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Heilongjiang International University (黑龙江外国语学院, website) is a full-time general undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education. It is the only foreign language undergraduate college in Heilongjiang Province. The school is located in the “Northern Ice City”-Harbin.

Heilongjiang International University has more than 9,400 full-time undergraduates and 91 foreign students from all continents. There are more than 600 faculty members, including 541 full-time teachers, 179 teachers with overseas study or work experience, accounting for 56.47% of the total number of self-employed teachers, 78.74% with a graduate degree or above; It accounts for 47.13%, including 3 experts who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council, 4 national second-level professors, and more than 40 teachers who have won honors such as provincial teaching teachers and advanced individuals in colleges and universities.

The university has 11 departments: English, Applied English, Russian, Eastern, Western, German, French, Chinese, Art, Economic Management, Information Engineering, and International Hotel Management. Professional, including English, Russian, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, translation, business English, Korean, Chinese language and literature, Chinese international education, broadcasting and hosting art, environmental art, visual communication design, Animation, international economics and trade, marketing, financial management, human resource management, hotel management, computer science and technology, digital media technology, e-commerce, 13 of which are related to “University of Salamanca, Spain” and “Second Lyon, France” More than 40 overseas universities, including “University”, “University of Magdeburg, Germany”, “Russian State Pushkin Russian Academy”, “Altai State University”, “Korean Dazhen University”, “Scottish National Language Center”, “Fukuoka University, Japan”.

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The college English major was rated as the key construction discipline and key construction major in Heilongjiang Province. Majors in business English, Russian, and financial management were rated as key school construction majors; majors in Japanese, Korean, hotel management, Chinese international education, and marketing were rated as school specialties. In 2016, Heilongjiang Province ’s undergraduate professional evaluation pilot work, our college’s English major ranked 15th among the 29 ordinary universities in the province, and the marketing major ranked 14th among the 24 general colleges in the province. The first undergraduate college. The majors of English, Business English, and translation are ranked first in the 2017 Chinese Private University Rankings by the Alumni Association, and the Korean, Japanese, French, and German majors are ranked second in the 2017 Chinese Private University Rankings by Spanish and Russian majors. In the 2017 Alumni Association, China’s private universities ranked third.

Heilongjiang International University has abundant school resources and brand advantages in the training of foreign language talents in Heilongjiang Province, and has formed distinctive features in the quality of applied foreign language talents. According to the third-party survey report of Maxus Corporation, the overall satisfaction of the 2016 graduates of the employment guidance service is 86%, which is 11 percentage points higher than that of non-211 universities (75%) in the country; Graduates’ satisfaction with employment status is 76%, which is 10% higher than that of non-211 undergraduate colleges (all 66%); the initial employment rate of graduates in 2016 exceeded the provincial average.

Heilongjiang International University has established cooperative relationships with 46 universities in 15 countries including Russia and the United States, including the Russian State Pushkin Russian Academy, Russia’s Post-Baikal National University, the University of Salamanca, Spain, and Rutgers University in the world. In the 2016-2017 school year, 682 students went abroad for cultural exchanges, study abroad, internships, employment, and recruited foreign students from Russia and other countries.

The university spends nearly 10 million yuan each year on the introduction of outstanding foreign teachers and the training of teachers’ overseas exchanges. There are currently 62 foreign teachers in the school. Dr. Joseph, a foreign teacher, is one of the first six A-level foreign high-level talents introduced in the province.

Heilongjiang International University introduces high-quality teaching resources such as original foreign textbooks and Telford International Examinations; the school is the American College Preparatory Course Examination (AP), the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Bureau International Examination Certificate (LCCI), and the Cambridge University Examinations Cambridge English Test Level 5 (MSE), Cambridge University Examination Board Cambridge English Teaching Ability Certificate (TKT), International Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), Spanish International Assessment Test and other international test (testing) training centers, It is convenient for students to obtain an authoritative international universal professional certificate on campus.

The university is also a member of some authoritative alliance organizations, including the World University Presidents Union, European Business Schools Union, Northeast China Russia Siberia and Far East University Presidents Union, American Vocational Education Association, Sino-Russian Asian University Alliance; Cambridge University International Examination Centre, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Authority LCCI Examination Centre, ACCA Examination Centre.

The University has vigorously carried out exchange student projects and overseas learning exchange practice projects, and only 682 students went abroad (borders) for cultural exchange, study abroad, internships and employment in the 2016-2017 academic year. The school is a Chinese partner of 7 Confucius Classrooms under the Confucius Institute of Chinese Medicine in London, UK. Teachers and student volunteers are regularly sent to overseas Confucius Classrooms to conduct Chinese language teaching and promotion of Chinese culture.

The university has a 26,000-square-meter practice teaching center. The center has 97 on-campus training bases, including simultaneous interpretation training rooms, simulated United Nations halls, foreign language virtual scene ring teaching halls, studios, Dragon Theatre, and foreign language salon The school also has an entrepreneurial park of nearly 4,000 square meters, which provides conditions for students to start their own businesses and attract companies to enter the school for cooperation. The school has built nearly 200 shared practice teaching and training bases outside the school. There are more than 40 training bases at home and abroad, including the Spanish National Language Testing Standards Development Center of the University of Salamanca, Spain, the Scottish National Language Resource Center of the Scottish National Language Center, and the Russian largest Russian center of Altai State University, Russia.

Heilongjiang International University regularly organizes events such as the “Sino-Russian College Students ‘Culture and Art Festival” and “Sino-Korean College Students’ Culture and Art Festival” every year. Canadian Cultural Week “; French and other embassies and consulates in China set our school as the main venue for cultural exchange activities in Heilongjiang Province.

The University encourages and fully subsidizes students to participate in competitions at home and abroad. Among them, he went to Russia to participate in Russian competitions for college students in the Russian Far East, and went to Taiwan to participate in the Asia-Pacific distribution industry simulation management decision competition and other international competitions. He has won more than 100 international competition awards. In recent years, Longwai students have won more than 2,000 international, national, provincial and ministerial awards in various foreign language and professional competitions, ranking them at the forefront of similar institutions.

In the 2017 China Alumni Association Online University Rankings, the university ranked 2nd in the nation’s private language universities and 29th in the top 100 private universities in the country. In the 2018 China Alumni Association Online University Rankings, the school ranked 2nd in the nation ’s private language universities, Heilongjiang Province ’s private colleges ranked 1st, and the national private undergraduate colleges ranked 26th.


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