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Hefei Information Technology University (合肥信息技术职业学院, website) is a full-time general college approved by the Anhui Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education.

Hefei Information Technology University is located in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, a historical city, a science and education base. The university is located in the university town of Hefei, adjacent to the new area of Anhui University and Hefei University of Technology; the college covers an area of 852 acres (of which the university town campus covers an area of 305 acres, and the Xinqiao campus covers an area of 547 acres); the existing school building construction area is 13.9 It has an area of 10,000 square meters, a total value of nearly 32 million yuan in teaching instruments and equipment, a library of 478,500 books, another 720,000 electronic books, and 14 electronic resource libraries. The architectural style of the college campus is a mix of Chinese and Western styles, with elegant style, including the main teaching building of Italian architectural style, the first teaching building of Spanish architectural style, the second teaching building of Islamic architectural style, and the third teaching building of British architectural style. The school’s teaching and logistical facilities have been perfected, which can provide a good guarantee for the learning, work and life of teachers and students.

Hefei Information Technology University has a teaching and management team with a combination of specialization and reasonable structure. The experts and professors of teaching and management institutions are mostly from the well-known universities such as University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei University of Technology and Anhui University. At the same time, the college has hired a number of members of the National Board of Education and well-known scholars and experts as the discipline leaders of our college and a group of outstanding technical and management talents of industry companies closely related to professional construction to participate in the talent training of the college. At present, the college has 525 teachers, including 351 full-time teachers and 174 part-time teachers outside the school. Among the full-time teachers, 71 are senior professional titles, accounting for 20.23% of the full-time teachers; 87 are intermediate-level professional titles, accounting for 24.79%; 160 are masters or above, accounting for 45.58%; 44.44%.

Hefei Information Technology University adjusts the demand for talents in accordance with the strategic objectives of economic and social development of Anhui Province and the adjustment of the industrial structure, and combines the advantage resources of the college to build popular majors and broaden the professional layout. At present, the college has 8 teaching departments including the Department of Information Engineering, the Department of Electronic Commerce, the Department of Accounting, the Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of New Media Arts, the Department of General Education and the Department of Ideological and Political Education; it offers e-sports sports and management, games Design, landscape design, mobile internet application technology, investment and wealth management, real estate operation and management, e-commerce, marketing, logistics information technology, software technology, electronic information engineering technology, computer information management, computer application technology, Internet of things application technology , Information security and management, digital media application technology, advertising design and production, digital media art design, animation production technology, engineering cost, construction project management, architectural design, environmental art design, accounting information management, accounting, chain operation management, cloud Computing technology and applications, film and television animation, jewelry design and technology, film and television director, broadcasting and hosting, early childhood development and health management, 32 full-time specialist admissions programs covering electronic information, computers, e-commerce, logistics, financial accounting, finance, construction Design and Construction Engineering Science, real estate, art design, broadcasting, film and television, business management, marketing, sports, public services, 15 majors, forming electronic information, finance and commerce, civil engineering, culture and arts, and other majors in information technology It is characterized by a professional pattern of coordinated development of other specialties. The two majors of e-commerce, information security and management are provincial first-class (brand) majors (formerly featured brand majors), and the information security and management majors have been approved as the backbone majors of the Ministry of Education’s innovative development action plan.

Hefei Information Technology University experimental training center is equipped with a full-time training center director with a doctorate degree and an associate professor title and rich practical experience, and is equipped with relevant full-time management personnel. In practice teaching, we arrange “double-skilled” teachers, and hire experts with practical experience, engineering and technical personnel, and skilled craftsmen from industries and enterprises to guide the practical courses. The college has 36 training rooms including electrician training room, electronic training room, microcomputer principle and interface technology training room, animation design and production training room, computer assembly and maintenance training room, etc .; 118 companies including Beijing Crystal Stone Technology Co., Ltd., Datang Splendid Media Co., Ltd., Shanghai Aurora Network Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei BOE Display Light Source Co., Ltd. have established a well-functioning and guaranteed off-campus training base, which is a good satisfaction To meet the needs of practical teaching of various majors. Cooperate with Crystal Stone, Zhongnan Tianhua and other companies to set up order classes. Schools and enterprises jointly develop professional talent training in e-sports sports and management, animation production technology, film and television animation, and game design.

Hefei Information Technology University is the National Computer Information Technology Advanced Talents Level Examination (NIEH), National Computerized Education Certification (CEAC), China Construction Education Association Certification, National Computer Application Level Examination (NIT), National Animation Game Industry Revitalization Base Certification NACG), Finance and Tax Examination (ATT), Adobe Certification Examination, Autodesk Certification Examination, etc. can identify 279 types of work (subjects). The graduation rate of the 2017 graduates was 91.71%, and the graduation rate of the 2018 graduates was 92.43%. In accordance with the composite talent training goal of “professional + skills + entrepreneurial qualities”, the college carefully guides and actively organizes students to participate in relevant vocational qualification and skill level examinations, enabling students to achieve “a diploma, multiple certificates, skills, and “Everything is more versatile” to ensure that graduates can seize the opportunity in the fierce competition for employment.

Hefei Information Technology University has student unions and branch departments, campus radio stations, college student apartment management associations, student associations, youth volunteer associations, and information technology associations, accounting associations, e-commerce associations, marketing associations, and construction engineering associations. 18 student associations, animation association, Shuge literature society, youth society, English society, photography agency, roller skating club, street dance club, Sanda club, Taekwondo club, badminton club, basketball club, football club, skateboard club , Enrich students ’campus life; regularly organize football leagues, basketball matches, track and field events and other activities to enhance students’ physical fitness and show youthful vitality; carry out speech contests, school celebrations and ceremonies for new students, essay competitions, art collections, outstanding design works exhibitions To build a humanistic campus and promote the comprehensive development of students; to hold a series of “three thanksgiving” educational activities to allow students to always be grateful to the motherland, mother, and alma mater, and to cultivate students’ awareness, gratitude, sense of grace, and feelings; organize students to participate National level of information technology application , China University Student Computer Design Contest, China University Student Original Animation Contest, China University Student Game Design Contest, National University Student Advertising Art Contest, National University Digital Art Works Contest, Provincial Vocational College Skills Contest, Provincial Popular Science Creative Innovation Contest, Vocational Skill Contest in Schools, etc. To stimulate students’ enthusiasm for hard-working and aggressive learning, and to improve their awareness of innovation and their ability to learn independently.

Hefei Information Technology University has been approved by the central government to support 1 vocational education training base construction project, 50 provincial quality engineering projects, 4 provincial higher education promotion plan projects, 8 vocational education innovation and development action plan projects, and universities Outstanding talents training program supports 2 outstanding young talents support plan projects, and 2 young domestic teachers of colleges and universities are visiting scholars projects. The college has been rated as the “Excellent Unit for the Evaluation of Students’ Livelihood Engineering Universities” by the Provincial Department of Education for two consecutive years, and has been rated as the “AAAA Grade of Chinese Social Organization Assessment” by the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. , Won the second prize of outstanding achievements in the construction of safe campus in Anhui Province, won the National University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School Achievement Incubation Award; the Party School of the Academy won the title of “Advanced Primary Party School” in Hefei for two years in a row; Above 90%. In November 2015, the college successfully passed the evaluation of talent training. In 2017, the party committee of the academy was rated as “advanced” by the higher-level party organization in the inspection and acceptance of the standardized construction of the grass-roots party organization. In 2018, the party committee of the court was appraised as “advanced party organization” by the superior party committee. The college is the director unit of the National Computer Basic Education Research Association of the National Higher Education Institutions, the sponsoring member unit of the Youth Science and Sports Committee of the National Federation of Sports Schools, and the only deputy director unit of the Anhui Provincial Federation of E-sports Education in the Yangtze River Delta.

Hefei Information Technology University actively promotes exchanges and cooperation with relevant universities at home and abroad, and constantly expands channels for foreign exchanges and cooperation. On the basis of cooperating with the domestic universities such as Beijing Institute of Technology, the college also actively broadens the international vision of running schools, allowing students to share international learning platforms and high-quality educational resources, and for students who intend to study abroad to go abroad and seek out on the world stage. Development offers more options. The college has signed agreements with well-known foreign universities such as Swansea University in the United Kingdom, Colorado Institute of Technology in the United States, Tsingyun University in Korea, and Boren University in Thailand in order to cooperate in running schools and continuously move towards the goal of training international talents. In October 2017, the college reached a preliminary consensus with the University of East London and the University of Anglia Ruskin on the “3 + 1” mode and “2 + 2” mode of cooperation.


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