fushun Petrochemical New City and Shen Fu New City. Graduates have worked in China Shenhua, PetroChina, CNOOC, Sinopec, China Metallurgical Group, Dalian Intel Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric, Sany Heavy Industry, Beiqi Foton, Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing BOE, Qingdao Haier, Guangzhou Yabao Education Group, Yiwu Northeast Chamber of Commerce, Dalian Aierfang Kindergarten, Shenyang Liuyi Kindergarten, and many other high-quality enterprises are employed.

Fushun Vocational Technical Institute has been awarded by Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government for several years, Liaoning Province Civilized School, Liaoning Province Vocational Education Advanced Unit, Liaoning Province Employment Work Innovation Unit, Liaoning Province Employment Work Advanced Group, Liaoning Province Scientific Research Advanced Unit, Liaoning Province Safe Campus And the honorary title of advanced collective of ideological work in colleges and universities in Liaoning Province.


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