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HeilongJiang University of Technology (黑龙江工业学院, website) is a comprehensive full-time public undergraduate school approved by the Ministry of Education. The school is located in the border city of China and Russia-Jixi. Jixi is located in the core area of the Northeast Asian economic circle. It is the window and frontier of the country ’s “Belt and Road” strategy. It is the birthplace of the Chinese Air Force.

HeilongJiang University of Technology is located on the shore of Xingkai Lake, a boundary lake between China and Russia. It is located in the center of Jixi City. The area of education and teaching is 536,500 square meters. There are 60 training bases and 51 off-campus practice teaching bases. The total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 81,529,900 yuan, and the library has a collection of 964,800 books. 19 undergraduate programs (10 in engineering, 3 in management, 3 in literature, 1 each in law, education, and art). Mining engineering, safety engineering, mineral processing engineering, materials engineering, surveying and mapping engineering, food quality and safety, and Russian are all specialties that directly serve localities. There are 9093 full-time students, including 6,600 undergraduates. There are 690 faculty members, including 466 full-time teachers, 372 doctoral and master degree staff, and 186 professors and associate professors. State Council Special Allowance Expert, Provincial Government Special Allowance Expert, Provincial Teacher, Rookie of Teaching, Municipal Discipline Leader, 30 Professional and Technical Talents, 3 Provincial Teaching Teams, Academicians and Chief Appointments from Key Universities and Research Institutions Professors, tenured professors and visiting professors are 12 part-time professors and 79 part-time teachers are hired from industry companies.

HeilongJiang University of Technology has 1 post-doctoral research station, 2 provincial key laboratories, and 5 provincial technology R & D centers. Leads the development of two provincial standards. Since the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, nearly 700 department-level and above awards have been won, and nearly 200 patents have been authorized, of which 3 invention patents have filled the province’s gaps. The discharge plasma graphite purification and collaborative innovation research base construction project has won 4 million provincial special funds. More than 10 projects including graphite purification, biopharmaceuticals, biomass liquefaction, photoelectric information technology, new material development, new energy environmental protection, rice automatic control, and development of science and technology plan management systems have achieved results transformation. Established the School Science and Technology Association, which was approved as a unit supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

HeilongJiang University of Technology has established sister school and primary partnerships with universities and research institutions in Russia, South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries. Cooperated with Russia, South Korea and other universities to carry out the “3 + 1 + 2” continuous reading program for undergraduates and masters to carry out normalized undergraduates to Russia to experience study tours, language course study tours, professional practice study tours and learning exchanges. Issue policies to support teachers to increase overseas learning and experience. At the same time, strengthen cooperation and exchanges between campuses, schools and enterprises, and schools within and outside the province, and take the lead in establishing a “school government and enterprise service college student employment and entrepreneurship consortium” in the country, building a human resources market on campus and sending employment and entrepreneurship guidance services At the campus, we realized resource sharing, complementary advantages, and service reconstruction. The experience was promoted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs, and the school was named the province’s college student employment and entrepreneurship success training base and the province’s college student entrepreneurship training demonstration base.


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