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Guangzhou College of Commerce (广州商学院, website), formerly known as Zengcheng College of South China Normal University, recruited the first batch of students in 1999. It is the first secondary college with a new mechanism in Guangdong Province and the first independent college in the country. The school obtained the right to grant a bachelor’s degree in 2011 and became the first ordinary undergraduate university in Guangdong province to be transferred from an independent college in 2014 to cultivate high-quality applied talents required for economic and social development. In May 2016, with the approval of the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong Province, the school became the sixth batch of post-doctoral innovation practice base units in Guangdong Province.

Guangzhou College of Commerce consists of 10 schools including 1 School of Economics, School of Management, School of Accounting, School of Foreign Languages, School of Information Technology and Engineering, School of Art and Design, School of International Studies, School of Marxism, Ministry of Public Sports, School of Further Education Undertake enrollment tasks within the national plan. The school currently has 17,619 full-time students. In 2019, 29 undergraduate admission programs were opened.

Guangzhou College of Commerce covers an area of more than 1,000 acres, with a total construction area of 360,000 square meters. The school library has a collection of 2.43 million volumes. The total value of teaching and research equipment is more than 89 million yuan. Each school has experimental training centers (rooms), and actively seeks cooperation with governments and industry companies to jointly build social legal service centers, community correction volunteer service bases, Kowloon courts, rule of law tax demonstration bases, maker space, and rookie station , Jingdong campus training center, campus E-bank, online entrepreneurship incubation base and other collaborative education platforms. At the same time, there are more than 250 practice teaching bases outside the school. Experimental training bases inside and outside the school can meet the needs of practical teaching. Teaching buildings, libraries, multimedia classrooms, etc. provide a good learning environment for students. Teachers’ apartments, student apartments, cafeterias, banks, supermarkets, school hospitals, etc. provide good living security for teachers and students. The beautiful campus environment, fresh air, tree-lined, lakes and mountains, birds and flowers, is an ideal place for studying, studying, and growing.

Guangzhou College of Commerce is located in the core area of “Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City” in Guangzhou Development Zone. Guangzhou Development Zone is one of the nation’s strongest comprehensive national development zones and the window of Guangzhou’s reform and opening up. There are more than 100 Fortune 500 multinational companies investing and setting up factories in the development zone. “Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City” is a state-level bilateral cooperation project jointly created by Guangdong Province and Singapore to lead the industrial transformation and upgrading. It is a new highland that leads the development of the knowledge economy in the Pearl River Delta region and even China, and has accumulated more than 1,000 registered enterprises. Good location advantages provide conditions for school talent cultivation and student employment. The school will also strive to become a high-end talent introduction park, an innovation platform gathering area, and a promoter of regional economic and social development.

Guangzhou College of Commerce has formed a discipline layout focusing on management, economics, and the coordinated development of literature, law, engineering, and art. The e-commerce discipline was awarded the Guangdong Province’s key discipline construction project; the international economics and trade, finance, e-commerce, accounting, and product design majors were awarded the provincial professional comprehensive reform pilot project; the accounting and law majors were awarded the provincial specialty construction Project approval.

Guangzhou College of Commerce adheres to the training of talents, actively serves the region, especially the social and economic development of Guangzhou, actively carries out cooperative education of industry, university, research, and research, deepens the reform of talent training models, cultivates the characteristics of applied talent training, and strengthens international education exchanges and cooperation to improve Application-oriented talent training quality. In recent years, students have participated in national “Challenge Cup” series competitions, international robotics competitions, national electronic design competitions, national college English competitions, national cross-border e-commerce skills competitions, national campus finance and accounting competitions and other disciplines. More than 100 provincial, ministerial and ministerial awards have cultivated a large number of high-quality application-oriented talents with good ideology and morals, solid basic theory, strong practical ability, and broad international vision. Previous graduates of the school have been widely recognized by society and employers, and the final employment rate is over 98%.

Guangzhou College of Commerce has always practiced the “international” school running philosophy, and strived to build an international school running brand. International exchanges and cooperation are at the forefront of similar universities in Guangdong. In 2002, the school and the University of Southern Queensland in Australia co-organized an international accounting program. It was the first undergraduate-level Sino-foreign cooperative education program in Guangdong. In 2012, the school co-sponsored a double degree program in logistics management with Beaver University in the United States, becoming the school’s second Sino-foreign cooperative school program approved by the Ministry of Education. Now it has signed cooperation agreements with nearly 30 well-known universities in the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Japan and other countries, and jointly launched the “Sino-foreign cooperative education dual degree program”, “International joint training dual degree program”, “main and auxiliary” Multi-professional international school running programs such as the “Innovation Program for Dual Professionals”, “International Program for Chinese and Foreign Students’ Continuous Reading”, and “China-Australia International Accounting Autonomous Enrollment Program”, forming an international education pattern of “professional, undergraduate and master” integration. , Is one of the most undergraduate universities in Guangdong with an international level. In the past 17 years of internationalization, the school has trained 13 international project graduates, and more than 40% of them have progressed to master’s degrees from top overseas universities. In the eighth “Voice of Education” forum organized by Xinhuanet, the school won the title of “2017 Brand Competitive Chinese-foreign Cooperative Colleges”.

Guangzhou College of Commerce always puts the quality of talent training first. The quality of education and teaching and talent training has been widely recognized and praised by the society both inside and outside Guangdong Province. In 2016, the school was elected as the president unit of the Guangdong Private Education Association; became the first batch of “Private Education Research Bases” of the Guangdong Academy of Education; won the third prize of the 5th National Education Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement; won the “National Brand Impact” Force private colleges and universities. ” Wu Shulian ranked China’s independent strength in the rankings of private universities set up by independent universities in China for the third consecutive year from 2016 to 2018. In 2018, the school won the second prize of the Guangdong Education and Teaching Achievement Award; on the list of China’s private universities in 2018 by Arisen China Alumni Association, our school ranked first in Guangdong and was selected as the 2018 China’s “Best Private University” The school was rated as “2015-2017 Safe and Civilized Campus of Guangdong Province” by the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Comprehensive Management Office and the Provincial Public Security Department.


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