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Hefei Institute of General Professional Technology (合肥通用职业技术学院, website) is a full-time public higher technical college established by the People’s Government of Anhui Province. It is organized by China National Machinery Industry Corporation Hefei General Machinery Research Institute. The college is now an excellent unit for assessing the level of talent training in vocational colleges and universities in the country, and an advanced unit for graduate employment in ordinary colleges and universities in Anhui Province.

Hefei Institute of General Professional Technology is located in Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, 888 West Changjiang Road, Hefei. The campus is adjacent to the national high-tech development zone to the south, the lush Dashu Mountain to the west, and the sparkling Dongpu Reservoir to the north. Metro Line 2 provides convenient transportation. The college has complete facilities and a quiet environment, making it an ideal place for students to become successful in school.

Hefei General Machinery Research Institute is a national first-class research institute with 60 years of accumulation. It is dominated by scientific research and coordinated development of manufacturing, engineering, and education. It has now become a pressure vessel and chemical equipment, refrigeration air conditioning and environmental control technology, fluid machinery, Multi-professional, comprehensive internationally renowned, domestic first-class scientific research institutes composed of packaging food machinery and petroleum equipment, gather a large number of scientific and technological experts such as academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, national selected talents and billions of talents, and scientific research results in the field of mechanical equipment Outstanding, undertook a number of major national scientific research projects and important research projects supporting national defense and military industries, and has won the first and second prizes of the National Science and Technology Progress Award for many times, and won the advanced unit of the group company for 9 consecutive years.

Hefei Institute of General Professional Technology relies on the high-quality resources of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, and makes full use of the technological platform, experimental equipment and industry advantages of central enterprises and first-class scientific research institutes. “Employment for the first time” is the quality policy of education and teaching. Now it has formed “integration of colleges and universities and sharing of resources”. It mainly focuses on equipment manufacturing majors, and is committed to training high-quality professional and skilled personnel and management posts for manufacturing Educational characteristics of talents.

Hefei Institute of General Professional Technology has 5 teaching units including the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Numerical Control and Materials Engineering, the Department of Information and Management Engineering, the Basic Department, and the Training Center. Professional expertise in the fields of containers, refrigeration, and other fields is for professional layout and extension.It has established mechatronics, refrigeration and air conditioning, numerical control, industrial robots, mold design and manufacturing, mechanical quality management and testing, nondestructive testing, electrical automation, e-commerce, digital Thirty-two majors such as media applications and accounting have been preliminarily established as a professional group focusing on machines and combining machines, electricity and management. The college has strong technical expertise and distinctive industry characteristics. It covers the main pillar industries and strategic emerging industries in Anhui Province, and meets the current demand for skilled personnel in the development of advanced manufacturing industries.

Hefei Institute of General Professional Technology has established a vocational education training base supported by the central government—CNC Vocational Education Training Base, National Higher Vocational College Student Training Hefei Engineering Training Base, Anhui Province ’s “Double Teacher Quality” mechanical design and NC technology teacher training base, Anhui province secondary vocational school NC technology teacher training base; established “Hefei General Vocational and Technical College Vocational Skills Appraisal Institute”, with the first eighteen types of CNC machine tool operation, mechanical equipment installation, refrigeration equipment maintenance, etc. Qualifications for appraisal of middle, advanced and advanced vocational skills “; more than 30 professional laboratories and training places including CNC, welding, electrical, refrigeration, metalworking, etc., established in BOE Technology Group, Whirlpool China, Gree, Midea and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises It has established 72 off-campus practice bases to meet the requirements of vocational education for practical ability training.

Hefei Institute of General Professional Technology is closely relying on the high-quality resources of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute, adhering to the concept of running schools by engineers, and vigorously implementing the “combination of engineering and learning” skill talent training model, and has established 2 provincial-level demonstration majors, 7 provincial-level specialty majors, and 4 comprehensive reform pilot specialties, 2 provincial demonstration training centers, 2 provincial school-enterprise cooperative practical education bases, 2 specialties of “safety technology management” and “mechatronics technology” are listed as central finance Supporting the development of the service industry to enhance the professional ability, the training of CNC technology talents was included in the provincial outstanding talent training plan, and 6 courses including CNC programming and operation were rated as provincial excellent courses. The college has strong faculty, with 8 provincial teaching teams, 7 new talents in provincial teaching, 2 provincial professional leaders in vocational colleges, 1 academic and technical leader in Anhui Province, and 4 outstanding model teachers in Anhui Province. 2. Two famous teachers at the provincial level, two winners of the May Day Labor Medal in Anhui Province, one technician in Anhui Province, one red flag bearer in Anhui Province, one chief technician in SINOMACH, two people who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council 1. One national science and technology award review expert. In the past years, it has won 5 first prizes, 8 second prizes, 10 third prizes, 11 provincial teaching achievement awards, 26 invention and utility model patents, and revised national standards and industries. There are 28 standards, including 1 project funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2 research projects funded by the Provincial Department of Education, and about 60 provincial education and research projects. The college gives full play to the advantages of corporate education, and promotes deep-level and comprehensive promotion of order training, modern apprenticeship training, school-enterprise cooperation and other professional and vocational education talent training models. The students trained won the first prize of the National Electronic Design Competition, There are more than 100 national and provincial awards including the second prize of the National English Writing Contest, which demonstrates the college’s mission of “skills as the long”.

Hefei Institute of General Professional Technology makes full use of the advantages and position of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute in the national machinery industry, strengthens the connection with industrial enterprises, and trains talents through the model of “industry cooperation and combination of engineering and learning”; meanwhile, it uses the engineering technology of the Institute In the process of project acceptance and technology transfer, staff recommend graduates to relevant companies, forming a unique “industry group employment” model of our college. At present, our institute has established employment base groups of “one city, two corners and three regions” in Hefei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Wuhu Machinery Industrial Park, Suzhou Economic Development Zone and Kunshan High-tech Zone. The employment rate of graduates has been as high as 96% year after year, ranking first in the province’s higher vocational colleges. The college has been awarded the Anhui Employment Advanced Unit for many times.

The Hefei Institute of General Professional Technology has sent nearly 30,000 high-skilled talents in short supply to the society, solved the problem of the cultivation and employment of children of nearly 30,000 families, and strongly supported the development of local industrial economy. The Anhui Vocational College has achieved outstanding results with the unique vocational education concept of “engineering school”, with good students and high quality. Graduates are welcomed by enterprises, and their employment rate and employment quality are among the best. Among the graduates, a number of national and provincial May 1 labor medal winners, national, provincial and municipal science and technology progress award winners, invention patent winners, participants in major national scientific research projects, chief technicians of group companies, and management of large and medium-sized enterprises , Distribution and technical backbone, successful entrepreneurs. The college has characteristics of vocational skills training, good reputation in student management, and guaranteed employment quality. It is widely welcomed by students, parents and employers.


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