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Introduction to Hebei Finance University

Hebei Finance University (河北金融学院, website) is located in Baoding, a national historical and cultural city and the central city of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. It is the only central and local joint university with distinctive financial characteristics in North and Northwest China. The training base is a pilot unit for training graduate students majoring in finance.

Hebei Finance University was founded in 1952 and was originally affiliated with the People’s Bank of China. The initial stage went through the development period of Hebei Branch Bank School, Baoding Bank School, Hebei Finance School and Hebei Bank School. In 1984, it was upgraded to a college and was renamed “Baoding Finance College”; in 1992, it was renamed “Baoding Finance College”. In 2000, it was placed under the management of the People’s Government of Hebei Province and implemented a management system of “co-construction between the central and local governments, focusing on local management”. In 2007, it was upgraded to an undergraduate college and its name was changed to “Hebei University of Finance”.

Hebei Finance University covers an area of more than 1,000 acres, with a building area of more than 250,000 square meters. It has modern teaching buildings, training buildings, libraries, museums, cultural and sports centers, etc. “Hebei Garden-style Units”. The library has 1.34 million paper books, 3.88 million electronic books, and 28,000 paper periodicals (electronic journals). The Finance Museum is the largest monetary and financial museum in the province, with more than 5,000 collections, and is the national financial strategic education base.

Hebei Finance University has 9 teaching colleges (departments) including Finance, Accounting, Insurance, Management, Economics and Trade, Information Management and Engineering, Business Foreign Languages, Law, and International Education Colleges. There are four public teaching departments, including the College, the Department of Public Foreign Languages Teaching, the Department of Basic Courses, and the Department of Physical Education. There are graduate schools and further education colleges.

The university has established a professional master’s degree authorization point and 27 undergraduate majors; there are 4 provincial key (development) disciplines, 1 national brand specialty, 1 national comprehensive reform pilot, and 4 provincial brand specialty. , 3 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilots, and 2 provincial-level undergraduate education innovation highlands, forming disciplines with distinct characteristics of finance, with economics and management as the mainstay, liberal arts, law, science, and engineering as the support. system.

In recent years, Hebei Finance University has hired 13 domestic senior scholars in the field of economics and management as chief experts; the existing financial teaching team, accounting teaching team, and information management and information system teaching team have three provincial-level “excellent teaching teams”; the school has been awarded the provincial 7 outstanding teaching achievement awards. Taking root in the industry and running schools, adhering to the “school-enterprise cooperation community” concept, it initiated the establishment of the Financial Technology Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Technical Economics; signed more than 100 strategic cooperation agreements with large banks, insurance, securities and other financial institutions and enterprises, and successfully established a “regional “Capital Market”, ACCA (Chartered Certified Accountant), “Internet Finance” as a series of characteristic classes; there are 1 national off-campus practice teaching base, 3 provincial off-campus practice teaching bases, and 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center , 6 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 28 professional laboratories.

Hebei Finance University currently has nine key laboratories in the social sciences in Hebei Province-Hebei Key Laboratory of Science and Technology Finance, Hebei Science and Technology Cooperative Innovation Center, Hebei New Type Think Tank Cultivation Unit, Ministry of Education Country Regional Research Center Provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms and four municipal scientific research platforms form the province’s leading economic and management research platform group. In the past three years, more than 160 scientific research projects at the provincial (ministerial) level or above have been established; more than 460 core journal papers have been published; 74 monographs have been published; 11 scientific research awards at the provincial or ministerial level have been awarded; and Hebei Province, Baoding, and Xingtai have undertaken The city ’s financial industry ’s “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” planning and third-party assessments of the poverty-stricken counties in Hebei Province and the assessment of the effectiveness of poverty alleviation and development; third-party assessment; The remaining research results were affirmed by major provincial and municipal leaders, and some of the results were reported to the central leadership for reference, providing important support for government financial decisions. Co-established a training college with five companies including Hebei Rural Credit Union, China Life Hebei Branch, Jizhong Energy Group, Baoding Bank, and China Postal Savings Bank Baoding Branch, which played an important role in the service industry. The school established the Xiong’an New District Construction and Development Research Center, co-constructed the Xiong County Research Center with the Xiong County People’s Government, and jointly established Donghu Cloud, Financial Valley, Craftsman Valley, HKUST Xunfei, Kangdi, and Jingxiong Express Train Sub-bases with well-known enterprises. . Hosted high-level academic conferences such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development Forum and Huanxiong’an Forum; selected outstanding experts to participate in the Xiong’an New Area Construction Decision-making Advisory Committee, participated in the “Xiongan New Area Innovation Simulation and Deduction Work Camp”, and “Xiongan New Area Real Estate Policy Innovation Work” Commissioned by the Management Committee of Xiong’an New Area to undertake research on the project of “Xiongan Real Estate Investment and Financing Innovation”; the establishment of the Sino-Norwegian International Research Center for Green Finance, which played an important role in serving the construction of the Xiong’an New Area.

Hebei Finance University currently has 776 faculty members, including 52 doctoral supervisors and master supervisors, with 43.7% of senior titles and 92% of teachers with master’s degrees or above. Has more than 40 provincial-level and higher-level talents, including special allowance experts from the State Council, outstanding experts in Hebei Province, and middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions in Hebei Province; more than 50 outstanding teachers at the provincial level and above including national outstanding teachers and teaching teachers in Hebei Province ; In the United States, Ireland, Australia, Spain, India, there are 5 overseas training bases for teachers, and overseas universities to expand teachers to study doctoral programs abroad, more than 30% of teachers have overseas training experience, the school has initially established a “high-level, “Application-oriented, international” faculty.

Hebei Finance University currently has more than 11,800 graduate students, junior college students and international students. The school insists on integrating innovation and entrepreneurship education into the whole process of talent cultivation, and has established a one-stop entrepreneurial platform of “college student entrepreneurial incubation base-college student entrepreneurial experiment zone-Baoding University Science and Technology Park”, “People’s Daily”, “Guangming Daily”, the Central Government Important national media such as TV stations have repeatedly reported on our school’s innovation and entrepreneurship education experience. The school has won “the first batch of demonstration schools for entrepreneurship education of college students in Hebei Province”, “the first batch of exemplary employment guidance centers for ordinary colleges and universities in Hebei Province”, “the first batch of employment and entrepreneurship service bases for college graduates in Hebei Province”, “the first batch of Hebei Province Service Outsourcing Training Base “,” The First Batch of Demonstration Universities for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform in Hebei Province “,” National University Student KAB Entrepreneurship Education Base “and many other awards. In the past three years, our students have won more than 620 high-level awards in high-level discipline competitions such as the National Challenge Cup college student extra-curricular academic work competition, college entrepreneurship competition, and American college student mathematical modeling competition. In 2018, 23 majors enrolled in the province in a batch, and the line of arts and sciences ranked 10th and 9th in the province’s universities. The graduates of our school are widely praised by employers for their characteristics of “character-side”, “quick start”, “hard technology”, and “strong foundation”. Graduate employment shows high employment rate, high quality, and high job satisfaction. The employment industry and schools The characteristics of “three highs and one highs” which are consistent with the characteristics of talent cultivation, the school has been rated as one of the top 50 universities in China for employment by the Ministry of Education.

Hebei Finance University proactively integrated the “Belt and Road” initiative and established friendly and cooperative relations with dozens of universities and educational research institutions in Ireland, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. The school cooperates with Irish and Polish universities to host 3 Chinese-foreign cooperative education undergraduate programs and 4 junior college programs. There are more than 2,000 students in Chinese-foreign cooperative education, ranking first in universities in Hebei province. The school has signed multinational dual campuses with the University of New South Wales in Australia, the University of Tyne, the Griffith College in Ireland, and the University of Malaya in Malaysia. Cultivate project cooperation agreements, receive students studying abroad, and build an exchange and cooperation pattern for international students to export and receive interactions. In recent years, the school has been selected as the first batch of “Educational Equipment International Exchange Experimental Park” in the country, and has been approved as the “Excellent Undergraduate International Exchange Project” implementing college of the China Scholarship Council, becoming the “Hebei Province Talents and Talents Demonstration Base”.

Hebei Finance University has successively obtained “Advanced Collective of Ideological and Political Work in Hebei Province”, “Advanced Collective of Party Construction in Hebei Province”, “Advanced Collective of Employment in Hebei Province”, “Advanced Collective of International Education Cooperation and Exchange in Hebei Province”, “Civilized Unit of Hebei Province” , “Civilized campus in Hebei Province”, “the first batch of demonstration units of conservation-oriented public institutions in the country” and many other honorary titles. Since the establishment of the school, it has cultivated more than 60,000 outstanding talents for the country and society. Among them, nearly 10,000 alumni have held senior management positions in the financial industry, and hundreds of alumni have held major leadership positions in financial institutions above the provincial level. The cradle of talent. ” According to the 2018 Undergraduate Program Rankings published by the iResearch China Alumni Association website, our university’s finance program ranks 25th in the country and Hebei Province ranks 1st.


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