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Introduction to Haidu College Qingdao Agricultural University

Haidu College Qingdao Agricultural University (青岛农业大学海都学院, website) is an independent college organized by Laiyang Agricultural College with the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2005, and was renamed as Haidu College of Qingdao Agricultural University in 2007. The college is located in the Laiyang campus of Qingdao Agricultural University. It is a complete campus with more than 60 years of construction history, complete conditions, and profound cultural heritage. It can meet more than 10,000 students, covers an area of 1,000 acres, has a library of more than 800,900 books, and a school building. It has an area of 201,700 square meters, a total fixed asset value of 361 million yuan, and teaching equipment worth more than 60 million yuan. In the verification of the university running conditions organized by the Education Department of Shandong Province in 2006, the indicators such as the average value of instruments and equipment for students, average books per student, and student-teacher ratio were among the top two in the province’s 12 independent colleges. In 2006, he was awarded the title of “China’s Most Competitive Independent College” in the comprehensive evaluation of the strength of independent colleges organized by the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences; in 2007, he was awarded the “Western China Education Consultant Unit” by the Chinese Higher Education Society; Education Daily, Tencent Education Network and other units were rated as “Top Ten Characteristic Education Demonstration Schools in China in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening Up”; and were awarded “Shandong Province Learning Advanced Teams” by Shandong Education Department, Shandong Science and Technology Department, Shandong Province Personnel Department and other units Honorary title; in 2009, it was awarded the honorary title of “National Honesty and Harmonious College” by the China Integrity Miles Activity Committee, Shandong Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference Committee of Science, Education, Culture, Sports, and Sports; Shandong Provincial Association of Social Sciences; ; In 2013, it was selected as the “2013 China Brand Impact Independent College” by Xinhuanet. In 2016-2017, it was awarded the “National Education Reform and Innovation Demonstration (Institute) School” title.

Haidu College Qingdao Agricultural University now has 8 teaching faculties and departments, including Engineering, Food, Biotechnology, Humanities and Art, Economics and Management, Basic Teaching, Ideological and Political Theory, and Big Data. Undergraduate major and some related specialized majors; 11 campus experiments including computer, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, construction engineering, chemistry, food science and engineering, biological engineering, animal science, plant science, economics and management, humanities and arts, etc. Practice teaching centers; 160 stable off-campus practice teaching bases have been established. It employs 431 full-time teachers, including 74 doctors, 280 masters, 43 professors, 93 associate professors, and 247 lecturers. There are 8083 current students.

Haidu College Qingdao Agricultural University insists on serving the regional economic development, adapting to the needs of social talents, undergraduate education-oriented school-oriented positioning and the people-oriented, school-based management, distinctive school running, and quality school running philosophy. “The spirit of the college” and the “fashionable and diligent” campus fashion, the implementation of the characteristics of teaching, school-enterprise cooperation, international cooperation three major school-running strategies. Implement the academic year credit system, and the “3 + 1” (undergraduate), “2 + 1” (junior college) teaching model and the “architecture + platform” training plan, highlighting students ‘thinking training and practical skills, focusing on students’ personality training, humanities Spiritual training and improvement of comprehensive quality, is committed to training high-quality application (undergraduate), technical (specialty) talents with high morals, physical and mental health, solid foundation, practical ability, adaptive ability, and innovative ability. The college graduate admission rate for fresh graduates remains at 15%-21%, and the employment rate has been among the best in independent colleges in the province.

Haidu College Qingdao Agricultural University has a national scholarship of 8,000 yuan / year, a provincial government scholarship of 6,000 yuan / year, a national inspirational scholarship of 5,000 yuan / year, and a provincial government inspirational scholarship of 5,000 yuan / year; there are first, second and third class academic scholarships, divided into semester Rewarding students who have won outstanding studies with an annual maximum amount of 2,000 yuan; the college also provides Miyoshi student scholarships, outstanding student cadre scholarships, single scholarships, special scholarships and corporate scholarships, which reward more than 40%; In addition, students with financial difficulties can Complete university studies by applying for national student loans, national student grants, and work-study programs.

Haidu College Qingdao Agricultural University actively develops international exchanges and cooperation with foreign universities. In 2012, it was approved by the Provincial Education Department, the Foreign Affairs Office and the Provincial Public Security Department. At the same time, it signed exchange and cooperation agreements with relevant universities in the United States, South Korea, Italy, the Philippines, and New Zealand. The exchange student exchange program with South Korean universities has been fully launched. Every year, outstanding college students are selected to go to South Korean universities for undergraduates, and outstanding undergraduates go to South Korean universities for postgraduates.


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