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Guangdong Industry Polytechnic (广东轻工职业技术学院, website), founded in 1933, is the only national model higher vocational college in the province and a “double high” vocational college construction unit in the country. Formerly known as the “Guangdong Provincial First Vocational School”, it has a history of 86 years of vocational education. Among them, the period of 1959-1963 and 1978-1983, the school started undergraduate education, and currently has more than 21,000 full-time students. The school adhering to the school motto of “combining virtue with ability and learning from success” and the spirit of “self-improvement, dedication, pragmatism, and innovation”, transport tens of thousands of high-quality and highly-skilled application-oriented talents for the Pearl River Delta region and the country.

Guangdong Industry Technical College currently has two campuses in Guangzhou and Nanhai. The Guangzhou campus is positioned as a “big liberal arts campus”, with liberal arts and art majors facing Guangzhou’s modern service industry. The Nanhai campus becomes a “big engineering campus” with engineering majors facing the high-end of the Pearl River West Bank. Manufacturing industry, the total campus area of more than 1,700 acres, the school building construction area of more than 430,000 square meters, of which teaching and research and practical training room nearly 200,000 square meters, library more than 30,000 square meters, student apartment nearly 160,000 square meters. The total value of fixed assets is 1.55 billion yuan, and the total value of teaching instruments and equipment is more than 200 million yuan. The school library has nearly 1.6 million books and more than 2 million electronic books. There are more than 20,000 network information points, more than 10,000 hours of audio and video electronic resources, and the school campus wireless network is fully covered. There are nearly 350 practice teaching bases on campus and more than 900 off-campus practice bases.

Guangdong Industry Polytechnic is the only higher vocational college in Guangdong Province with 7 provincial engineering technology development centers, and is one of two higher vocational colleges that has both a provincial collaborative development center and a collaborative education platform. Approved pilot units of education informatization, pilot units of the modern apprenticeship system of the Ministry of Education, vice president unit of the Vocational College Professional Committee of the National Institute of Ideological and Political Studies (Chairman of Guangdong Province), national cross-border e-commerce professional talent training model school, national Advanced unit for mass sports, National “One School, One Product” Demonstration Unit, National Outstanding Unit for Social Practice, Guangdong Province Demonstration School Unit by Law, Guangdong Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration School Unit, Guangdong Safety and Civilization Campus Demonstration School Unit, Guangdong Provincial Demonstration Vocational Education Group, Guangdong Provincial Group-run School, National Defense Education Special School.

The college currently has more than 1,200 faculty members, including more than 400 teachers with senior professional titles (9 second-level professors), 9 Zhujiang scholars, and more than 700 teachers with “double teacher” qualifications; 2 experts from the State Council special allowances, and 2 national model teachers. 2 national-level teaching teachers, 2 national-level teaching teams, 1 national “10,000-person plan” teaching master, 2 national technical experts, 1 national youth post expert, 2 national college ideological and political theory teacher influencers , 1 national advanced worker in the light industry, 1 China light industry vocational education teacher, 1 national counselor of the year, 2 Guangdong Province “Thousands and Ten Projects” national training target 2 people, 11 South Guangdong outstanding teachers There are 4 outstanding educators in Nanyue, and nearly 70 famous teachers and experts including Guangdong Special Education Program Teachers, Guangdong Province Teaching Teachers, and Professional Leading Talents.

Guangdong Industry Technical College has the School of Mechanical and Electrical Technology, the School of Food and Biotechnology, the School of Light Chemical Technology, the School of Information Technology, the School of Automotive Technology, the School of Eco-Environmental Technology, the School of Art and Design, the School of Finance and Trade, the School of Management, the School of Applied Foreign Languages, and the School of Entrepreneurship , Marxism College and College of Continuing Education, three collaborative teaching centers (industrial robot collaborative teaching center, modern information technology and new engineering collaborative teaching center, applied foreign language collaborative teaching center), set up 20 professional groups, 69 admissions specialty. In November 2016, the school established the School of Entrepreneurship to conduct general education in innovation and entrepreneurship for all students, and tailor-made innovation and entrepreneurship for elite students.

Guangdong Industry Polytechnic has established 4 national demonstrative majors, 2 central finance “supporting higher vocational schools to enhance professional service industry development capabilities” project funding support majors, 3 provincial demonstrative majors, and provincial key (construction) majors 13 13 provincial professional brand construction projects, 1 national teaching resource bank, 10 national excellent courses, 9 national excellent resource sharing courses, 1 national college career development and employment guidance demonstration course, There are 22 high-quality courses, 21 high-quality courses at the provincial level, 2 high-quality courses at the provincial level, 4 5 high-quality open courses at the provincial level, 3 of which have been accepted and 2 provincial-level professional resource libraries are under construction.

Guangdong Industry Polytechnic is a pilot unit of the modern apprenticeship system of the Ministry of Education. It has established 3 national-level modern apprenticeship pilot projects and 9 provincial-level modern apprenticeship pilot projects. The school actively builds an “overpass” for vocational education, comprehensively implements the “longitudinal extension, horizontal expansion” collaborative education model, and launches “3 + 2” middle-high school connection, “2 + 2” and “4 + 0″ high-level education, ” There are many forms of collaborative training such as 3 + 2 “high-level convergence, engineering master’s degree training, etc. Among them, there are a total of 13 undergraduate majors, which set up the” medium-high-level-master-level “modern vocational education system framework.
For many years in succession, the number of admissions and the scores of admissions have been among the best in the same colleges and universities in the province. Graduates are welcomed by employers. The satisfaction and salary levels of their alma mater are higher than the average level of national demonstration schools, the initial employment rate is higher than 98%, and the employers’ satisfaction is more than 99%.

Guangdong Industry Polytechnic builds and continuously improves the long-term mechanism for the cooperation between government, school, industry, and enterprises to promote the integration of production and education. Focusing on the construction of high-level professional groups, it has created a “one group, one hospital, one alliance”, and established the Guangdong Light Industry Vocational Education Group and the light industry industry Technology Collaborative Innovation Development Center, Nanhai Vocational Education Politics School-enterprise Collaborative Innovation Alliance, Guangdong Industrial Internet Industry Education Alliance, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Digital Creative Industry Education Alliance, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Cross-Border E-Commerce Industry Education Alliance, Guangdong Hotel Vocational Education Alliance, National Industry-University-Research Innovation, Technology R & D and Transformation Platforms such as Precision Nutrition Food and Fruit and Vegetable Processing Production and Education Alliance, National Intellectual Property Training Base for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and Huawei and other Fortune 500 companies in the world established Huawei ICT Academy, Hanlan Environmental Academy, Baidu There are 10 industrial colleges including Swan College, Renault Watch Institute, Xu Hongfei International Cultural and Creative College, etc., to achieve precise docking between schools and enterprises, deep integration of production and education, and precise education.

In the past five years, Guangdong Industry Polytechnic has won 4 national science and technology projects and 36 provincial science and technology projects; 13 national and provincial science and technology awards; and more than 200 scientific and technological projects for enterprises. It has applied for nearly 430 patents and authorized nearly 300. The number of patent applications has ranked among the top ten universities (including undergraduates) in Guangzhou for many years.

Guangdong Industry Technical College actively and extensively conducts external exchanges and cooperation, and has established cooperative relations with many institutions of higher learning abroad (foreign), and has introduced intelligence and quality education resources, talent training, cooperative schooling, and Chinese language training. Substantive cooperation. A total of more than 400 foreign students from more than 30 countries have been recruited. In 2017, the school took the lead in setting up a “Belt and Road” vocational education alliance in Guangdong province, exporting the vocational education model of Guangqing, serving the countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, and presenting a new climate for international school running.

Guangdong Industry Technical College relies on “National Intellectual Property Training (Nanhai) Base for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, “Guangdong Light Industry Training Center”, “Provincial Base for High-quality Professional Teachers”, “Continuing Education Base for Professional and Technical Personnel in Guangdong Province”, “Vocational Skill Appraisal in Guangdong Province” And other national and provincial platforms, and set up more than 30 specialized and professional training institutions, and actively carry out various types of training services at all levels for society, communities and industries, and the annual training volume exceeds 150,000 days; and Undergraduate colleges cooperate with online distance education and self-study exams, and set up 12 extra-curricular college continuing education teaching sites in Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhuhai, Shaoguan and other places. The school has more than 4,000 people with continuing education of various types.

During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, the school will follow the “three big and one strong” college governance concept, focusing on the “innovative and strong school project” and the construction of first-class vocational colleges, and strive to build the school into a “national first-class, internationally renowned” country with high quality Vocational colleges have become the standards and models for governance in higher vocational colleges, and have become a model for the cultivation of high-quality technical and skilled personnel.


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