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Henan Normal University is located in the famous city of Xinxiang in the north of Henan Province, with the majestic Taihang River in the north and the gigantic Yellow River in the south, on the shore of the beautiful Weishui River. The university is a university supported by the National Plan for Revitalization of Higher Education in Mid-West China, a university implemented by the National “111 Plan”, a university jointly built by the People’s Government of Henan Province and the Ministry of Education, a school with excellent undergraduate teaching evaluation by the Ministry of Education, a backbone university with special features in Henan Province, and a “double first-class” university in Henan Province. “The university has been selected as one of the second national civilized campuses and has been a national civilized unit for three times.

The university is rich in history and resources. The predecessor of the university is Zhongzhou University (formerly the predecessor of Henan National University), which was founded in 1923, and Plain Teachers College, which was founded in 1951. In the course of its 100 years of operation, the university has gradually forged the motto of “Virtue, Knowledge, and Perfection”, the school spirit of “Virtue, Righteousness, and Harmony”, the school style of “Cultivating the best learning, establishing the model of the world, enlightening wisdom, and improving character”, and the teaching style of “Honesty, simplicity, and simplicity”. The university has accumulated and precipitated the spirit of Shidai, which is “to pursue civilization and morality, to be sincere and moral, to be simple and truthful”, and is known both inside and outside the province for its simple school style, positive teaching style, strong learning style and high teaching standard. The university covers an area of 1,395,300 square meters, with a building area of 1,100,100 square meters, 3,261,800 volumes of Chinese and foreign language paper books and 10,458,900 volumes of electronic books. It has built the world’s only Pavarotti Music and Art Center and the largest and most diverse biological resources museum in Henan Province, and runs affiliated middle schools, affiliated elementary school and kindergartens.

The university has a complete range of disciplines and a complete training system. There are 11 major disciplines including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, management and art. There are 25 colleges (departments) and 88 undergraduate majors, including 34 national first-class undergraduate majors and 23 provincial first-class undergraduate majors; 32 master’s degree subjects and 21 master’s degree categories, 10 doctoral degree subjects and one doctoral degree category, 7 postdoctoral research stations, and more than 75,000 students of all kinds. There are 2 national bases of disciplinary innovation (“111 Program”), 4 special backbone A disciplines in Henan Province, 1 special backbone discipline (group) in Henan Province, 28 first-level key disciplines in Henan Province, 5 disciplines including chemistry, engineering, material science, environment/ecology, plant and animal science, etc. continue to enter Chemistry, engineering, material science, environment/ecology, plant and animal science, etc. have been ranked in the top 1% of ESI, and 3 disciplines, including chemistry, earth and environmental science, physics, etc., have been ranked in the top 100 disciplines of mainland universities in the field of natural index.

The university has a strong faculty and a large number of top talents. Since the establishment of the university, Cao Liqing, Hao Xiangwu, Sun Xiangzheng, Zhao Xinwu, Zhao Jibin, Li Junfu, Yao Congong, Wei Mingchu, Fan Yingchuan, Du Mengmo, Sun Zuoyun, Huang Dunci, Xu Mengying, Lu Jinsuo and other famous scholars have taught and taught in the university. In recent years, a large number of influential experts and scholars at home and abroad have emerged, such as Wang Jianji, Lu Gongru, Xu Cunshuan, Guo Zongming, and Chang Junbiao. Among them, there are 9 double-appointed academicians, more than 100 high-level talents such as National Outstanding Professional and Technical Talents, National Outstanding Youth, National Excellent Youth, National Ten Thousand Plan, Changjiang Scholars and Zhongyuan Scholars, 2 science and technology innovation teams of the Ministry of Education, 3 national teaching masters, 2 national teaching teams, and 1 winner of 100 excellent doctoral dissertations nationwide. According to the evaluation of Chinese universities in recent years, the academic level of our teachers and the performance of teachers ranked among the top universities in Henan Province.

The university insists on establishing moral education and has fruitful education and teaching results. The university is the implementation university of National Excellent Teacher Training Program, National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students and National Excellent Agricultural and Forestry Talents Education Training Program. It has 4 national and 9 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 3 national and 26 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching programs. It has been awarded 94 national quality project projects and 7 national teaching achievement awards (the last four), and is playing an increasingly important leading and model role in the reform of teacher education in Henan Province. The students have won many awards in the China Internet+ Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the Challenge Cup National Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition for College Students, the Creative Youth National College Student Entrepreneurship Competition, and the National College Student Mathematical Modeling Competition, In the “Toshiba Cup”, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the students have been ranked among the top three for six consecutive years in the “Toshiba Cup”, and won the highest prize of the seventh competition – the Innovation Award. In addition In addition, it also won the China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award, the champion of Taekwondo World Cup team competition and the three highest awards in the arts, including the China Music Golden Bell Award, the China Drama Award – Campus Drama Award and the China Dance Lotus Award, becoming the only university in China with three awards at the same time.

The university insists on scientific and technological innovation and serves the society with remarkable results. The university has built 59 research platforms at the provincial and ministerial levels, including the incubation base of the State Key Laboratory of Cell Differentiation and Regulation, the National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory, the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, and the Key Laboratory of the State Pharmaceutical Administration. In recent years, the university has hosted and undertaken 2,614 scientific research projects, including the National Key Research and Development Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Social Science Foundation of China, the National Outstanding Youth Fund, the National Excellent Youth Fund, the National Star and Fire Program, the National Foundation of China, and major provincial and ministerial research projects, and won the National Innovation Award, the Gold Medal of China Patent, the Second Prize of the National Natural Science Award, the Second Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress, and the Second Prize of the Ministry of Education. Second Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress, Second Prize of Natural Science of Ministry of Education, First Prize of Natural Science of Henan Province, First Prize of Technical Invention of Henan Province, Development Research Award of Henan Government, Excellent Achievement Award of Social Science of Henan Province, etc. 230 scientific research achievements at provincial and ministerial level, 3 new brand think tanks of Henan universities and 1 laboratory of philosophy and social science of Henan universities have been approved, 2,318 invention patents have been authorized, 735 academic books and textbooks have been published. 735 academic books and textbooks. A large number of high-level academic papers have been published in top journals at home and abroad, such as Nature, Science, PNAS, JACS, ANGEW, Philosophy Research, Political Science Research, Management World, History Research, Education Research and Marxism Research. We have made a number of landmark achievements in basic mathematics, theoretical physics, green chemistry, bioengineering, drug research and development, environmental science, contemporary Chinese political culture, the study of the Middle Kingdom culture and the Yin Shang oracle bones, and the study of the music and culture of the Yellow River basin, some of which are at the international advanced level. A number of achievements with independent intellectual property rights, such as anti-tumor, anti-virus series of nucleoside drugs and power lithium-ion battery diaphragm, have been industrialized, and Azivudine was approved for marketing as the first new class 1 drug for oral treatment of new coronavirus infection in China.

The university adheres to open schooling and deepens international cooperation. The university has actively participated in the “One Belt, One Road” education initiative, promoted international cooperation and humanistic exchanges with high quality, established long-term friendly cooperation with more than 70 high-level institutions in the United States, Russia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Belarus, Japan, Korea and other countries (regions), and carried out various types of undergraduate and postgraduate We have established the “Sino-Russian Culture and Art University Alliance” with 7 universities in China and obtained the approval of both governments, held 4 Sino-foreign cooperative undergraduate education programs with the University of Wisconsin, the University of Perpignan and the Belarusian State University of Physical Education, and established the “Sino-French Joint College” with the University of Perpignan. The “Sino-French Joint College” with the University of Perpignan, the “International Football Education Institute” with the National Football Association of the Netherlands, the Confucius Institute with Sargodha University in Pakistan, and the Confucius Classroom with Millennium Education Group in Pakistan and Awakening People’s School in Thailand, marked a new step in our education The opening-up strategy has reached a new level.

The century-long history of Henan Normal University has been sharpened and nurtured; the century-long history of Henan Normal University has been a great success. Over the past 100 years since its establishment, Henan Normal University has been committed to cultivating socialist builders and successors with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic skills, and has trained more than 300,000 talents of all kinds. Among the graduates, there have emerged Zhang Unification and Zhang Lockjiang, academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as many national outstanding youth, national excellent youth, Changjiang scholars, provincial and ministerial leaders, famous entrepreneurs and many excellent principals of primary and secondary schools. With good political quality, solid professional skills, rigorous work style and impressive work performance, the graduates have won the praise of the community and the honor of their alma mater.

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