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Introduction to Hengshui College of Vocational Technology

Hengshui College of Vocational Technology (衡水职业技术学院, website), founded in 1923, is a public higher vocational college approved by the People’s Government of Hebei Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. The college is located in the center of the Vocational Education Park in Hengshui City, adjacent to Hongqi Street in the east and the national nature reserve in the south—Hengshui Lake with beautiful waves and beautiful scenery.

Hengshui College of Vocational Technology currently has 2 departments: Department of Computer, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Biological Engineering, Department of Economic Management, Department of Art, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Social Science and Department of Sports Work. It has 33 enrollment majors, 2 central financial support major construction majors, 2 provincial backbone majors, and 1 provincial arts and crafts design and demonstration major. There are 79 on-campus training rooms and 83 off-campus training and practice bases, including a national and provincial and municipal co-construction of a mechatronics technology training center, a provincial modern equipment manufacturing collaborative innovation center, and a provincial school A productive training base was jointly established by the enterprises. There are 285 faculty members and more than 4,000 students.

In 2016, 7 projects including the Hengshui College of Vocational Technology New Energy Vehicle Productive Training Base were awarded the Hebei Provincial Higher Vocational Education Innovation Development Action Plan. Pilot unit for diagnosis and improvement of internal quality assurance system in higher vocational colleges.

Hengshui College of Vocational Technology students participated in the national and provincial college student professional skills competitions, and won more than 150 awards. Among them, the “escape dream” team of the e-commerce major of the economic management department, in the second “Xtep Cup” national e-commerce In the actual competition, the only “Xtep Star” award was won; in July 2016, at the 15th National University Robot Competition, the computer department “Hengzhi Beihao Creative Robot” entrepreneurial team, and Tsinghua University, China University of Science and Technology More than 60 college teams competed on the same stage, and the entry “Smart Cane” won the third prize in one fell swoop, which caused a great response in the society.

Hengshui College of Vocational Technology has implemented in-depth cooperation with more than 20 enterprises including Xisan Neihua Art Co., Ltd. and Hebei Tiantai Software Technology Co., Ltd., which has opened up new paths for reforming the school-running model and talent training model.

The college vigorously promotes group-based education, actively builds new growth poles for cross-development, and jointly signed the Hengshui Hengzhi Transportation Vocational Education Group-based Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with the Hengshui City Transportation Bureau and the Wuyi County People’s Government. The inauguration ceremony of Hengzhi Transportation Vocational Education Group opened a milestone in the development history of the city’s vocational education group education.

The college actively responded to the national call for “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, and further promoted the education of innovation and entrepreneurship. It has successively established “college entrepreneurial incubation bases”, “Hengshui Hengshi technology business incubator”, “Hengshui Zhongchuang space”, and “Hengshui Lake ecological tourism culture”. “Creative Park”, with a total area of more than 10,000 square meters for entrepreneurship platforms, and more than 80 entrepreneurial entities, which have produced extensive social demonstration effects. “Creative Space” and “National Crowd Creation Space” and many other awards.

Hengshui College of Vocational Technology also won the honorary title of “National Eight Eight Red Flag Units”, the Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Agency “Hebei Province High-skilled Talent Training Base”, the China Invention Association and other four units “National Higher Vocational Colleges Innovation and Innovation Education Base “.


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