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Fuzhou Software Technology Vocational College (福州软件职业技术学院, website) is a private higher vocational college founded and approved by the People’s Government of Fujian Province. In 2012, NetDragon Network Co., Ltd. officially entered the main academy. NetDragon.com is a major player in the online and mobile Internet education industry and an important force in promoting the development and innovation of education. Its business covers preschool education, basic education, higher education, vocational education, corporate training, non-academic and lifelong education, etc., and is committed to creating a global lifelong learning community.

Fuzhou Software Technology Vocational College adheres to the “digital-based” and “design-oriented” school-running philosophy, advocates the integration of art and technology, adheres to the school motto of “honesty, dedication, and strong learning,” and establishes “based in Fuzhou, facing Fujian, and radiating Nationwide, serving the digital industry “school positioning, with” School-enterprise integrated school running “as the development concept and path, focusing on the construction of Fuzhou’s” digital economy “and” digital Fujian “, training the” Internet + ” Design and operate first-line high-quality technical and skilled personnel.

Fuzhou Software Technology Vocational College currently has 3,300 vocational students, and currently has 220 full-time and part-time teachers, of which 128 are full-time teachers, 29 are teachers with associate titles or higher, 83 are “double-teacher” quality teachers, and 92 are part-time teachers There are 40 professional experiment (training) rooms in the school, 106 off-campus practice training bases, a total value of 20.9465 million yuan in teaching equipment, and more than 229,900 books in the library. (Data as of September 2019)

Fuzhou Software Technology Vocational College has 4 departments and 1 industrial college including software engineering department, artificial intelligence department, construction engineering department, economic management department, and game industry college. Professional planning and construction docking with Fuzhou’s economic and industrial development, forming a professional system that is connected to the leading industries in Fuzhou New District and the Maritime Silk Road core area, free trade zone construction needs, a new generation of information industry, and modern service industry. The main categories are electronic information, cultural creativity, civil engineering (BIM), and finance and commerce. The construction is based on software technology, game design, virtual reality applications and technologies, smart terminal technologies and applications, and construction. Engineering management (BIM direction), logistics financial management as the core of the six major professional groups, has initially formed a full-time higher vocational education, five-year vocational education (medium-high school docking), “dual system” talent training vocational education and many more The vocational education system of this type of talent training model cultivates high-quality technical and technical talents for the construction of Fuzhou’s “digital economy” and “digital Fujian”.

After several years of construction, Fuzhou Software Technology Vocational College now has one national backbone specialty, one national (provincial) vocational education teacher training base (virtual reality technology VR), and one national productive training base. 1 provincial public training base, 1 provincial VR technology professional group training base, 1 Fujian university student social practice base, 1 provincial vocational teaching achievement second prize, 1 provincial service industry VR technology professional group 1 1, Provincial Provincial Demonstration of Integrated Production and Education (Digital Display Technology), 4 Provincial Modern Apprenticeship Pilot Programs, 2 Provincial Innovation Pioneering Education Reform Pilot Programs, and Provincial Excellent Resource Sharing Course Education integration) 3 courses, 9 provincial-level first batch of continuing education online courses; the college is the secretary-general unit of the provincial VR / AR vocational education industry steering committee, and is responsible for the development of high-vocational convergence talent training programs in virtual reality technology; the college and NetDragon Networks and others jointly developed “Innovative Design Methodology”, “Software Testing Technology”, “Game Testing Technology”, “VR Virtual Reality Technology Model Design And Production “(Basic) (Advanced),” Introduction to Virtual Reality “and more than 30 textbooks.

The college has been awarded “Safe Campus”, “Civilized Campus”, “Fuzhou Advanced Grassroots Party Organization”, “Fuzhou Education System Advanced Grassroots Party Organization”, “Fujian May Fourth Red Banner Youth League Committee”, and “Fuzhou City Creates a National Civilized City” “Advanced Work Unit”, “Fuzhou Top Ten” Two New “Youth League Organizations,” Fujian Software Application Talents Key Training Base “and other honorary titles, and was selected as” Top Ten Private Colleges and Universities of Haixi Education “by Tencent Damin Network. “Top Ten Most Famous Private Universities”.


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