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Hefei Preschool Education College (合肥幼儿师范高等专科学校, website) was founded in 1980. It was formerly known as Hefei Preschool Education School. In 1992, it was approved by the Provincial Department of Education to become the “Anhui Preschool Teacher Training Center”. In 1999, it began to recruit five-year regular college students. In 2009, it moved to the Hefei Modian Higher Education Base. In 2011, it was upgraded to become the first independent kindergarten teacher’s college in Anhui Province. In 2015, the project was successfully established to build a “high-level university with local skills in Anhui Province”. The school enrolls students in the province and Henan, Jiangxi, Shandong, Zhejiang and other provinces. It has undertaken the tasks of preschool education teacher training, teacher training and educational research in the province. So far, it has trained more than 20,000 qualified preschool and elementary school teachers. Adhering to the integration of pre-service training and post-service training for preschool teachers, it has trained more than 40,000 in-service preschool teachers for the whole province, becoming the main force in the field of preschool teacher education in Anhui Province. He is the chairman and secretary-general of Chen Heqin’s Educational Thought Research Association of Anhui Province, the permanent chairman of Anhui Preschool Education (Junior) Union, the secretariat of Anhui Provincial College Preschool Education Teaching Steering Committee, and the Secretary of Early Childhood Literature Committee of Anhui Children’s Artists Association Everywhere is located in the school.

The Hefei Preschool Education College Xuelin Road campus covers an area of 427 acres. The new Meichong Lake campus, which is under construction in 2019, covers an area of 430 acres. The planned investment is 1.83 billion yuan, and the first phase will be put into use in August 2021. As of August 2019, the school has a completed building area of 205,500 square meters, a total asset value of 225.23 million yuan, a total value of 65.11 million yuan for teaching and scientific research equipment, and 601,000 books.

Hefei Preschool Education College currently has more than 300 employees, including one national teaching team, six provincial teaching teams, and three provincial teacher studios. There are more than 6,000 students on the Xuelin Road Campus. They are divided into three-year colleges starting from high school, five-year colleges starting from junior high school, and two-year undergraduates of “upgrading to college” jointly cultivated with Anhui Normal University. There are currently 14 enrollment majors, of which three majors are pre-school education, special education, and art education, which are national backbone construction majors, and four pre-school education, early education, special education, and art education are provincial specialty.

Hefei Preschool Education College currently cooperates with Suncheon Township University in Korea, Halla University in Jeju, South Korea, Yousong University in Korea, Yosong University in Korea, Chichester University in the United Kingdom, Bloomfield College in the United States, and Yuanpei Medical University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. 2. Minhui Medical and Management College, Zhongyuan University and other foreign (foreign) institutions have established friendly and cooperative relations, and carried out cooperation activities such as student exchange, cooperative school running, teacher visits and training. In 2018, the school became the first batch of “Taiwan exchange bases” in Anhui Province. In 2019, it began to recruit the first foreign students from Indonesia and Cambodia.

The college has taken the initiative to undertake education aid projects in Anhui Province. Since 2011, it has trained 30-50 preschool education students for each year in Pishan County, Xinjiang. At the same time, actively implement the spirit of vocational education reform, give full play to advantageous resources, and support the construction of preschool education specialties in Jinzhai vocational schools in the revolutionary old districts and middle school schools in the province. The school adheres to the concept of combining production, learning, and research, and actively explores the in-depth cooperation model with local government “public construction and public” chain kindergartens. At the end of 2017, it led the formation of the Hefei Preschool Education Group. Currently, the group has 25 kindergartens to lead the development of the preschool education industry.

After 39 years of development, Hefei Preschool Education College has enjoyed a good reputation throughout the country, and has been praised by national ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Personnel and Social Security, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection for many times. National Advanced Units in Language and Character Work, National Advanced Units in Sports Work, Advanced Collectives in Anhui Education System, Anhui Higher Vocational Education Development Benchmarking School, Provincial and Civilized Units, Health Units, etc.


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