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Introduction to Guangxi Vocational and Technical Institute of Industry

Guangxi Vocational and Technical Institute of Industry (广西工业职业技术学院, website) was merged and upgraded from the former Guangxi Nanning Chemical School and Guangxi Light Industry School in August 2003. It belongs to the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and is an excellent school for the evaluation of talents in higher vocational colleges. And Guangxi Model Higher Vocational College. Guigang Vocational College was incorporated in October 2013. The former Guangxi Light Industry School was established in 1956, the former Guangxi Nanning Chemical School was established in 1958, and the former Guigang Vocational College, the former Guigang Normal School, was established in 1904. The college currently has more than 20,000 full-time students and more than 2,000 adult education students. It is a high vocational school with a long history of running a school in Guangxi and currently the largest school.

The Guangxi Vocational and Technical Institute of Industry covers a total area of nearly 2,000 acres with a total fixed asset value of 450 million yuan, of which teaching and scientific research equipment is worth 130 million yuan. There are 321 experimental training sites in schools and 249 external training bases, of which: 2 national vocational education training bases supported by the central government, 1 national demonstration training base for vocational education and training in the petroleum and chemical industry, and autonomous region demonstrations There are 6 training bases for higher vocational education, and 10 specialty training and training bases in the autonomous region.

The college currently has more than 900 faculty members, including more than 700 full-time teachers. Among full-time teachers: 41 are professors, 165 are associate professors and associate high-ranking titles; 221 have doctoral and master’s degrees; “dual-qualified” teachers account for 76.1% of professional teachers. There are 5 national famous teaching teachers, 1 provincial teaching teacher, 6 deputy director members and 23 members of the National Professional Teaching Steering Committee. There are 1 national excellent teaching team in the petroleum and chemical industry, and 1 provincial excellent teaching team. Since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, teachers have undertaken more than 450 teaching and research projects at all levels. Teachers compile and publish 458 professional textbooks and over 300 unique textbooks. They have published more than 1,800 academic papers in public academic journals at home and abroad, of which more than 40 have been indexed by SCI and EI. 30 national patents have been obtained, and provincial and national 12 teaching achievements and scientific research awards.

Guangxi Vocational and Technical Institute of Industry focuses on higher vocational education, supplemented by employee training and continuing education. Set up 11 secondary teaching units (secondary colleges, departments, departments) and 1 affiliated secondary vocational school, offering petrochemical, sugar food, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, construction engineering, power system, economics and management, etc. There are 51 vocational majors in this category, focusing on serving Guangxi’s industrial and informatization construction. The main majors are closely connected with Guangxi’s traditional advantageous industries, advanced manufacturing and strategic emerging industries. There are 4 projects supported by the central finance to improve the professional service industry development ability of higher vocational colleges, 1 special project of “replacement by awards” for central finance vocational education, 6 national key majors, and the construction of characteristic majors and curriculum integration in Guangxi higher education institutions There are 6 project majors, 3 characteristic majors in Guangxi higher education institutions, 5 high-quality majors in Guangxi higher education institutions, and 6 regional-level quality courses.

The college has further promoted school-enterprise cooperation, and has achieved remarkable results in the integration of production and education. It is the first batch of pilot universities in Guangxi to integrate school-industry cooperation. It has long established close cooperative relationships with 123 well-known enterprises in and out of Guangxi. It has led the establishment of Guangxi’s largest industrial vocational education group-Guangxi Industrial Vocational Education Group and regional vocational education group-Guigang Vocational Education Group, and serves as a member of the group council. Long unit. In cooperation with many large and well-known companies such as ZTE Corporation, we have established 2 secondary schools with mixed ownership characteristics, 1 national-level application technology collaborative innovation center, 1 national-level productive training base, and virtual simulation training. There is one center and more than 10 skill master studios. At the same time, it was identified as the second batch of pilot units for modern apprenticeship reform by the Ministry of Education.

The Guangxi Vocational and Technical Institute of Industry strengthens international exchanges and cooperation and continuously expands its international influence. Jointly run schools with peninsula colleges in the United States, Glasgow City College in the United Kingdom, and Royal Thai Polytechnic University in Thailand. Especially in the past two years, the focus is on serving the country ’s “Belt and Road” strategy, giving full play to its professional advantages in running schools, keeping up with multinational enterprises, and cooperating with educational institutions and enterprises in Ethiopia, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries to build the “Silk Road International Sugar Industry” Colleges, etc., to train and train high-quality technical and technical talents for countries along the Belt and Road.

The college has strengthened its social service capacity building, and its service level has been significantly improved. The college has become the executive director unit of many associations such as China Sugar Industry Association, China Chemical Education Association, National Light Industry Vocational Education Research Association, Guangxi Food and Drug Vocational Education Teaching Guidance Committee, Guangxi Chemical and Chemical Society, etc., and has vocational skills unique to the Chinese chemical industry. The appraisal training base, China light industry-specific job vocational skills training base, China Sugar Nanning Training Center, etc., have 78 professional job training and appraisal qualifications. In recent years, more than 10,000 vocational skills training and appraisals have been carried out for the society each year.

The development of Guangxi Vocational and Technical Institute of Industry has won wide praise from society and full recognition from superiors. In 2015, he was shortlisted in the “Top 100 Colleges in China 2015-2016” and won the “Sixth Huang Yanpei Vocational Education Excellent School” in 2018. For nine consecutive years, it has been awarded the “Outstanding Unit” for performance evaluation of institutions directly under the Autonomous Region’s Industry and Information Technology Commission, for 11 consecutive years it has been awarded the “Outstanding Unit for Employment and Entrepreneurship of Guangxi University Graduates”, and for seven consecutive years it has been awarded “Guangxi University Safe and Civilized Campus” and successively Top 100 Chinese Enterprise Education and Training Institutions “,” Advanced Units in Cultural Construction of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Colleges “,” Civilized Units in the Autonomous Region “,” Harmonious Schools in the Autonomous Region “,” Outstanding Contribution Collectives in the Development of the Western Autonomous Region “,” Guangxi Higher Education “Reform and Management Advanced Unit”, “Nanning City Garden Unit” and other honorary titles.

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