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Introduction to Hengshui University

Hengshui University (衡水学院, website) is located in the urban area of Hengshui City, Hebei Province, known as the “Northern Lake City”. The campus covers an area of 321,000 square meters, the building area of the school building is 338,000 square meters, and the total fixed assets are 760 million yuan. The campus has beautiful scenery and pleasant environment. It has been awarded the “400 Best National Afforestation and Greening Departments in National Sectors”, “Advanced Unit of Patriotic Hygiene in Hebei Province”, and has been awarded “Hebei Garden-style Unit” three times.

Hengshui University currently has 15 secondary colleges, 2 public teaching departments, and 54 undergraduate majors, which are divided into 9 disciplines including literature, science, engineering, education, economics, management, art, law, and agriculture. There are 14,000 full-time students and 9,000 correspondence students. The students come from 30 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions except Hong Kong, Macao, and Tibet.

Hengshui University has 914 full-time teachers, including 466 teachers with senior professional titles, and 882 teachers with doctoral degrees (degrees). It has a group of experts who have received special allowances from the State Council, national model teachers, winners of the Zeng Xianzi Award, experts at the provincial level, Teachers at the level of teaching, provincial middle-aged and young social science experts, provincial “three-three-three” talents, outstanding teachers at the provincial level, and top-notch professionals at the provincial and municipal level. The school is the president of Hebei Province’s intangible cultural heritage research base, philosophy and social science research base, and the Dongzhongshu Research Association of Hebei Province. It has a number of scientific research institutions such as the Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and the Hengshui Lake Wetland Protection Research Institute. “Journal of Hengshui University” published at home and abroad. The school has complete teaching and cultural facilities. It has a collection of 1.25 million paper books and 6.33 million electronic books. There are various types of literature databases for teachers and students to use for free.

Hengshui University is a “National Standardization Model School of Languages”; the Academic Affairs Office is named “National Advanced Academic Affairs Office of General Colleges and Universities”; it has “provincial history of ancient Chinese literature”, “history of foreign literature”, and “English literature”; Key management disciplines such as “Management Science and Engineering”, “Microbiology”, “Genetics”, “Analytical Chemistry”, “Animation Design” and other key development disciplines; undergraduate graduate admissions rates, college English pass rates and The pass rate of non-computer major computer first-level exams is among the best in the same colleges and universities in the province. The school has repeatedly made great achievements in the previous Universiade in Hebei Province. It successfully passed the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment of the Ministry of Education, and the biological science major passed the provincial pre-assessment of the second-level provincial teacher education major.

Hengshui University supports students to participate in various teaching-related competitions to improve their practical and innovative abilities. Students participate in the National College Student Mathematical Modeling Contest, National College Student Career Planning Contest, National College Students Art Show, National Accordion Show Competition, China In the first chorus competition of the Music Golden Bell Award, Hebei University Network Skills Contest, Hebei Province’s “Star of the Century” English Speech Contest, and “Challenge Cup” Hebei University Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, all performed well. , Silver and other awards. It was named “Hebei Minority Sports Training Base”, “Hebei Bridge Teaching Base”, “Hengshui Youth Science and Technology Innovation Education Demonstration Base” and “Hengshui Sports Instructor Training Center”.

Hengshui University is based on the positioning of applied undergraduate universities, focusing on market demand for talents, focusing on practical teaching and training skills, and training high-quality applied talents who have a solid theoretical foundation and strong professional skills. We have cooperated extensively with many enterprises, institutions and social organizations to establish more than 190 practical training bases. Graduates have a one-time employment rate of more than 80%, and have been among the forefront of similar universities for many years. In particular, demand for graduates such as “Broadcasting and Hosting Art”, “Social Sports”, “English Interpretation”, and “Preschool Education” is in short supply.

Hengshui University adheres to teacher-student-oriented and continuously improves the level of school management. It has won “National Civilized Units”, “Hebei Civilized Units”, “Hebei Civilized Courtyards”, “National Advanced Collectives of Colleges and Universities’ Logistic Work”, “National Advanced Unit for Mass Sports Work “,” Advanced Unit for College Student Work in Hebei Province “,” Advanced Unit for Employment Guidance for College Students in Hebei Province “,” Youth Civilization “of Hebei Province, and Advanced Group of Social Practice Activities in Summer Universities in Hebei Province , “Hengshui City Public Security Advanced School”, “Hengshui City Cultural Security System Advanced Unit of Security and Stability” “National Model for National Unity and Progress” and other honorary titles.

Hengshui City, Hebei Province, where it is located, is the central city in the southeast of Hebei. It is adjacent to Hengshui Lake, a national nature reserve known as the “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Most Beautiful Wetland”. The Daguang and Shihuang expressways intersect vertically and horizontally throughout the territory, and are connected to nearby expressways such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Macao, Jingfu and Qingyin. The Beijing-Kowloon Railway and Shiji Expressway form a “golden cross” here. Hengshui is only about 2 hours away from Beijing and Tianjin. It has an advantageous geographical location, convenient transportation, and bright prospects for student employment.



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