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Guangdong Police College (广东警官学院, website) is a provincial public security undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education in 2004. The department in charge of the college is the Guangdong Provincial Department of Public Security and the department in charge of education and teaching is the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education. In 2008, the college obtained the right to grant a bachelor’s degree. In 2012, it passed the qualification assessment of the undergraduate teaching work of the Ministry of Education. In 2018, the college was rated as a model school for governing schools according to law in Guangdong Province. The college is a reserve personnel training base for Guangdong public security organs, a provincial public security police training base, a Ministry of Public Security police practical training base, and a foreign police training base. In 70 years of school running, the college always adheres to the party’s leadership, adheres to the direction of running socialist schools, fully implements the party’s education policy, follows the basic laws of higher education, adheres to the political establishment of schools, governs schools according to law, and serves the work of politics, law, public security, and the economy and society. Development, give full play to the role of public security specialist training bases and public security think tanks, build an education and training system with Guangdong public security characteristics, and form distinctive schools such as political school building, police management, school-board cooperation and collaborative education, and practical teaching. School characteristics.

Guangdong Police College, formerly known as Guangdong Police Cadre School, was founded in November 1949. In March 1958, it merged with the Guangdong Provincial Political and Law Cadre School, the Guangdong Police Police Training Team, the Guangzhou Public Security School, and the Guangzhou Administrative Cadre School. In September 1974, general secondary education was launched. In March 1983, Guangdong Provincial College of Politics and Law was established to carry out adult college education. In August 1988, it was renamed Guangdong Academy of Public Security Judicial Administrators. In December 1992, Guangdong Public Security College was added to carry out general college education. In May 1998, the Guangdong Provincial People’s Police School was merged into the Guangdong Public Security College. In May 2004, Guangdong Police Officer College was established to carry out general bachelor degree education.

Guangdong Police College has two campuses, Jiahe and Binjiang, covering a total area of 373,800 square meters. The school building has a construction area of 239,400 square meters, and has basic teaching facilities such as a teaching building, an experimental building, a library, a student dormitory, a police sports training hall, and a tactical training building. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 137,748,400 yuan. The library has a collection of 929,800 books, a mirror electronic professional book of 480,000 books, and distinctive features in the construction of document resources. It collects more than 630 types of 376 kinds of special public security documents, including public security records and public security yearbooks.

Guangdong Police College currently has 506 faculty members, including 327 full-time teachers. There are 239 full-time teachers with a master’s degree or above, and 147 full-time teachers with senior titles. There are 7 provincial and ministerial teaching teams, 16 national outstanding teachers, national public security system outstanding teachers, Nanyue outstanding teachers, 16 provincial and ministerial teaching masters, 2 provincial top 10 gold medal instructors, and Guangdong outstanding young teacher training targets. 3 people, 40 people were trained in the “Thousands of Tens Project” in Guangdong Province, and 12 were master tutors of masters and doctors in other universities.

Guangdong Police College now offers investigative science, public security, criminal science and technology, economic crime investigation, anti-drug science, police command and tactics, traffic management engineering, cyber security and law enforcement, computer science and technology, law, administrative management, social work, etc. 12 undergraduate majors, including 8 majors in public security and 4 non-public security majors; 1 national specialty (economic crime investigation) and 3 provincial specialty (economic crime investigation, investigation, criminal science and technology), 1 Ministry of Public Security Key Specialty Construction Project (Investigation), 4 Provincial Comprehensive Comprehensive Reform Pilot Projects (Policy, Drug Control, Law, Administrative Management), 3 Provincial Key Disciplines (Investigation, Public Security, Criminal Science (Technology); There are 1 national excellent courses, 3 provincial and ministerial excellent courses, 2 provincial high-quality courses, 3 provincial excellent resource sharing courses, 2 provincial excellent video public courses, school-level excellent courses, 35 excellent video public courses, 1 national-level planning teaching material; 1 national-level out-of-school practical education base and 5 provincial-level out-of-school practical education bases have been established. Level experimental teaching demonstration center 8.

Guangdong Police College vigorously strengthens the construction of scientific research platforms, including the Pearl River Delta Public Safety Research Institute, the Institute of Law, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Police Development and Cooperation Institute, the Institute of Emergency Command and Negotiation, the Institute of Police Psychology, the Institute of Physical Evidence Science, and Information 8 research institutions, including the Investigation Research Institute and the Police Sports Science Research Institute; Guangdong University Humanities and Social Sciences Research Bases–Guangdong Public Safety Research Center, Guangdong Social Science Research Bases–Domestic Security and Social Stability Research Center, Guangdong Provincial Policy Consulting Research Center-Public Security Research Center, Guangzhou Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Sciences-Guangzhou Key Public Security Research Base, 4 provincial scientific research platforms; Guangdong Tianzheng Judicial Identification Center, and judicial psychological testing technology Center, Material Evidence Appraisal Center; the journal “Politics and Law Journal” won the title of National Excellent University Journal of Social Sciences, RCCSE China Core Academic Journal, and the Fifth Guangdong Province Excellent Journal.

Guangdong Police College follows the basic laws of higher education and the law of running public security colleges, actively adapts to Guangdong’s political and legal public security work and the needs of economic and social development, adhering to the spirit of “loyalty, responsibility, and service” school motto, and fosters “good study, hard work, truth-seeking, and innovation”. Study style, and strive to cultivate high-quality application-oriented professionals who are loyal, reliable, disciplined, proficient in business, have a strong sense of social responsibility, a sense of rule of law, and an innovative spirit, and are suitable for political and legal public security work and economic and social development. At present, there are 6,718 full-time undergraduate students. Since its establishment 70 years ago, the college has trained and delivered more than 200,000 business backbones and specialized personnel for Guangdong’s political and legal public security organs and other industries, and has made positive contributions to Guangdong’s political and legal public security work and economic and social development. , Known as the “cradle of South Guangdong police officers.”

Guangdong Police College is the main position for police training in Guangdong Province’s public security organs. It has a police training base for the Ministry of Public Security and a captain’s school at the grassroots level of the Guangdong Public Security Organs. From 2004 to 2018, 69,224 person-times were trained, with an annual training volume of approximately 4,615 person-times. The training tasks include: training of police officers in public security organs throughout the country, the first official training of public security bureaus in cities, counties and counties in the province, promotion training for leading cadres and department agencies of listed public security organs, anti-smuggling and border inspection police, special job training, national Various provincial municipal law and various types of training commissioned by public security agencies, Hong Kong and Macao police officer training courses, China-Europe police training program training courses, foreign police training courses, foreign senior law enforcement officials training courses, etc. In 2010 was named “National Advanced Collective of Public Security Education and Training.” The college is the only professional training organization for vocational skills of security managers in the province. Since 2015, vocational skills training courses for security teachers have been opened. As of 2018, a total of 1553 people have been trained.

In the new historical period, the college will be guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. The general requirements of “loyalty to the party, service to the people, fair law enforcement, and strict discipline” will be the general guidelines for running schools and cultivating talents. Implement the spirit of the National Education Conference and the National Public Security Work Conference, comprehensively implement the fundamental tasks of Ledder, adhere to the school motto of “loyalty, responsibility, and service”, adhere to the guidance of new smart police, the demand of public security, and the center of talent training , Strengthen discipline construction, reform and innovation, and work hard in accordance with the grand blueprint of the college’s first party congress plan.


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