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Introduction to Guizhou Vocational College of Agriculture

Guizhou Vocational College of Agriculture (贵州农业职业学院, website) is a full-time general college established with the approval of the People’s Government of Guizhou Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is a comprehensive vocational college with agricultural characteristics. The college mainly trains advanced agricultural technology, management, and service talents, and according to the needs of social development, it trains practical technical personnel such as electromechanical, economic, information, and computer. An important base for talented people.

Guizhou Vocational College of Agriculture is divided into four campuses: Qingzhen, Yunyan, Wudang, and Kaili. The main campus is located in the Vocational Education Township Rural Campus of Qingzhen, Guiyang, Guizhou Province. Currently there are 295 full-time teachers in nine departments, three departments and two centers, including 6 senior professional titles, 66 deputy senior professional titles, 86 intermediate professional titles, 5 doctoral students, 96 graduate students, and enjoy the special government of the State Council. Allowance for one person and one chief scientist of the ecological poultry system in Guizhou Province. Mainly full-time general tertiary education, supplemented by secondary vocational education, and non-degree education at the same time; opening courses in agriculture and engineering, management, humanities, economics, information and other disciplines related to modern agriculture Higher education and technical secondary school education; education and training of vocational technology and vocational technical appraisal in the agricultural industry and biological and mechanical and electrical industries; development of agricultural science and technology, educational research and academic activities; adult education, continuing education, and vocational education in each of the above categories Training and cooperative education activities; undertake national and local scientific research tasks and related social service work, and actively carry out exchanges and cooperation with more than 20 well-known agricultural universities in China, and jointly run schools with Pingtung University of Science and Technology in Taiwan.

The large-scale seed professional journal “Seed” sponsored by the college director is the second national journal award of one hundred key journals, national Chinese core journals, Chinese science and technology core journals, Chinese agricultural core journals, and Chinese journals. Sci-tech periodicals, the first Guizhou Province Excellent Journal Award and other honors.

Guizhou Vocational College of Agriculture will build the province’s mountainous and highly efficient and characteristic agriculture, create the province’s agricultural industry talent and technology silicon valley, build a “school-agriculture integration” guarantee base and an educational model for poverty alleviation, and form the province’s agricultural industry incubator and “double innovation” park Among them, the investment of several hundred million yuan in Wudang District, Guiyang City, a new 3,000-acre “Baiyi Silicon Valley” modern agricultural training base construction has been steadily advanced.

The establishment of Guizhou Vocational College of Agriculture meets the needs of Guizhou’s regional economy and the development of modern agriculture. It runs schools with special features, relies on the industry’s superior resources, and relies heavily on the Guizhou Provincial Agricultural Committee’s departments at all levels and relevant stations and institutes. The agricultural demonstration park and the leading agricultural enterprises are deeply integrated, and they follow the road of “multiple schools of production, education, research and promotion”, which is the “general staff, policy box, talent pool, innovation park” of the province’s modern agricultural development.


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