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Introduction to Heilongjiang Agricultural Engineering Vocational College

Heilongjiang Agricultural Engineering Vocational College (黑龙江农业工程职业学院, website) was founded in 1949, formerly known as the Heilongjiang Agricultural Mechanization School, and is the first professional school in New China to specialize in training agricultural mechanization and economic management talents. In 2001, with the approval of Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Government, it was renamed and promoted to Heilongjiang Agricultural Engineering Vocational College. In 2005, it was rated as an advanced unit of national vocational education by seven ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Education. In 2006, it was awarded the National Higher Vocational College Evaluation Outstanding Institute. The university was awarded the “National Typical College of Employment Experience” in 2013, and was awarded the pacesetter of provincial civilized units for five consecutive times. A number of construction achievements were selected into the Typical Case Achievements Exhibition of the Ministry of Education. Former leaders of the Ministry of Education, Zhou Ji, Deputy Minister Wang Zhan, Lu Xin and other leaders successively visited the college to inspect and guide the work, and fully affirmed and highly praised the development and construction of the college.

Heilongjiang Agricultural Engineering Vocational College covers an area of 2.04 million square meters, a construction area of 240,000 square meters, fixed assets of 350 million yuan, and a total value of teaching equipment of 130 million yuan. There are all kinds of sports venues such as gymnasiums, plastic playgrounds, university student activity centers, etc .; there are 135 modern training rooms such as automobile comprehensive A-level testing lines, MPS modular production and processing systems, network technology training platforms, etc .; 116 multimedia classrooms, books The library has more than 500,000 books; it has 22 training and production bases in the school, including the BMW BEST training center, ZTE College, Ford training center, northern cold facility agricultural demonstration park, and intelligent vehicle testing and maintenance center. It is a national training base for the shortage of skilled personnel in the field of numerical control technology and automobile application and maintenance, and a national base for vocational education and training in electrical engineering, electronics and automation technology, and numerical control technology. Established 493 integrated off-campus training and employment bases with more than 100 well-known enterprises, which fully meets the needs of student internship training and employment.

The college has 8,200 students, 581 faculty members, 404 full-time teachers, 35 professors, 118 associate professors, and 302 dual-teacher teachers. There are 2 national teaching teams, 4 provincial teaching teams, and 18 provincial and ministerial teaching teachers. In the past three years, a total of 70 teachers have been qualified as trainers for international large companies such as Case New Holland, Huawei, Siemens, etc., and have carried out technical skills training for industry enterprises, which has been highly recognized by the enterprises. The college has 8 secondary colleges, such as the College of Agricultural Machinery, the College of Mechanical Engineering, the College of Automation, the College of Automotive, the College of Information, the College of Economics and Management, the College of Animal Science and Technology, and the College of Humanities, and provides agricultural machinery application technology, automotive inspection and maintenance technology, and numerical control technology. , Mechatronics technology, logistics management, covering a total of 35 majors in science, industry, agriculture, management and other fields, and recruits students nationwide. There are currently 2 national teaching reform pilot specialties, 10 national key construction majors (demonstration sites), 5 provincial key construction majors, 6 national quality courses, and 19 provincial quality courses. The level of professional construction ranks at the forefront of higher vocational colleges in Heilongjiang Province.

Heilongjiang Agricultural Engineering Vocational College has repeatedly represented Heilongjiang Province in national competitions in the fields of vocational skills, sports and sports, and has won 3 first prizes and 66 third prizes or more, accounting for more than 30% of the province’s total awards. In previous national college student innovation achievement exchange competitions, it won 3 national first prizes and 2 second and third prizes respectively, ranking first in the province’s higher vocational colleges. The college also has the National Skills Appraisal Office and the Ministry of Agriculture No. 185 Occupation Appraisal Station, which can identify 107 types of work, and students can obtain the corresponding vocational skill certificates while they are in school. Established a long-term mechanism of cooperative school running, cooperative education, cooperative employment, and cooperative development with more than a hundred large-scale enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry and Harbin’s Three Great Powers. For enterprises for three consecutive years, the employment rate reached 95%. The college has been awarded the “Advanced Unit for Employment of College Students” in Heilongjiang Province for many years, and its employment quality ranks among the top universities in the province.

Heilongjiang Agricultural Engineering Vocational College has continuously expanded foreign exchanges and cooperation. It has conducted international exchanges and cooperation with 12 universities in 8 countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, and South Korea. Big category project. Cooperate with 4 universities in South Korea to run schools and jointly train international new advanced vocational and technical talents. In the past five years, 368 students have been selected to study abroad, and a total of 1095 students have been trained. 386 teachers have been sent to Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore and other vocational education developed countries to visit, study and exchange. The school serves the construction of the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor and the East Asia-Europe Land and Sea Silk Road Economic Belt. It has carried out 241 trainings in agricultural technology export to Russia and more than 310 trainings in cross-border e-commerce logistics technology. Multinational corporations cooperate, introduce international standards, train international talents, and provide talent support for the country’s implementation of the “go global” strategy.

The college has won one second prize of national teaching achievement, four first prizes of provincial education and teaching achievement, ten second prizes, four first prizes of provincial agricultural science and technology progress award, and 74 national patents. A total of 12 national professional standards, training materials, and appraisal test libraries for the agricultural and automobile industries have been developed for the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Communications. It cooperates with large and medium-sized enterprises in the province to jointly carry out 53 scientific research and application technology research projects, develop 13 new products, and create direct economic benefits for enterprises of nearly 20 million yuan.


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