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Introduction to Henan Industry and Trade Vocational College

Henan Industry and Trade Vocational College (河南工业贸易职业学院, website) is a provincial-owned public higher vocational college. The college has a long history and profound cultural heritage. In 1950, the predecessor of the college, the Training Course for Grain Cadres of the Finance Department of Henan Province, was established in Kaifeng, the then provincial capital. When the provincial capital moved to Zheng in 1953, the new school, which had been renamed the Henan Grain Cadre School, also settled in No. 4 Yousheng North Road, Zhengzhou. In 1965, the Henan Provincial Grain School was proclaimed, and together with the Henan Provincial Grain Cadre School, it took on the tasks of personnel training and cadre training in the province’s grain industry. In 1997, the school was renamed the Henan Economic and Trade School again. In 2004, with the approval of the Henan Provincial People’s Government, and in 2005, the Ministry of Education recorded the establishment of the Henan Vocational College of Industry and Trade on the basis of the Henan Economic and Trade School, and the school has therefore entered the ranks of ordinary colleges and universities.

Henan Industry and Trade Vocational College is divided into north and south campuses, covering an area of 350,000 square meters and a total construction area of 210,000 square meters. There are 8 teaching departments and 35 majors (directions), including 1 provincial key specialty and 1 provincial specialty. There are 52 on-campus experimental training centers (rooms), including 1 national-level training base, 4 provincial-level demonstration training bases, and 54 off-campus practice bases. It is the eight competence test points and training points of the National Marketing Qualification Examination, the National Logistics Qualification Examination, and the National Computer Rank Examination. The total value of the college’s existing fixed assets is 20,092,000 yuan, and the total value of teaching equipment is 41.3 million yuan. The college library holds more than 500,000 books. The college has well-equipped apartment-style dormitories, student and staff cafeterias, standard sports fields, and more. Good school conditions have laid a solid material foundation for the college to improve the quality of talent training.

Henan Industry and Trade Vocational College always regards strengthening the construction of the teaching staff as the first strategic task, and insists on “persistence and persistence”. The College currently has 412 faculty members, of which 64 are senior professional and technical teachers, 72 are teachers with master degrees or above, 159 are “dual-professional” teachers, and 6 teachers have been named provincial academic and technical leaders, and 10 Teachers have been selected as provincial key teachers and provincial outstanding teachers. More than 10 teachers have served as chairpersons, directors, directors, deputy directors, and secretary-generals in academic groups above the provincial level. A high-quality teacher team with reasonable structure, noble teacher ethics, proficient business, and rigorous academic studies has provided a reliable guarantee for continuously improving the quality of college education and teaching.

Henan Industry and Trade Vocational College has always adhered to the strict and rigorous tradition of running schools into all aspects of daily education and teaching, highlighted the strengthening of professional construction, and constantly improved the teaching quality evaluation and supervision system, supervision and inspection system, and information feedback system, forming a productive talent Cultivate quality monitoring system. The college has always adhered to the principle of “study with teaching to promote research, promote research with research, and educate talents through teaching and research,” so that the teaching team has a strong ability of teaching and research, and has achieved fruitful teaching and research results. In the past two years, the faculty and staff of the hospital have undertaken more than 90 provincial and ministerial-level and department-level teaching and scientific research projects, published more than 800 academic papers in public journals, and published nearly 160 monographs, teaching materials, and teaching supplementary materials, including 3 Teaching and research achievements have been awarded provincial and ministerial awards.

Henan Industry and Trade Vocational College has successively cooperated with Sichuan University, Nankai University, Capital Normal University to carry out remote undergraduate education, in-service personnel studying for master’s degree education, and other cooperation projects. Overseas universities such as Harper Adams University in the UK and other universities have conducted exchanges and cooperation, forming an open school-based structure based on Henan, facing the country and heading for the world.

Henan Industry and Trade Vocational College was awarded the “National Outstanding Contribution Award for the Cultivation of Skilled Talents in the Food Industry” by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and the “Outstanding Contribution Award for the Cultivation of Skilled Talents in the Grain Industry” by the State Grain Administration, and the “Four-Five-Five-Public Law Advanced Unit of the National Grain System” “, Was named” National Advanced Vocational School of Vocational Guidance Work “by the Ministry of Education, was awarded the title of” National Vocational Education Management Innovation School “by the Chinese Educational Society, and was rated” the top ten influential occupations in Henan Province by the public Institutions. ” In 2008, our college was rated as “excellent” in the national talent training level assessment. It was named “Provincial Civilized Unit” by the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and Henan Provincial People’s Government. Strong faculty, first-class facilities, beautiful environment, and strong education atmosphere make the college an ideal school for teachers and students, a comfortable home, a paradise for education, beautiful gardens, and a secure campus.


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