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Introduction to Guangxi Technological College of Machinery and Electricity

Guangxi Technological College of Machinery and Electricity (广西机电职业技术学院, website) was founded in 1958 and is located on the bank of the beautiful Acacia Lake in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi. The Department of Industry and Information Technology of the Autonomous Region is the first batch of nationwide and the first national model backbone higher vocational colleges in Guangxi. One of the schools, Quality Development School of Innovation Development Action Plan (2015-2018).

The college covers an area of 776 mu, the school building covers an area of 387,300 square meters, and the fixed assets are 510 million yuan. With more than 13,000 full-time students, it is the first vocational college in Guangxi with more than 10,000 full-time students. The initial employment rate of graduates has remained above 90% for 17 consecutive years. The employment quality of graduates has increased year by year. The employer’s satisfaction with graduates’ comprehensive evaluation has reached above 98%, ranking first in Guangxi higher vocational colleges.

Guangxi Technological College of Machinery and Electricity currently has 615 faculty members, of which professors, associate professors, senior engineers and other senior title teachers account for 33.6% of the total number of teachers; teachers with graduate degrees reach 56.5% of the total number of teachers. Among them, there are 3 winners of the Guangxi May 1 Labor Medal, 3 teachers of the autonomous region, 5 winners of the Guangxi Skills Award, 13 Guangxi technical experts, 1 winner of the Guangxi May 4th Youth Medal, and Guangxi “University Outstanding Talent Funding Program”. Selected 5 people, 3 Guangxi innovative talent training teaching team, 6 autonomous region-level outstanding teaching team. The college also brings together national technical experts and Guangxi technical experts from well-known enterprises. It has set up 4 skill master studios within the school, and has a “professional leader + backbone teacher + part-time skilled craftsman” with a structured full-time part-time teaching and research team.

Guangxi Technological College of Machinery and Electricity closely follows the economic development and industrial layout of Guangxi and Beibu Gulf, dynamically adjusts and optimizes the discipline and professional system, and actively builds competitive majors with special advantages. The college now has 10 teaching departments and 59 majors (including directions), of which there are 2 national-level education reform pilot majors, 2 major majors supported by the central financial support, 2 national professional vocational college equipment manufacturing demonstration majors, and national vocational 1 college transportation major demonstration majors, 6 national key vocational key construction majors and professional groups, 3 national machinery industry skilled personnel training specialty majors, 4 Guangxi education reform pilot majors, 14 Guangxi quality majors, and Guangxi There are 9 specialty majors, 21 majors that serve the development and opening up of Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, 23 majors that make the industry bigger and stronger, and Guangxi industrial majors, 8 majors that serve the new socialist countryside, and 5 demonstration specialty majors in the autonomous region. The college has 1 national excellent course, 1 excellent course from the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, 14 autonomous courses, and 12 autonomous region-level teaching achievement awards.

Guangxi Technological College of Machinery and Electricity has a total value of 225 million teaching instruments and equipment. It has 22 on-campus training centers with the best equipment, largest scale and most complete functions among similar colleges, 158 training laboratories and 21 Vocational Skills Training and Appraisal Center is a national high-skilled talent (mechanical and electrical project) training base, a national skills shortage training base, a Chinese mold talent training base, a central vocational education numerical control technology training base, an IT vocational education engineering designated college, Guangxi secondary vocational teacher training base and other national and provincial vocational training bases. Off-school training bases have been established in nearly 500 companies in and out of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery, SAIC-GM-Wuling, Guangxi Huayin Aluminum, etc., and school-enterprise cooperation workstations have been set up in areas of Guangxi industrial clusters such as Liuzhou, Yulin, Guilin, and Beihai. .

In 2005, the college took the lead in passing the certification of GB / T19000 quality management standard and GB / T28001 occupational health and safety management standard among similar universities in the country. According to this standard, a complete education quality monitoring and guarantee management system was established and improved, and the quality of education was strengthened. The process control of safe and stable work has achieved a steady and continuous improvement in the quality of education and teaching, and the management effect is obvious.

The college has always adhered to the “people-oriented, standardized management, and run a high-level vocational education that the people are satisfied with” policy of running a school, based on the needs of students, deepened education and teaching reform, and comprehensively improved students’ comprehensive quality and employment competitiveness. College students have won numerous awards in various vocational skills competitions at international, domestic and regional levels, and they are in a leading position among similar vocational colleges in Guangxi. Taking the service of the society as its mission, the college gives full play to the model leading role of the national model backbone higher vocational colleges, drives the development of vocational education in Guangxi and even the western region, and radiates to the ASEAN region. Provide various professional qualification training, appraisal and short-term training targeted to the society and ASEAN countries; provide direct technical services for enterprises and institutions; establish cooperative exchanges with more than 30 colleges and universities in ASEAN countries; and more than 10 domestic institutions Vocational colleges have formed counterpart support relationships.

The college has been named the first batch of Guangxi high-end applied undergraduate talents joint training reform pilot units, Guangxi’s first batch of exemplary vocational colleges, autonomous regions civilized units, autonomous regional harmony schools, Guangxi advanced vocational education advanced units, Guangxi high-skilled talent training and outstanding training Contribution Award, Advanced Unit for Employment Work in Guangxi Universities, “Outstanding Unit” for Employment and Entrepreneurship in Graduates of General Colleges and Universities in Guangxi, Safety and Civilized Campus in Guangxi Universities, Civilized Unit in National Machinery Industry, National Greening Model Unit, and Excellent Award for Campus Cultural Construction of the Ministry of Education .

Guangxi Technological College of Machinery and Electricity stands at a new historical starting point. The staff and students of the school will continue to adhere to the school motto of “self-reliance, Hongyi, knowledge and action”. The first-class application-oriented advanced technical talents and highly-skilled talents will build the college into a local high-skilled university.


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