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Hefei Normal University (合肥师范学院, website) is located in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province. The school’s predecessor was the Anhui Institute of Education, which was founded in 1955 and was restructured into a provincial full-time ordinary undergraduate college in 2007. The school is the first batch of pilot units in the country to “provide graduate students with special degrees in special needs of the country”, the implementation unit of the “National Training Program” demonstration training project, the “outstanding teacher training plan” pilot unit, and the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” application-oriented undergraduate integration of production and education Engineering implementation universities, Anhui Province’s first batch of “local application-oriented high-level universities” construction colleges and universities, “entrepreneurship college” project units.

Hefei Normal University currently has three campuses of Fairview, Binhu, and Sanxiaokou, with a campus area of 1295 acres; teaching and scientific research equipment and equipment totaling 169 million yuan, 1.13 million copies of paper books; 840 full-time teachers, of whom 78 are high and vice high 243 people; 2 national candidates for the 10 million talent project, 5 second-level professors, 12 provincial academic technology leaders and reserve candidates, 1 provincial special support program leader, 1 provincial youth talent in the field of publicity and culture, and 1 There are 16 famous teachers and 21 new talents in the provincial education.

Hefei Normal University currently has 15 colleges, 59 undergraduate majors, 11 master’s degree graduate education directions, a total of 15,700 undergraduate and graduate students; 8 provincial specialty majors, and first-class (brand) majors 2 16 high-quality courses, 2 high-quality offline open courses, 27 large-scale online open courses (MOOC); 14 national, provincial, and school-level outstanding talent training programs; 14 provincial-level talent training innovation experimental zones 6, 6 provincial-level professional comprehensive reform pilot projects, 9 provincial-level demonstration experiment (learning) training centers, 14 provincial-level teaching teams, 6 provincial-level school-industry cooperation practice education bases, and provincial-level first-class undergraduate talent demonstration and leadership base One. The Hefei Football Academy, the first college football college in our province, is located in our school.

Hefei Normal University has established South China Blueberry Engineering Technology Research Center, Anhui Key Laboratory of Electronic System Simulation, Anhui Basic Education Reform and Development Collaborative Innovation Center, Anhui University Humanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base “Teacher Education Research Center”, Anhui There are 9 key scientific research platforms such as Provincial Microwave and Communication Engineering Technology Research Center, Anhui Soul Core DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Industrialization Research Institute, Anhui Provincial Optoelectronic Detection Science and Technology Laboratory, and 24 school-level scientific research institutions. In the past three years, he has undertaken 51 national projects such as the National Social Science Fund and Natural Science Foundation; published 1328 academic papers; published 102 books and textbooks; obtained 261 national patents; received 4 science and technology awards in Anhui Province, and provincial level 19 teaching achievement awards (including 2 special awards).

Hefei Normal University trains more than 60,000 specialized personnel of various types and trains 160,000 principals and teachers of primary and secondary schools. In the past three years, our students have won more than 1,000 awards in provincial and above events such as the Challenge Cup, mathematical modeling, robotics, Asian Games, the World University Games, the National University Student Advertising Design Competition, and the Normal Student Skills Competition. Zhou Qingyuan, Zhu Jinfeng , Duan Shiwen, Su Chao, and Wang Shuai won the “Star of Self-improvement for Chinese College Students”, and Zhu Jinfeng also won the title of “Good Chinese”; the quality of students continues to improve, and the admissions scores for arts and sciences rank first in the province’s second batch; undergraduates The initial employment rate remains above 90%. The school has successively been rated as “National Advanced Unit for Social Practice Activities for Three Rural Students in the Countryside in Summer” and “Leading Unit for Graduate Employment in Anhui Province”.

Hefei Normal University is the “National Key Teacher Training Base for Middle and Primary Schools in the Central and Western Regions”, the main expert unit for basic education curriculum reform in Anhui Province; Anhui Primary and Secondary School Teachers’ Continuing Education Center, Anhui Education Management Cadre Training Guidance Center, and Anhui Province Teacher Qualification Certification Center; lead the establishment of “Anhui Basic Education Development Alliance”; cooperate with Taiwan Ming Chuan University to establish “Anhui Education Center”.

Hefei Normal University proactively connects and serves local pillar industries, deepens the industry-university-research cooperation, focuses on the construction of teacher education, electronic information, literature and art disciplines, and focuses on fostering biochemical and economic management disciplines. The school cooperates with the 38th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group and Anhui Huiwang Group to build “soul core” DSP laboratories, PCB and SMT production lines, blueberry deep processing production lines, and other in-school practice training bases; with Hefei National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Linquan County, Mingguang City, Jinzhai County, Bishan County, China Sports Industry, Anhui Xinhua Publishing Group, Lianbao Electronics and other cooperation have jointly established more than 180 campuses, school-enterprise-industry-research cooperation education bases.

Hefei Normal University actively promotes national (foreign) cooperation in running schools, and cooperates with Troy University in the United States and Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland to conduct Sino-foreign cooperative education programs such as “2 + 2” and “3 + 1” undergraduate talent training; University of Wurzbury, Hildesheim University in Germany, Darwin University in Australia and other 15 countries and regions have carried out student exchanges and teacher exchanges; co-established Liu Mingchuan College in cooperation with Taiwan Mingchuan University.

Hefei Normal University was awarded the “Outstanding Achievement Award for National University Campus Cultural Construction”. The school is the first “National Advanced Unit for Spiritual Civilization Construction”, the third and fourth “National Civilized Units”, the sixth to tenth “Provincial Civilized Units”, the first provincial civilized campus, and the ideological and political work of universities in Anhui Province Advanced collective.


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