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Henan is the cradle of Chinese nation and Chinese culture. Henan university of Chinese medicine was established in 1958, formerly Henan provincial training college of Traditional Chinese Medicine, originated in1955 in Kaifeng City. As the second batch of national colleges and universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, HUCM has 4 campuses with an area of 262.75 acres. The university was listed in Midwestern Higher Education Revitalization Plan, co-sponsored university by province and ministry, the first batch of university conferring Master’s Degree, enrolling students from overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.HUCM achieved excellent prizein Assessment of Work Level of Undergraduate Teaching in Colleges and Universities by Ministry of Education. HUCM was designated to encourage overseas students getting Chinese Government Scholarship and confers doctor degree.

Following the guide of the law of higher education and the development of higher education of Chinese medicine, by improving the structure of academic disciplines, the university has developed into the formation of a multidisciplinary coordinated development of the school structure with coordinated multi-disciplinary educational programs in medicine, technology, management, engineering and art with traditional Chinese medicine as the main body.

There is a competent and excellent teaching faculty in HUCM, and among them, 4 were awarded national great master of TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine), 1 candidate for New Century Talents Project, and three candidates for National High-level Personnel of Special Support Program. Forty-four scholars at home and abroad employed as tenured professor, chair professor. There are twenty-four key disciplines approved by state administration of TCM and 1 advanced characteristic discipline of Henan province.

HUCM consists of 18 schools (departments and centers) including School of Basic medicine, School of pharmacy, No.1 clinical medical school. The university has 24 majors conferring bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctor degree and been approved as post doctoral research station, which has developed into a complete system of training TCM talent guidelines. Recruiting students from more than thirty provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan in China and abroad, HUCM has over 19,000 full-time students and cultivated over 90,000 talents of Chinese medicine for the society. The university library has a collection of 1,600,000 books. There are three directly affiliated hospitals, 7 indirectly affiliated hospitals and 127training bases.

Due to the emphasis of teaching and research, the university has owned twenty-nine provincial-level scientific and research platforms including international science and technology base of Ministry of Science and Technology, State clinical research base of TCM. In recent years, the university has won four National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology. The theoretical research and clinical efficacy of TCM in the prevention and treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, the prevention and treatment of AIDS of traditional Chinese medicine, the academic level and comprehensive strength of TCM Pediatrics take the lead in China.

HUCM has developed international cooperation and communication for over thirty years with nearly fifty universities, research and medical institutions, companies in talent cultivation, scientific research, medical service, research and development of products and so on. As the international base of the “Belt and Road” initiative for the inherence of Chinese medicine and minimally invasive treatment (acupuncture and needle treatment) approved by state administration of TCM, HUCM is the first university of Chinese medicine starting overseas educational program.

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