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Introduction to Guangzhou Vocational College of Technology and Business

Guangzhou Vocational College of Technology and Business (广州科技贸易职业学院, website) was founded by the Guangzhou Science and Technology Association in 1984. It is a public full-time ordinary higher vocational college in Guangzhou that is approved by the Guangdong Provincial Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. Zhong Nanshan, a well-known scientist, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and honorary chairman of the Guangzhou Science and Technology Association, served as honorary president.

The college currently has a Panyu campus (adjacent to Guangzhou University Town, Cisco Smart City, South China University of Technology International College, and Jinan University South Campus), Yuexiu Huaguoshan Campus, with an excellent geographical location and beautiful campus environment.

Guangzhou Vocational College of Technology and Business vigorously promotes the spirit of craftsmen, follows the five development concepts of innovation development, quality development, connotative development, characteristic development, and coordinated development, adheres to the development path of “technology boosts industry, business service economy,” and deepens production and education Integration, school-enterprise cooperation, accelerated construction and development, and the development of modern service industries, advanced manufacturing industries, and strategic emerging industries in the region have trained more than 60,000 talents.

Guangzhou Vocational College of Technology and Business is a pilot unit of the modern apprenticeship system of the Ministry of Education. There are 7 secondary colleges, 2 teaching departments, and 27 specialties. Among them, the central government supports 2 key majors, 5 provincial key majors, 3 provincial brand (key) construction majors, 7 municipal key (demonstrative) majors, and 4 municipal characteristic (demonstration, industry) colleges. The college has 6016 full-time students, 5,300 adult education students, 429 faculty members, including 283 full-time teachers, 76 full-time teachers with senior titles, 227 full-time teachers with master’s degrees or higher, senior titles and masters The proportion of full-time teachers above the above degrees is in the forefront of higher vocational colleges in the province.

The college vigorously implements the project of innovation and strengthening the school, promotes the collaborative innovation of “government, school, business, and enterprise”, deepens school-enterprise cooperation, and integrates production with education to reform the modern vocational talent training model. 66 internship training bases. Won 4 provincial training bases, 3 provincial college students off-campus training bases, 2 provincial teaching teams, 7 provincial quality resource sharing courses, more than 60 provincial education and teaching reform projects, and provincial teaching achievement awards 2 items. In the past three years, she has participated in more than 400 provincial-level awards in participating in skill competitions. Among them, students have won 1 first-class marketing professional award in the higher vocational group of the national vocational college skills competition. There are 1 second and third prizes respectively. In 2018, it won 8 first prizes in the Guangdong Vocational College Informatization Teaching Competition and the 4th Guangdong University Young Teacher Teaching Competition.

Guangzhou Vocational College of Technology and Business strives to create first-class, well-known, distinctive modern vocational colleges in the province, and constantly improves the quality of school running, builds specialty brand specialty, and is widely recognized by the society. The college’s enrollment and employment have been booming for many years. The initial employment rate of graduates in the past three years has exceeded 98%, and corporate satisfaction has exceeded 95%. Positive contribution.


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