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Introduction to Hanjiang Normal University

Hanjiang Normal University (HJNU, 汉江师范学院, website), founded in 1954, is a full-time institution of higher education under the leadership of Hubei Provincial Government. Its predecessor, Yunyang Normal School(1904), can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty known as Yunshan Academy. In the process of development, this institution has changed its name several times. In 1993, it was renamed as Yunyang Teachers’ College with the authorization of the former Education Commission. On March 22, 2016, approved by the State Ministry of Education, it was upgraded to Hanjiang Normal University.

Located in the city Shiyan of Hubei Province which is also called the Auto City, Hanjiang Normal University is adjacent to the World Cultural Heritage of Wudang Mountains, Shennongjia Scenic District and Danjiangkou Reservoir. Trees and flowers, vibrant natural scenery, HJNU, awarded as “National TOP 400 in Afforestation”, is an ideal place for study and research. HJNU enrolls students from 21 provinces (including municipalities and autonomous regions) in China, and now the student population is over 11000.

Hanjiang Normal University has highly qualified faculty and staff. There are 640 full-time teachers, of whom over 220 hold senior titles, 220 hold MA degrees, 286 are dual-qualified teachers. 6 teachers have been honored by national or provincial government for their contributions. HJNU has appointed over 100 distinguished scholars from renowned universities as associate professors and employed 7 foreign experts as full-time instructors.

Hanjiang Normal University attaches great importance to teaching and research development. It offers 9 bachelor’s degree programs and 42 college courses, forming a comprehensive education system to Humanities, Social Sciences and Science, as well as a coordinated discipline pattern on teacher and non-teacher education. HJNU has constructed 2 state-level shared courses, 2 state-level specialized disciplines and 2 state-level training bases supported by the central government, has undertaken over 20 national teacher training programs and 9 provincial programs. The collection of books totals over 1.25million volumes. A modern e-books system and campus network have been set up for the convenience of students and staff.

In recent years , HJNU’s researches have been considerably integrated with regional key projects or topics such as “The protection of water resource of South-to-North Water Diversion”, “Western Hubei Eco-cultural Tourism Circle”, “The strategy to build a regional center city of Shiyan”. Characteristic research institutes such as Hanjiang River Culture Study Base, Wudang Culture Se, Rare Medicinal Plants Breeding Team have been established.

Up to now, HJNU has published over 2500 papers, 102 academic monographs and textbooks, among which 110 are indexed by SCI,EI,ISTP. HJNU has about 160 research projects at national, provincial and municipal level, 70 research achievements awarded by provincial and municipal government, 4 significant scientific advances identified by provincial Department of Technology, 20 patents granted. All these academic and scientific achievements have greatly improved the influence of HJNU and promoted the image of Shiyan.

Following the Guidelines of the National Program for Medium- and Long-Term Educational Reform and Development, Hanjiang Normal University will constantly strive to educate talents, strengthen professional and academic research team, and shape itself a multidisciplinary university with the main feature of teacher education.


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