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Guangdong Pharmaceutical University (广东药科大学, website) is one of the three pharmaceutical universities in the country. The school has a long history of running schools, and its origins can be traced back to the Tuqiang Medical School (Tuqiang Midwifery School) founded by Wu Hanchi in 1902. Through the years, it has maintained the continuity of medical and health education and teaching. In 1958, the Guangdong Provincial School of Health Cadre Training was established. In 1978, it was upgraded to an ordinary undergraduate college and named Guangdong Medical College; in 1994, it was renamed Guangdong Medical College; in 2016, it was officially renamed “Guangdong Pharmaceutical University” after approval by the Ministry of Education. Since the establishment of the school, the school has adhered to the school motto of “Pharmacy, Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine, and Good Medicine”, and has promoted the school spirit of “Inspirational and Prosperous, Harmonious and New”. A unique institution of higher pharmaceutical sciences.

Guangdong Pharmaceutical University has five campuses in Guangzhou (University Town, Chigang, Baogang), Zhongshan and Yunfu, covering an area of nearly 5,300 acres. There are 19 colleges (departments) and 2 affiliated tertiary hospitals. There are 47 undergraduate majors, and it is one of the most complete universities in the field of pharmacy in China. Among them, 3 are pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparations, and preventive medicine. The 11 specialties are Chinese medicine, clinical medicine, information management and information system. Characteristic specialties; there are five master’s degree first-level disciplines authorized in pharmacy, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, public health and preventive medicine, basic medicine, and bioengineering, and six master’s degrees in pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine, clinical medicine, public health, nursing, biology, and medicine Professional degree authorization category. There are more than 22,000 full-time undergraduate, graduate and international students.

Guangdong Pharmaceutical University has prominent advantages in disciplines, and the advantages of the pharmacy discipline group with pharmacy, clinical medicine, and integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine as obvious leaders. The clinical medicine discipline has entered the top 1% of the global ESI ranking, and the pharmaceutical discipline has ranked 21st in the country and 2nd in the province in the new round of discipline evaluation. The subject of integrated Chinese and Western medicine ranked No. 3 (top 5%) in the country for the second consecutive year in the “Best Disciplinary Rankings in China” of Soft Science in 2018 and 2019. There are 7 provincial and ministerial key disciplines, including 1 Guangdong Panfeng Key Discipline, 3 Guangdong Provincial Key Disciplines, 1 Guangdong Provincial Key Cultivation Discipline, and 2 key disciplines of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Guangdong Pharmaceutical University proactively serves the major strategies of the country and Guangdong Province, and its research strength is increasingly strong. There are 47 national and provincial research platforms including the Ministry of Science and Technology “Guangzhou University City Health Industry Industry-University-Research Incubation Base”, “Guangdong Pharmaceutical University-Hong Kong University Zhongshan Biomedical Innovation Platform”, and complete chemical medicine, biological Medicine and traditional Chinese medicine “three major medicines” and integrated research and development innovation system. Among them, the research on the prevention and treatment of glucose and lipid metabolism diseases with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine is particularly prominent. A new multi-disciplinary integrated model for the prevention and control of glucose and lipid metabolism diseases has been established. The conference on the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine released a series of innovative Chinese medicines with independent intellectual property rights, such as “Fu Zhen Zhen Zhu Tiao Zhi Capsule”. A total of 262 national, PCT, European and American invention patents were authorized. In the past 5 years, the school has won 31 scientific and technological achievements above provincial and ministerial levels, including the second prize of national scientific and technological progress, the national award for innovation, the Heliang and Heli awards, and the national patent excellence award. A group of major national projects, including 2 key special projects of modernization research, 2 key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 1 outstanding youth fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China; participated in the research and development of 81 new drug products and technologies, and generated benefits of nearly 100 billion yuan. The scientific and technological achievements transformation of soft science ranks 50th in the country and 1st in pharmaceutical universities.

Guangdong Pharmaceutical University currently has 1,733 faculty members, of which 1410 are full-time teachers, 94.0% have masters and doctoral degrees, 45.0% have senior professional and technical positions, and there are more than 300 doctoral and master supervisors. Among them are dual-appointed academicians, national model teachers, special allowance experts of the State Council, members of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, Nanyue Baijie training engineering talents, Zhujiang scholars, famous Chinese medicine practitioners in Guangdong province, Guangdong Province “special support plan” series of talents, Guangdong province teaching 81 famous teachers and 5 provincial high-level research teams.

Guangdong Pharmaceutical University has established cooperation and exchange relationships with more than 50 universities and research institutions in more than 20 countries and regions on 5 continents, and has recruited various types of international students from more than 30 countries and regions including the United States and Russia. The school has become an important platform for academic and cultural exchanges in the field of pharmacy at home and abroad. In recent years, it has hosted the Fifth World Conference on Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Council of the Federation of Sino-Russian Medical Universities, the 23rd Sino-Japanese Health Symposium and China-Japan Cultural exchange activities, “Ho Liang Ho Lee” fund summit forum and photo exhibition activities, hosted the 5th Lingnan Metabolic Disease International Forum, Integrated Pharmacy Summit, etc., led the establishment of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Pharmaceutical Industry Collaborative Innovation Alliance, China Integrated Pharmacy Alliance, School Academic, The influence of the industry continues to increase.

Guangdong Pharmaceutical University strives to cultivate high-quality talents with innovative spirit. Since the establishment of the school, more than 130,000 graduates of high-quality medicine and related industries have been trained. Among more than 600 pharmaceutical companies in Guangdong Province, more than 1/3 of them have been founded or served as senior management by alumni. The school has outstanding characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship, and was rated as “Guangdong Province University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School”, Guangzhou University City Health Industry Industry-University-Research Incubation Base was rated as “Guangdong Province University Student Entrepreneurship-Driven Employment Demonstration Base” and “Guangdong Province Business Incubation Demonstration Base “.

The new era begins a new journey. At present, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University is aiming to build a domestic first-class, internationally renowned and distinctive high-level pharmaceutical university, adhere to the connotative development path, implement an innovation-driven development strategy, and build the school into a southern pharmaceutical education highland and regional medical innovation. Highland and Guangdong Great Health Industry serve the highland and work hard.