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Introduction to Guangdong Nanhua Vocational College of Industry and Commerce

Guangdong Nanhua Vocational College of Industry and Commerce (广东南华工商职业学院, website) is the first privately run college in Guangdong. The college currently has three campuses: Shatai Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Changzhou Island, Huangpu District, and Qingyuan Qingcheng Vocational Education Base. The campus covers an area of 1099 mu, with a planned building area of 500,000 square meters. The school’s total assets are 1.017 billion yuan. The library has a total of 925,700 documents (including 638,800 paper documents (including books, newspapers and periodicals), more than 241,100 e-books, and 19,800 optical discs. It has ordered 393 kinds of current journals and 82 newspapers. The Tianhe Campus is located at the foothills of the beautiful Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou, and is conveniently located on Shatai South Road, Tianpingjia, Guangzhou. The Huangpu Campus is located in the Changzhou Cultural Tourism Scenic Area in Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, and is connected to the First Bridge of Guangzhou University Town. The Qingyuan New Campus is located in Qingyuan Educational and Cultural Park, an excellent tourist city in China known as the “Guangzhou Back Garden”. The campus covers an area of 995 acres. The campus is surrounded by mountains and water, and the air is fresh. The building is elegant, quaint and heavy; the living and entertainment supporting facilities are complete.

Guangdong Nanhua Vocational College of Industry and Commerce currently has 6 secondary colleges, a Marxist college, and a teaching department, with a total of 15 departments. The major structure is business, with engineering, covering economics, engineering, and law. , Management and other ten universities. It has 2 key majors of higher vocational education in Guangdong Province, 1 provincial diagnosis and reform project, 2 provincial quality resource sharing course construction projects, 2 provincial training base construction projects, 2 off-campus practice teaching base construction projects, Provincial teaching team initiated projects, 4 provincial modern apprenticeship pilot programs, multiple provincial teaching reform projects, and “financial management and practice”, “industrial and commercial enterprise management”, “building decoration engineering technology”, “business English”, and “computer network” Technology “,” Hotel Management “and other brand specialties. In 2018, the school set up the country’s first artisan college “Guangdong Artisan College” and established the “Labor Relations and Trade Union Theory Research Institute”.

Guangdong Nanhua Vocational College of Industry and Commerce now covers 17 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 95%, ranking the forefront among similar institutions in Guangdong Province. So far, the school has sent more than 40,000 professionals of various professional and high-tech skills to the country. Most of the graduates have become the backbone of various industries in Guangdong Province, especially in the Pearl River Delta region. He has made important contributions and enjoyed a good reputation both inside and outside the province. The school has a “Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions Freshman Scholarship”, which focuses on rewarding high-scoring candidates who are studying in Nanhua. In 2017, Nanhua admitted a total of 35 candidates who exceeded the score line of the Guangdong Provincial High School. A total of 71 students received prizes, and the total bonus reached 1 million yuan. In addition to the “New Student Scholarship” and the national awards and scholarships set by the state, the school also has a number of awards, such as the Provincial Federation of Trade Union Scholarships, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions Inspirational Scholarships, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions Scholarship, labor model children, disability and other special student tuition fees. Funding, the total annual grants are nearly 10 million yuan. Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Conghua Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Oriental Hotel Co., Ltd., Dongguan Burton Catering Services Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Taohua Lake Travel Group cooperated with our school to open school-enterprise cooperation orders. Professional training, providing internships for students enrolled in these majors.

Guangdong Nanhua Vocational College of Industry and Commerce combines the characteristics of vocational education and the law of talent training, and creatively proposes and implements the advanced education concept of “frontline positioning, liberal education” around students’ “professional development, all-round development and lifelong development”. Good education results. Students in the school have won the “Challenging Cup” provincial prize and the second prize of the National Vocational Skills Competition. The second class transcript system has been tested first. It has an important influence in the province. Arrange a special session for Guangdong Nanhua Vocational College of Business. As of 2017, the school has established more than 150 off-campus internship training bases with many well-known companies such as CITIC Securities, Yangcheng Evening News, China Resources Vanguard, Shangri-La, etc., and successively with the Baiyun International Conference Center, which is the Great Hall of the People in Guangdong Province. Ten well-known group companies have established cooperative school-running relations of order-style training, school campus enterpriseization, enterprise operation and teaching, and workshop classroomization. Two school-enterprise cooperation bases have been awarded the construction project of off-campus practice teaching bases for provincial vocational education college students, and two training bases have been awarded the construction project of provincial higher vocational education training bases.

Guangdong Nanhua Vocational College of Industry and Commerce actively promotes international cooperation in running schools. Since 2007, the college has cooperated with Korean universities such as Busan Foreign Studies University, Dongming University, Dongkuk University, and Silla University to implement a “2 + 2” book Model, as of 2017, the number of students sent to Korean universities has reached nearly 600, and it has become an important base for the training of Korean professionals in similar universities in Guangdong Province and study abroad in Korea. In 2014, the college formally signed a cooperation agreement with Boren University, Thailand, and opened the ASEAN International Trade Specialty, which is the first professional direction in Guangdong Province to establish a cooperative relationship with Thailand. In 2015, the College’s Business Japanese major began to operate in the 2 + 1 study abroad mode. Students can study in Japan for one year in part-time work. The school also signed friendly cooperation agreements with Lanyang Institute of Technology, Ming Chuan University, and Asian University in Taiwan to exchange students.


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